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Simon Blake’s Office is a layered creative space. Learn how to access your own talent and emotions. Gain the ability to access your own talent through insight. Gather talent by exploring how to activate your emotions. Self activate your emotions into interaction to unlock your own acting potential. Simon’s office connects the talent of the artist to the abilities of the artist. Learn how to connect to yourself and work with your own emotions.

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Simon’s Office

Welcome to Simon’s Office. here is how to contact me. Know this, I don’t like to waste time and I am a bit elusive of attention. If you contact me do so simply stating what you are needing or looking for to communicate. That is easier for both of us.

Hey, Thank you so much for reaching out.
Thank you also for respecting if I don’t want to talk to you and take care of yourself in positive ways.

Being public is a sort of thing to adjust to. So take care.

There is a video on youtube that tells how to contact me. Here it is.

Simon’s Office:

My Office is not unorganized. It is layered, with plethera of ideas, scaled to whimsical desires to express themselves upon interaction. Each Page is specific to idea or concepts that until connected may look meaningless, but in fact can tie even facts together.

Get the Benefits for your Acting.

Scalable projects and layered thinking birth genius outputs.
Do the BEING SIDE of Acting Before the Doing side, just as a partial idea can lead to a masterpiece!

Really Take care, or join me live on a live feed.

Simon Blake

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