The Art of Acting


Art of Acting

The Art of Acting

The Art of acting is a mindset change in Actor’s. Actors who use Emotions in their work actually work as Artists and use an acting technique called Emotional Preparation. The ability to self-study how to put emotion into their work.

In order for an Actor to start to learn the Craft of Acting they need to mentally get into the realization that Acting is also an Artistry.

Finding the Art of Acting adds the fluidity of technical follow through with personality. Learning to consistently give over past the techniques of craft and into the artistry of the releasing of the Actors persona or personality amplifies the talent expressed.

Some Main Quotes from this Acting Article:
Bringing to life the art of acting brings the actor to life in art.
The ability to receive is part of the art of acting and the ability to succeed in Emotional Preparation.

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BEING Before DOING is key in acting!

The Art in Acting is beyond the technique learned to stay present and aware in the scenes involved in. Learning the techniques that improve awareness come together once the Actor relaxes themselves enough to allow their own Artistic input to enter into their Acting.

Bringing to life the art of acting brings the actor to life in art.

Many Actors when first learning the field of Performance and film regiment themselves during their scenes to follow the course of their training. The talented acting trust the Acting is not just craft of technique but rather the Art of Acting perforates from their expressions rather than regiments.

Regimented actions produce results that are boringly predictable and incongruent with the real time happenings of scenes. The Actor will often behave surprised when something did not go as they had pre-thought or planned that it would go. Occasionally you can witness as an audience member one Actor blaming another during a scene for not cooperating with the planned scene discussions prior to the scenario.

The Art of Acting is Emotional Preparation

Emotional Preparation is the ability to accurately gain emotional ranges that match with a script.

Learning Actor Preparations that put emotions into your acting work is an incredible journey of self-discovery. Self-discovery which includes the co-existing with your acting partner in an imaginary circumstance.

The ability to receive is part of the art of acting and the ability to succeed in Emotional Preparation.

Finding Rhythm In Acting

Finding a rhythm where you allow Art in Acting will assist the Actor to be able to take in the circumstances of the real time event of the scene.

Simon says, “Music needs Art, which means, music needs Emotion.”

This is why learning to be an artist while singing music is an incredible way to express. Expressions based on internal devotion will often surprise even the artist who releases emotional rhythm of their soul’s calling.

Rhythm is not a predetermined event even with a singer in a song but an accompaniment of happening during the event. Art in Acting encompasses the rhythm of undetermined activities and includes them with what is being felt and experienced during the awakened time period of the Art involved in.

In every song and every scene there is a slight timing even between the regularities. The Art in Acting is finding that rhythm between the regularities and consistencies.

Simon says, “When you get good at doing work with emotion, the emotion decides the timing of the scenes expressions, or the notes of the song being sung.”

Bringing Life to a Scene

Bringing to life a scene is beyond the craft learned or the earnest learning of dialogue. Including the dialogue that blurts out from you in the real time occurrence of a scene is the imperative. The actual dictation of speech does not oversight the meaning or intension. Bringing the Art in Acting is the willingness to lose the dialogue for the meaning of what is felt over what is said.

Fantastic Art is the Experience and not the ride to get to the experience. Finding the Art of Acting is finding the experience by going with it when it occurs rather than planning when it occurs.

The willingness to have the experience over the planned event is the professional quality that Legends bring to film and song. The song turns into the experience explored just as a scene in acting is the experience interacted with.

The ride of experience is only gained by the letting go of what priorly existed. Nothing can be experienced without the letting go of expectations of what the future will lead to.

Finding the Art in Acting for the Actor and for the Singer is the plight of sought-after discovery and the gain of experience that occurs taking your expectations away with it. You gain by an openness to explore and not by a planned execution of expression.


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