When Emotions Get Stuck in acting

When Emotions Get Stuck

Emotions get stuck in acting. When emotions get stuck knowing how to create freedom for the expression is key. Using Emotional Preparation Technique will amplify the intensity of your acting. Intensity does get stuck when emotions go deeper than interaction. Feelings are inclinations that often can assist emotions into expressions. Every serious Actor has had to work through emotional blocks in their acting technique.

When Emotions Get Stuck in acting

When Emotions Get Stuck

Emotions get stuck in acting. Actors Panic when emotions get stuck. Instead RELAX so the stuck emotion can come into your acting. Receive the other Actor and trust your emotion will start to Interact! When you receive the other Actor you empower yourself and the other Actor. Stuck Emotions want to find expression from within you! Trust That!

Part of Acting is learning to access emotion and feelings.

Accessing Emotions and feelings is the ability to release them to serve you in your acting.

Some key quotes from this article:
Actors tend to want to be famous so badly they grab onto feelings and refuse to let go of them.
“The use of simmering Emotional Preparation prevents over-use of feelings or emotions.”

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Letting go of the emotions and feelings worked with in acting seems opposite or counter intuitive. However, as much work as it takes to achieve your acting emotions and feelings you need to have to release them.

Releasing your emotions and feelings after your working with them in acting can in fact help them be available to you in your acting, when you need them.

Having your emotions not leave you in your acting work is a sign that you need to work out the reason why they are sticking to you. Having your feelings not leave you after your acting is a sign that you are holding on to them for longer than you need them.

When feelings turn into emotions, they turn into things that resonate within you without being activated. Deep emotions need very little to stay active inside of you. This is why in scenes in acting the deep emotions are so interesting for audiences to watch because the subtleness of emotion is so sensitive.

Initially when Over Stimulation Occurs

When emotions get stuck in acting, they encompass the actor and need very little stimulation. Usually this is not a very distracting thing as it gives tingles of life within you. If the emotions continue to tingle within, they can lead to over exhausting the Actor.

Initially when learning acting the tingles of life that occur outside of your work only add to your sensitivity and acting mojo. You learn more about people become more interactive in life and nothing crosses the line between life and fiction.

Eventually there is a strong possibility that added experiences that do not get fully released can add up to over stimulation of the human being doing the Acting.

When in emotions get stuck in acting, they often get stuck being stimulated in life more than they are being stimulated in art. They could be overstimulated because of not having enough breaks between pictures (filming) or because the production is working so hard rehearsing to get things right. Usually this connects an inability for the actor emotions and feelings used in acting to be turned off in life.

Comparison to over stimulation can also be commonly studied in life when any active emotion is used particularly in art then stimulated again in life.

The key is to recognize the stimulation in life and how it matches activating something compared to the acting.

Parts of the acting technique that was used to build up inner life is similar in observation as was used to develop acting and artistic craft.

How Often Emotions get stuck

How often emotions get stuck depends upon the actor, the emotion, the feeling, and the life circumstance the Actor is in.

One of the great secrets of the Golden Era of film was the community that was build in the film industry. The community was an artistic community that included living quarters for the actors and immediate housing for them once they determined for themselves with casting that they wanted to become Actors.

The temporary and sometimes for years housing that was provided from the studios and producers gave way to be a support system that would fully allow the artist to get involved in learning their craft of acting.

As competition within the studios started to connect with International Distribution in film the housing quarters system fell apart and so did the support system that was vital to Actors commitment to acting.

The next group that was to form to be note-able was the Actors theatre group in New York City. It’s focus was to do realistic work that had less to do with performance so their stage realities would be more realistic. Often times the stage work was still very overt in body language. The Actors dedicated came into existence that would not have been there without the source of community.


How Often Emotions get stuck depends upon the support system of the Actor. Often times the support systems are only circumstantial. The less the actor has support the more often they may be able to be stuck. This is why the reasons why having access to information is so important.

The topic of being stuck in emotions also brings out the shame of the individual. If the individual does not have experience with the specific emotion, they may not recognize it initially. This is normal, but if they recognize the emotion and tend to have extra drinks to take their emotional edge off, they could be starting to deal with being stuck in their emotions and or their feelings.

Feelings are Different Than Emotions

It can’t be understood clearly enough that Feelings are often the same labels of Emotions but Emotions are deeper. Emotions once attracted to yourself will attach themselves to you. Feelings are fleeting and come and go and turn into emotions if they go deeper.

Actors tend to want to be famous so badly they grab onto feelings and refuse to let go of them. It is common for Actors to carry around feelings attempting to have a feeling ready at a moments notice to impress or have materials ready for their acting.

The healthier way to deal with feelings and emotions being accessible is to ask for a moment of time to access them. This way you will not have to hold on to them in life to have them to use in your acting. The more gentle you can be with your own feelings and emotions the more both your feelings and emotions will trust you.

When emotions get stuck in acting is when they have been activated too long. The feelings have been re-stimulated for too long exhaustion starts to rut. This rut turns to emotions getting stuck because the feelings have been stimulated too often. The same thing occurs when staying ready for a scene for some before learning further techniques in simmering Emotional Preparation.

The use of Simmering Emotional Preparation prevents overuse of feelings or emotions.

When emotions get stuck in acting using these techniques to loosen yourself free is advisable. Testing the advice in the video might also help to create solid acting habits and fluidity in acting.

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