What are the Basics of Acting


What are the Basics of Acting

What are the Basics of Acting

To answer what are the basics of Acting one needs to explore the topics of expression, emotion, consistency, and emotional preparation. The flow of emotion and consistency of preparation are the basics of acting.

Acting is an incredible journey to explore what emotionally stimulates you. The basics of acting are to find interests that can amplify experiences and expressions.

Some Main Quotes in this Acting Article:
“Releasing Expression as an Actor is the talent within the Actor, that the Actor trains.”
“The Basics of Acting is the ebb and flow between Emotions and Feelings.”

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BEING Before DOING is key in acting!

What are the Basics of Acting #1: Expression

Expression is a ing or a feeling which differs from an emotion. Expressions must be let go of in order to achieve acting. Letting go of expressions is the job of an Actor in the timing of when they feel them.

What are the Basics of Acting #2: Emotion

Emotion is the overall resonance of acting. Expressions can change rapidly but emotions usually are slower to change internal gears in an actor. The playfulness between Expression and Emotions interchanging with each other often brings joy to audiences as well as stimulates the work to the Actor.

Emotion will shift as gears shift within a scene and although can change on a dime, often build up over time. Initially a scene may start with basic emotion but as feelings get expressed the emotion will either change or will deepen from scene to scene.


As both feelings and emotions expel the work deepens or changes directions. Training yourself as an Actor to achieve scene work and exercise work involves allowing both your feelings and your emotions to change naturally with the stimulations of the scene.


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