What is Marrying Emotions in acting


Marrying Emotions Lock them

Marrying Emotions Locks you in an emotional state preventing acting interaction. Adding Emotional Preparation should encourage acting interaction. Marrying emotions in acting will hinder your responsiveness and connections. Learning that going too deep could hinder your growth is a key learning block to being brilliant in acting.

What is Marrying Emotions in acting technique

What is Marrying Emotions

What is Marrying Emotions in acting

Marrying Emotions in acting is a common learning experience for actors as they learn to let go of the emotions that they just worked so hard to obtain during Emotional Preparation Techniques. Releasing the emotions rather than holding on or marrying the emotions takes trust.

Learning to release the emotion into your acting without Marrying it and going moment to moment is hard work that actors learn in acting.

Some Key Quotes of this Article:
“Marrying emotions without releasing them will hinder your acting.”
“What you let go of into your acting may return with great returns.”

Being capable of understanding that Marrying Emotions in acting will hinder their taking in the moment in acting is the key. Realizing that all the hard work of Emotional Preparation needs to be left to chance that it will be utilized through interaction takes a lot of patience and trust.



Why Do Actors Marry Emotions in Acting?

Most times the reason that Actors Marry Emotions is to tense and try to perform emotion for the camera.

Performing emotion will often look and be fake to both the camera and the other Actor. Integrating emotion into your acting by interacting will enhance your acting.

Until the Actors learn emotional techniques with freedom they often don’t get the knack of emotion.

Actors feel that they have to chase their own feelings or have a responsibility to look or be emotional. Emotions without being interactive often are fake or put on in acting. The only way to make emotions real is to be relaxed enough and with prior activation interact in acting.

Knowing about Marrying Emotions as being the technique that nearly guarantees fake looking acting can really assist the aspiring actor.

The NEED to release Emotion

The reality of adding emotion to your work as an Actor is that you have to work hard to gain the result of releasing emotion.

Finding within yourself a process of Emotional Preparation which activates the emotions then enters acting without performing is key.

The need to release the emotion into the first moments of the work and throughout the work in acting through interaction is the desired process. You may Emotionally Prepare on Devastation but the Devastation does not become “REAL” until you become interactive.

The Need to release Emotion both to your acting partner and into your imaginary circumstances is the idea. Releasing the emotion without expectation will even further enhance your real time experience in acting.


Why Trust is needed between Actors

As the process of working with emotions in acting is intricate it helps to have supportive actors. If both Actors know that the scene involves emotional exchanges they can open themselves to each other so emotional exchanges can occur.

Learning to be open and trusting that your partner is the one that pulls out of you your emotion takes actors faith. Trusting that your interaction will actually work rather than Marrying Emotions in acting is key.

Knowing and being confident in acting is knowing that you can activate your emotion and it will somehow work itself into your acting scenes. Trusting and building the trust in acting that the emotion will show up in your acting even when you are not actively pushing it is key.

Marrying your Emotions in acting Summary

Marrying Emotions in acting is not letting go of your emotion once you have the talent to activate it. It is important to know the principle of letting go and interacting in acting without controlling emotional results. Marrying Emotions in acting is trying to control emotional results in your acting.

Realizing the real time events of the scene can often create even better results than forcing emotions or trying to control emotion during your acting scenes or exercises.

During Acting Exercises, Doors and Activities or Ins and Outs you can achieve activating Emotional Preparation then realize by working off your acting partner the actual real time events of the scene. It is vital to allow yourself to explore what the interaction of the scene actually produces rather than marrying your emotions in acting.

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