Tinted Glasses for Reading


Tinted Glasses for Reading

Tinted Glasses for Reading

Tinted Glasses for Reading enhance reading and even extend reading sessions! Some are able to read longer using Color Therapy techniques to read for longer sessions. Actors read scripts longer using Color Therapy Tinted glasses.

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Tinted Glasses for Reading

What Tinted Glasses do for Reading

Tinted glasses for reading help the brain to wake up and stay alert during reading. Seeing the world with rose-tinted glasses is not a cliche but an actual event that you can achieve when you read.

Rose-Tinted Glasses are excellent choices for extending your reading sessions.


Tinted Glasses incentivize you to help you get in the mood of certain reading materials. You may find it fun to use green tinted glasses for reading horror scripts or books. You may find it interesting to use yellow tinted lenses to read joyous love romances.

Extending your reading sessions using the tinted lenses with lessening-tired eyes.

Switching your glasses during reading can also help to lessen boredom during reading. There are all sorts of positive effects of color therapy.

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How Color Therapy Colors Work

Color Therapy Colors work specifically for each reader.

The brightened colors will awaken the brain. The subtle colors will sometimes help the reader relax. Some will find that rose-tinted glasses are their go to selection. Others, may find that light green or light purple are the perfect conditions they can put themselves in while reading.

The exploring of color therapy does enhance reading experiences for many readers.

Dyslexia Readers often find Color Therapy to help them want to achieve more with reading. The colored lenses tend to add effects that help to improve the desires to want to read. The words can look sharper depending upon tint.

Which Color Therapy Colors are the Best

The BEST Color Therapy Colors is a great topic.

There are color overlay cards which can assist in determining favorite colors. It is also best to simply try out two colors. It may take some time to achieve realizing what are your most effective colors.

Color Options Include:

  • Purple
  • Blue
  • Yellow – very popular
  • Green
  • Rose-Tint

Less popular colors

  • Red
  • Gold

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Do Tinted Glasses Really Work?

This is a great question. It takes a moment for some readers to adjust to using glasses.

If you struggle with Tinted Glasses for Reading, you may want to select the options that use “POLARIZED” COLORED LENSES.

Polarized Lenses are a spectacular addition to colored therapy options. It is an extra juice of clarity the reading lenses to use polarized lenses.

Do expect yourself to give yourself some time to adjust to wearing glasses. Use the glasses as you are motivated to. It is good option to wear your color therapy reading glasses out in the world for a day trip to help yourself wear them.

The more you can start to incorporate the use of glasses, the more you will be able to achieve the effects of lessening your tired eyes and achieving color therapy benefits.


Tinted Glasses for Reading can help achieve a greater reading experience. Learn and experiment to find your own favorite colors. It is a fantastic idea to use colored lenses for both Daily Use as well as to achieve reading.

Learning about your own favorite Tinted colors and the effects of Color Therapy with yourself is a lot of fun. There are several inexpensive selections on this website. ImproveDyslexia.com also has many different selections of tinted glasses.

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