Why doesn’t my Independent Activity work?

Independent Activity Work

Why doesn’t my Independent Activity Work? Activating emotion into interaction takes skill as an Actor. Developing the skill of interaction takes time. Confidence adding Emotional Preparation to you work takes a minute to achieve. Even great Actors troubleshoot their own acting technique. The goal is to develop your own acting technique, not follow someone else’s.

Why doesn't my Independent Activity work

Why Isn’t It Working?

Why Doesn’t my Independent Activity Work? Is it Me or just the acting exercise? Many students have asked themselves why Their Independent Activities don’t work? Troubleshoot solutions for your acting by learning to release your emotion into interaction. Acting is not doing unless doing is interaction! Interaction means receiving.

Reasons why doesn’t my independent activity work? Is a FANTASTIC question to explore.

Main quotes of this article:
The exercise is not designed to think up ideas about how to pretend to be involved.
The more personal you can achieve your involvement and concentration the more you will experience
“If you are not doing the doing of the activity you will likely not achieve the scene as well. “

You want to explore what works and what doesn’t in your acting independent activity.

About Independent Activity Work

Independent Activity Work is an independent doing that an actor concentrates on to achieve doing. Adding Independent Activities to your work gifts the actor into having something to do and be involved in. Involvement by doing is key in acting.

Dropping Emotional Preparation

Using Independent Activity Work as a Prop

Many Actors get confused and try to use the Independent Activity work as a prop rather than a task to achieve an accomplishment.

Using Independent Activities as a prop toy is the largest way to fail at the point of it. The point of getting the task done is the doing aspect of acting that personal involvement is key in achieving.

Trying to do cute things with extra stuff that is sitting around you does not achieve involvement with it. Many actors fall into having to learn this lesson the hard way.

The exercise is not designed to think up ideas about how to pretend to be involved. The exercise is designed to force the actor into involvement of concentration. By concentrating on the task at hand self in better meant starts to occur.

The snowball of interaction starts to be achieved by meaning because the first steps of interaction start with concentrated involvement.

Not Personal to You

The lessons of learning acting closely relate to training your authenticity. The more you are able to be authentic the more actual results you will achieve in acting. If your acting decisions are not personal to you, you will lesson your chances at being able to have personal growth as well as growth in your acting.

When your Independent Activity work is not personal to you you are taking yourself away from accomplishing acting. Why doesn’t your Independent Activity work is because you are not involved personally.

The more you can involve yourself with real personal feelings the more you are opening up yourself to learning acting.

The more personal you can achieve your involvement and concentration the more you will experience in your Independent Activity and thus with your acting exercise.


You Don’t know How to do the Doing

When an Actor asks themselves why doesn’t my independent activity work they often assume they know how to achieve their task. Many times, in acting Actors don’t know how to fully do the activities in their scenes.

Knowing how to do your activities in your scenes is vital to staying aware, awake and putting life into your acting work. The more involved you can become the more interactive the work will become. The more interactive your acting work becomes the more of an experience your acting will be.

When you don’t know how to the doing your Independent Activity work will likely not be accomplished from beginning to end and your involvement with it will be different. A lesser experience means that you will not be exercising your acting muscles as much as you could be if you know how to do what you are attempting to achieve.

Your not Doing the Doing of the Independent Activity Work

When you are not doing the doing of the Independent Activity work you will achieve no stimulus from it. The involvement of doing is the stimulus in acting which helps build concentration and interest.

It is far more interesting to an audience to see an Actor involved in and doing the doing during acting then watching someone pretend to be involved. If you are interested in pretending to be involved, you can achieve more things potentially studying stylistic acting rather than realistic acting.

If you are not doing the doing of the activity you will likely not achieve the scene as well.

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Independent Activity Work

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