The Term Actor for Acting

The Term Actor

The Term Actor

The Term Actor is a generic term for theater type or theatre person. It is an interest that is a non-bias and non-gender terminology that does not mean that it is male or female.

Finding what the term Actor means to you is part of your Discovery process.

Defining yourself and what type of Actor you want to become will help you make the choices to train yourself towards your goals.

Actor is a generic term for those on stage which express themselves in front of an Audience usually in a specific way for impromptu spontaneous expression or following a script which achieves the inclusion of writer’s ideas, thoughts and storyline planning structure.

There are both scripted and unscripted Actors. Actors who operated with unscripted scenes are often called improvisational or unscripted which can be comedic and if skilled they can achieve dramatic non scripted scenes without being in real circumstances.

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A Non-Scripted Actor will be able to achieve dramatic spontaneous expression staying within an imaginary circumstance which allows them to achieve the expression and experience without permanent harm of living through that experience.

Non-Scripted Acting is called Improvisations.

That helps to explain the Term Actor

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The Term Actor

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