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How to Use Urgency in Acting can help you leap your talent forward. If you use urgency to put yourself into a panic you may not be as responsive to the other Actor. If you use urgency in a way where you can still receive the other Actor it will work better for you. Gaining the experience in acting requires Receiving. Receiving is the key to believing. Believing in acting will often activate your emotions. Use Emotional Preparation to amplify your talent in acting.

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“Gaining the experience in acting requires Receiving.”
– Simon Blake

Using Urgency Explained in Acting

Okay so what is this thing called urgency urgency in acting now urgency is this element that you can add to your actual work and it’s this thing that can really really help you out if you if you learn how to figure out your own nuts and bolts with inside of yourself as an actor so let’s look at this we’ve got um first of all it squiggles sometimes makes noise i can’t do anything about it and just ignore if you

If you hear any sounds but it’s fine so um look what is urgency why do we need urgency when we act so urgency is this thing that can help us to be able to give a little bit extra pep in the step now there’s two different ways to do this many people use this concept of urgency to try and put pressure on themselves

That is not the way i recommend doing this exercise or any exercise in acting if you’re going to deal with urgency you’ve got to be able to make it so that it’s something that’s instead of being in a way that’s putting pressure you want to be able to put it in a way that’s putting motivation okay now i’m absolutely clear clear on my opinion on acting my opinion on acting is that motivation is way more important


Motivation is way more important than a lot of things including consequence so let’s go through this what is urgency urgency is the the addition so urgency is not emotional preparation per se but it could be part it could be included in your emotional preparation you could include it with putting emotion into your work but it’s a separate ingredient or at least a separate

Sort of uh morsel that you can kind of add to your storyline or your activated emotion right most people in acting they work with acting they do emotional preparation and they literally only use these constructs of understanding logically what the emotional preparation is but that’s not that’s not where the the the special sauce is within the acting within your own acting within your own

Talent your own talent rests on your ability to actually activate that emotion and this is why this construct of urgency can be so important so urgency will be the extra motivation to be able to want to be able to listen it’s very key what i’m about to say acting is doing because acting is interaction only

Doing works only because of interaction which is key so you want to be giving yourself the ability to be able to give yourself the urgency in your own talent to be able to want to do better acting that means that you are trying to get yourself in a way that you have more motivation to interact in your acting so every single time that you can give yourself an excuse to be able to have to interact with the other actor

The better your acting is going to be just like dancers just like singers you want to be able to have excuses you want to have moments of interaction within your acting whether that be with the audience whether that be on stage between different actors or dancers so this is absolutely key you want to incorporate this element of urgency so we’ll go through some examples of this later but let’s just cover the main

Urgency In Acting

Topic in this video so what it why is this important this is going to amplify your i use these to read by the way um uh color tip glasses um so why is this important you want to be able to get yourself in a place where you’re in up in a spot where you’re remaining to be open right this is a key key key thing and acting you’ve got to remain to be open because you’ve got this thing that we’re balancing which is called emotional preparation or or you want to

Call it emotional activation but it’s emotion you’re act self-activating this emotion to come off in you and then you’re working in that emotional range to be able to get into your work into the interaction of doing of an interaction an interaction between people an interaction with imaginary circumstance it could be an interaction with your independent activity or your meisner activity or your acting activity

Whatever you want to call it so you’re in involved you’re gaining the ability to be involved by adding that urgency that’s the critical element so this is the reason why it’s so important all right next thing is it’s your urgency now this is that’s this is a major major major point in acting you you’re going to be in a situation where you’re not working you look i have 12 um 100 or 12

1200 i think 1200 or 1100 uh acting activities on on the website feel free check them out they’re great some of them are fantastic but pick the ones that work with you right but the thing is is you want to be able to help your concentration and get your own your own motivation going for your own urgency you’re not working with somebody else’s urgency see somebody else might be uh motivated

For other reasons but you want to find your own motivation your own motivation to be motivated to be able to be in a place of an urgent and urgent thing now this urgency has to be said that this urgency is not an emergency this is not an emergency this is an urgency this is something where you have uh let’s say for instance you are getting ready to go on uh i don’t know some hot date with some hot

Dancer movie star whatever whoever or whatever and you decide or just somebody that you you’re interested now you have a motivation to be able to get your hair makeup done or put some gel on your hair or try and make your shirt straight or something that’s a motivation right you have an urgency about that because maybe you’re expecting them to come at a certain reasonable amount of time it’s not that the person shows up at the

Door and you haven’t showered you haven’t dressed you haven’t done your makeup that’s that’s an emergency see that would be an emergency in a situation where you have no time to do anything but everything as fast as possible that would be an emergency this is totally different than an urgency in acting so it would be a funny scene for someone to show up an hour early for an appointment because they missed some

Sort of time uh change or some time delay happened that would be funny for a movie if that if the movie was about the fact that that at least that scene was about the fact that that was happening within the script but this isn’t how you want to do every single acting scene so that would be an exception you want to be able to find the urgency and the motivated urgency of every single scene that would be helpful for your overall


And progressive growth and exploration of your own talent and that is is valuable there’s a valuable point in that so this is something that you want to find of yourself right you’re finding yourself last uh two two more here is why uh this can help your concentration okay if you work with this construct of urgency and not emergency in your acting what you’re going to find is you’re going to start

Developing you’re going to start brainstorming your own unique ways you’re going to find out what kind of clicks with inside of yourself what kind of and that’s talent that’s that’s your talent your talent is the ability to be able to find the emotion your talent is the ability to be able to activate your emotion your talent rests in this ability to be able to further your concentrate or your concentration so at first when you’re

Doing these things these ridiculous exercises sometimes they look like these things called acting activities i mean at first you’re like well this is you just you’re doing some kind of acting activity there’s like you know some kind of um work with whatever it is and the whole thing is just like this mess and then all of a sudden maybe two months or maybe even just two weeks into into

Working with these maybe three or four times a week all of a sudden you start to have the ability to have the urgency start to affect your concentration right and then you will work up to or into being able to have an emotional range with that added concentration so all of a sudden what will happen then is that when you’re dealing with that activity whether it be um

Painting or doing a ceramic or whatever the activity is all of a sudden there’ll be a flow a stream of flow coming out of you and that will be part of the emotion that will come out of you as an actor artist and or performer of for for dance or film um and you’re going to be able to get that emotion and it’s going to be now interactive and now there’s going to be this ah

Thing that happens in your work where people are gonna well we know that this person’s doing an acting activity but they’re doing it uniquely they’re doing it with an effect that they’re having because they’re now interacting with that object of getting that thing done with an urgency so this is critical this builds up concentration this this is what is the bread and butter of your acting this is incredibly uh unique because you’re

Putting yourself within those circumstances of this so let’s look at the last point last point is very important uh okay consequences consequences can ruin your acting okay i said it all right i i know i i can imagine people getting all upset oh my gosh consequences that’s so important for your acting well listen if you’re gonna work on the operation of fear and expect yourself to be an artist well then you’re limiting your own expression

That’s my opinion about it i think it is absolutely ridiculous for people to work on consequences unless the consequences are something that are um involving some sort of freedom because the freedom is what motivates you to be open and honest and honest being in a way that opens up your empatheticness right the ability to be able to open up your relatability and the uh openness to be

Able to open up and access your talent in a way that then it becomes interactive so there you have this feeling of um well let me put it this way if you do this work long enough you’ll often get to a point where you’ll go through this phase and this will often happen in the urgency stage of acting where you will feel this light lightness happen in your work you’ll be focused on i don’t know

Crafting this i don’t know um designed sculpture or something and all of a sudden you’ll lose track of time completely lose track of time or all of a sudden you’ll be in a situation where well you know i mean you’ll you’ll just be involved in a circumstance and you’ll be working with your acting partner and all of a sudden it will just start taking your breath away and you’ll start

Feeling like you’re like you’re floating but not in a way that’s that’s uh any anything strange that’s just the artistic feeling of the feeling of floating so this should be an element because the interaction is giving you a highlight that’s that’s literally creating that synergy i like to call it the acting synergy so that’s actually something that can be done over and over and over and over and over every single time you work

But this is the reason why you want to start to craft urgencies see urgencies are far far different than consequences and that is very very important point so thank you for listening check out my other stuff and thanks very much

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