What is Acting for Actors


What is Acting for Actors

What is Acting for Actors

What is Acting for Actor’s is incredible to study. Acting is Activation! You Activate your emotions before working in the Doing which is the Interaction. By adding the Being of Emotion, you amplifying you’re doing of acting, Inter-acting!

In order to be Acting you need to be activated by both the others around you and be in relation with your real time occurring event (imaginary circumstance).  In order to be working you have to be in a real time unfolding event or happening.  

Using Emotional Preparation Techniques is key to finding the Being side and improving your acting. Let yourself learn more about your own emotional life and succeed with more involvement in acting.

Some, Key Quotes from this Acting Article:
Activation is the Being part of the acting work to spark the Actors talent and emotion.
The Technique to spark your own emotions and then leap into imaginary faith is incredible.
The thing that the actor has to realize about their reactions is to accept them.

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BEING Before DOING is key in acting!

Understand What is acting for Actors. Acting is the ability to maintain consistent connection with another while at the same time being involved with an external circumstance.  If you have an ability to maintain a consistent connection and lack the ability to be realizing a real time external circumstance you’re not fully participating.

Finding your emotion is so key to answering the question What is Acting. Finding your emotion gives depth to your abilities and talent to express itself.  

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Finding your Talent

Finding your talent is an achievable process you can find within yourself. Talent is connected to your emotional expressions. Being able to spark your own talent means being able to spark your own emotions.

The Technique to spark your own emotions and then leap into imaginary faith is incredible.

Finding your talent can be done through a variety of exercises. Realizing what activates your emotions is a key thing to start to record and notice within yourself.

You want to work and create things by using things that matter to you. This way you will find and work with motivation automatically and be enthused about what it is that you are starting to do when expressing your talents.

Emotional Preparation is part of finding your talent. Finding your talent through finding emotions, but your own emotions is key. Learning to find your emotions takes practice and patience, but often can happen readily while other times might take a bunch of work to achieve.

Realizing how to find your talent is your job in this industry. It is key to take this responsibility of finding your own emotions upon yourself as a task to track and receive.

Looking to record in a journal emotional element that activate you in life will enhance you as an Artist.

Music Industry sometimes does, but more so should use Emotional Preparation Techniques.

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Pontification or Really Believing?

You want to as early as possible in your training to know the difference between being real and in pontificating. Really experiencing things in scenes will leave you experiencing emotions in real time during your work.

Knowing what is real to you is a great addition to your training as an Actor. Living Truthfully within your acting world.

If you are not living in a real time occurring event in your acting than you are performing or presenting and not acting.  Pretending to be something or somewhere is also not.  Pretending to be somewhere is not the action of acting which is believing in your real time situation.  

What is acting for Actors can be explained as what is Activation. Acting, is Activation.

Activation is the Being part of the acting work to spark the Actors talent and emotion.

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If you are pontificating or projecting your point of view to the degree that the other is not able to respond to you are not acting, you are asserting.  Abusing others is not acting.  Working to manipulate circumstance is not the art form either. Massive efforts are made in some training outlooks to train the ability to convince others during the art form.

In acting there are times to be assertive and there are all types of conditions that you incur.  If you are going to keep the conditions in an acting artistic realm than you need to be able to be affected while participating.  If you are setting up yourself in ways where you can affect others, but they cannot affect you than you are not participating in working.  

The key is the artistic effect of being able to be affected by others or outside of yourself scenarios.  

Why Acting Includes Reacting

Reacting can occur spontaneously and also by response of having no choice.  There is limited reason to be in a response that you have no choice but there are times where the writer and project needs you to be at a place of abusive intake to prove the premise of the storyline.  

Reacting spontaneously is the more realistic and common approach in acting.  The thing that the actor has to realize about their reactions is to accept them. 

There are many times where an actor’s reactions will become a surprise to them and seem to interject out of them during their acting experience.  Rolling with their own response is the actor’s objective not stopping themselves to think about how they have just reacted. 

By accepting that reactions will occur that you do not expect when you work in you can be more open and ready to experience surprising things.  Staying truthful to how you actually are with your focus staying on something other than yourself can be a really great combination of focus to be able to achieve. 

Understanding that reacting is part of acting but not all of acting gives you an advantage to be inclusive to what happens to you when you are in acting experiences.  At the same time, you are open to being able to bring in techniques like Emotional Preparation.  

Emotional Preparation is the overall process to match emotion to a scene. Emotional Activation is the moment of activation within the process.

what Is Acting
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Why the Journey has to unfold

If you are participating in acting rather than trying do a performance, you will feel like you have taken a journey of experience when you do it.  If you have ever spun around and around as a child, you may recognize a similar sensation at the end of finishing your work.  It is the sensation like you have just travelled or transcended through some visceral experience.  

Acting is a journey because it activates memories, recollections and responses inside of ourselves.  By being open to something or someone affecting us in our working scenes we open up our own personal responses.  Many times, Actors will open up to the degree that they often will activate past responses that then merge with what they are actually going through in this real time occurrence. 

The Journey for the Actor to find emotions is key. Working with Emotional Preparation will help find your talent. Finding emotions for your work will take some time in introspection. It is considered the being side of the work.

what Is Acting
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Be Natural?
If you can transform your acting into a relaxed being state of experiencing, you will become a natural actor.  This can happen by simply forgetting about yourself when you work and intaking outside influences.  You are always more natural when you are in a receiving state of being. 

Acting can come more naturally to some than others for several reasons.  If the Actor has already had a full life experience their past life experience could affect their real time intake of the current acting event.  If the Actor has past trauma which they have not resolved in a way to be open while involved in a certain topic it could affect whether or not they could be in fully aware within a working scene.  

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Being natural can come with hard work and the consistent practice of releasing impulsively.  When you feel the intuitive impulse, you release it with the timing of all that is going on in the working scenario.  Staying with the timing of the scene yet not missing the releasing of your impulses is the key to being natural. 

Being natural at first is a bit difficult. After finding some ways to relax yourself, your expressions will release from you easier. You will be able to be more natural working with relaxation.

Most people have some sort of natural talent for what it is even if they choose not to work in the field.  

Who can Do Acting?

Every industry and every type of person has some ability to do Acting.  Acting is the interaction with other people and circumstances.  If you are alive and active with life you can do it. 

Opening yourself up to gain experience is your job as an Actor. If you are willing to be opened to experiencing that you can do it. If you want to only have the experience planned for than you will likely not be a good Actor.

what Is Acting

What does it take? 
A willingness to be open and hard work to practice releasing honest impulse.  There is no point in practicing what is not your own authentic impulse.  You need to work in ways that your actual self is intertwined in the circumstances.  

Gaining the ability to express yourself in your own natural timing needs to be the first course of action to becoming an Actor.  Working with improvisational acting techniques to give to the world your own expression and learn what you are attracted to and what repulses you.  

It is far more than learning lines or learning how to deliver lines.  The ability to empathize with the others you are with is far more important than being able to assert your own beliefs. 

What is Acting
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