Using Emotion in Acting

Using Activated Emotion in Acting


Using Emotions in Acting actuates your talent. Activated emotions into Interactions creates success in acting. Receiving after activating your Emotional Preparation is the critical step. By receiving your acting partner you activate your emotion into interaction. Doing is the interaction in acting. Connecting with emotion is the skill required in good acting.

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Using Activated Emotion in Acting

Using Emotions in Acting

Using Emotions in Acting is Key. Emotions are different than Feelings. Feelings often are superficial and unless matured can leave an actor quickly. Using emotions in acting is because emotions amplify an inner happening that works as well as the imaginary circumstances working.

How to use Emotion in Acting is an incredible Journey.

Actors can avail themselves to find themselves with Emotional Availability traits within their work. This amplifies who they are on the inside and helps their insides become a reality for audiences to identify with.

Emotions different than Feelings

Emotions defined are living things internal that get activated and take on a life of their own.

It is vital to understand that once an emotion is started it starts to flow and effects a person or an actor.

One big misunderstanding in acting is that an Emotion is only for a first moment of a scene or a specific moment in acting. In fact, emotions flood the acting scene when done correctly.

Feelings are inclinations. Feelings give you tingles or sensations often that are real and sometimes that are only perceived.

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Learning to open yourself up to Emotion

It is a skill and a discipline to learn to open yourself up to emotion.

Emotions don’t typically like being watched. There is however an enthralling aspect to emotions interacting.

Interacting emotions tend to liven the participant. The result of interacting with emotion is that the participant feels more alive and/or more awake.

Often the result of emotion interacting can lead to emotional bonds which many have called having humanity.


Overuse can be Abuse

When you use emotions too much you can abuse yourself.
The purpose or desire of emotion needs to be interaction, not self depremending.

When you expect and demand of yourself for emotion to be there you often abuse cycles commence. Next is the abuse of emotions leading to performing in acting when the emotion doesn’t show up as the Actor has demanded of themselves.

Abuse of emotion is very common in acting.

Using Emotion in Acting Summary

Using emotion in acting is key to obtaining inner life and inner dynamics within a scene or acting exercise

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