The Door Exercise in Acting classes

The Door Exercise

The Door Exercise

The Door Exercise is part of the Doors and Activities Meisner Acting Exercise which was renamed from the name Ins and Outs in NYC. The Door Exercise gets Acting Students to find a Reason to come to the Door. Later Emotion is added to their acting exercise by Adding Emotional Preparation.

The Door Exercise is the Being side of the acting exercise. IT is about learning to be and functioning with an effect of your being. This is the difference between believable lived out acting and pretending.

A functioning exercise will expand your attention and affect your being of how you respond to what is on the other side of the door. It is important to note that there is a Being side and a Doing side to the exercises. This is why I call the Door and Activities in Meisner Acting world The Doing and the Being Exercise.

Understanding The Door Exercise

To understand the Door Exercise, you need to understand that your job is to keep simple and focus on being affected rather than forcing another to do.

The Door Exercise is not there to get a convicted reason to justify enforcing your will on others. The Acting Exercise is an artistic endeavor. The point is to pick your reason and try to start working bellow the chin emotionally.

The Incredible Moment At the Door is receiving the other Actor. After receiving the other Acting Student you will have what they express to you mix up internally with what your emotionally have prepared upon.

The key in the Door exercise is in receiving.

The absolutely best work in this acting exercise is gaining the other with what you have already Emotionally Prepared.

Emotional Meditation Technique vs Emotional Preparation

Adding Emotional Preparation

Adding Emotional Preparation to the Door is a gradual thing. At first you want to come to the Door for something Simple. 75 Reasons to Come to the Door.

It is far more important to learn how to relax yourself to be affected than to rush into using Emotional Preparation Techniques at the Door Acting Exercise. Realizing that the Door as many have called it is a Being exercise where you’re learning to affect your being is of utmost importance.

Following the steps of acting will help you achieve acting while staying relaxed. This is key to being able to learn acting and having the habits stick within you as a technique that you ultimately choose yourself starts to grow within you. The goal of acting is to become an artist with yourself to be thought of as the canvas.

The Door Exercise is what happens on the outside of the Door. Later Emotional Preparation Techniques get added to the Door Exercise.

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Understanding the Door Exercise Urgency

At very advanced stages you may learn to add the difficulty of urgency at the door but it is something that is advised to come with a Director working with an Actor.

This gives the Directors or Teachers more to work with and a wider palette of emotional colors within the Actor. Training yourself to expand your emotional palette is more important than trying to achieve within the exercise. Of course, if the teachers of the work are training more advanced Actors they may include in a regular basis more advanced features such as Urgency at the Door.

Understanding that urgency additions at the Door is an addition is key to helping learn more more about expanding acting talent rather than training to achieve extremely intense exercises. This work can already get intense without the added pressures which baseline intense situations by default.

The Topic of Visceral Acting!

Forcing Your Reasons at the Door on Others

It is a very difficult lesson for some Acting Students to learn how to Drop Their Emotional Preparation at the Door. This also applies to Dropping your Reason at the Door.

You may drop your Reason at the Door and after some interaction the reason will come back to you striking you emotionally with a spark or intention.

The Incredible aspect in this Acting Exercise is how the Reasons and Emotional Preparations will find you again even after you have dropped them.

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The Door Exercise for Acting Classes

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