Using Repetitious Doings rather than Logical Doing in Acting

Repetitious Doing in acting

Using Repetitious Doing rather than Logical Doing in Acting

Using Repetitious Doing rather than Logical Doings in Acting can really help the work of channeling neurosis. If the Actor or acting student has too much emotion it can help to give them a repetitious doing rather than an intricate heady activity or doing exercise.

Using Repetitious rather than Logical Independent Activities can help you overcome your Logic in acting.

After getting through your own logic emotional rivers will start to flow from your Emotional Preparations. You will learn the ability to use Emotional Activations and gain the habits of knowing for yourself how you don’t need Logic in your acting work.

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As a Humanitarian Actor you need to pay attention to facts and nuggets of information like this. These solution orientations are why when you are feeling overwhelmed you may choose to do well using Repetitious Doing rather than Logical Doings in Acting.


What is the Difference?

Often when people work with emotions regardless of their experience they will fall into gaps or pockets of overwhelm. The use of repetition rather than adding more pressure can assist them to improve both their motor functions within the brain and their nerve connections to the body.

You don’t need a science major to understand basics of Instincts. But many Actors have studied degrees that they did not want credit for because they enjoyed learning the knowledge that enhanced their craft.


What happens when you do a Logical Activity or Doing Exercise?

In short you fall into the shame of your own judgement. Understand this, it is key. If you participate in Logic, you will often fall prey to your own judgement of self which is in part definition of Shame. This is why it is always nicer to learn acting with a buddy system. Buddy systems have been successfully used even well before Greece and Romanian history, which is an older version of Roma, Rome’s history.

If you participate in Logical Doing exercises you may need interim relaxation techniques to attempt to connect your neuropathy connections of the body to the brain. This in fact is what happens to an Actor when they relax and trust the other, they work with, even when they are working off of holographic images on green screen technologies, which have been around for decades to be quite honest.

The logic of self is often the most judgmental, but if you learn to work with your shame, you will benefit others in your acting rather than just yourself. You may be shameful about all sorts of things but working in a way that gains your ability to greater experience your surroundings is the key to acting.

Using Repetitious Doing rather than Logical Doings in Acting is a choice to make and you may choose to do the opposite at times pending upon where your instinctual meter is. Being aware of your abilities and differences is part of finding your own adjustments in acting, film, art and even sports.

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