Why + How Actors are Brave to address Social Issues


Why + How Actors are Brave to address Social Issues

Actors are Brave to address Social Issues in their art and acting. It takes time and motivated research to include social topics. Addressing social topics successfully takes opening up the audience to the issues. Not predetermining a result of the topic is the key.

Letting the audience Decide is the task of the Actor. This also means that the Actor must be diverse enough to show multiple angles of the topic. Showing as many sides as their humanity allows leads to the successful outcome.

Films that dictate outcomes of the social issues limit their market share and exposure.

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What Actors have to do to address Social Issues

Actors themselves have to address their own personal issues in order to do art within those areas.

Addressing a social issue means being real with themselves as Actors. It is key to be able to summate the topics of interest with the added humanity of the Actor. Adding humanity if far different than forcing a result or telling an audience that they need to think or feel a certain way.


For Instance:
The ‘bad’ character of the script has a massive social issue. If the Actor plays up the qualities to look like only the bad guy no one will learn anything, but if the Actor humanizes their part as the bad guy we can all learn what one example of how the internal aspects work within their humanity.

Maybe the bad guy or woman is terrible. YET, they still give to the Charity. This contrast of sorts, will build trust and interest within the audience retention.

Next, Presenting a social Issue: Acting is not a presentation. The ability of discovery in acting as a real time event is critical to getting any message out there.

You want to expand your market share both as a film and as the individual Actor. To do so you have to have BOTH texture and weight to your social issue plight. Social Issues are often social issues because they are sensitive and there are contrasting opinions within them.

IF you are going to work with Social Issues as an Actor representing both contrasts will increase your talent in your production.


Is an Actor Whatever Part They Do?

Reasons to be an Actor is to stretch and expand ones own humanity.

Ask yourself as an audience which are the most identifiable parts that attract you. Ask yourself as an Actor which parts you acclaim. The thrill of doing Acting is the ability to identify with parts of Humanity that you do not even have in everyday life.

Giving yourself the permission to expose a humanity issue that you would not have in everyday life is an exciting event. Getting involved in projects that give you different feelings, emotions and intuitions is a skill and thrill.

Stretching yourself as an Actor will often lead to your abilities to find or identify new compassions for others. Finding compassion is the result of hard work that the Actor does to work on social issues and identify with them.

Research and the Being side of Emotional Preparation will be your own learning tools. Once you are able to achieve the abilities to have empathy for that which you are not, your entire world expands.

So, the answer is a full No – Actors are not whatever parts they do , accept during the time when they are working on, rehearsing or doing the part.

What is Releasing in Acting?

Releasing in Acting is the ability to debrief after doing an acting role.

Actors that are sharply interrupted during their creative process should try to limit the interrupted processes of releasing. Releasing is a part and needs to be more spoken about within the industry.

Process: FULLY Release the Acting Part , emotions, feelings, inclinations, all jitters and critters, + release any acting baggage from the part AFTER your acting.

You want the ability as an Actor to do drama. You want your acting drama to stay in your acting. You want your life to be independent and healthy and full without the acting baggage.

Study more about releasing here on this website.

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