Triangle d Font for Easier Reading

Actors can read faster with shapes!
“Read Shapes not Letters”


Triangle d Font for Easier Reading

Triangle d Font for easier reading is an essential thing for decreasing literacy.  Literacy is affected by the ability to recognize letters.  Actors who find letters difficult to identify are at a disadvantage.   Until Now.

Help yourself and help your reading.  Take out the Dyslexia d Factor from reading.  A d with Dyslexic Rotation will turn to b , p , and q.

Triangle d font for Easier Reading will speed up the ability to read and increase comprehension.  You will not mistaken d for the other letters because it is the only letter that is shaped with a triangle.

Triangle d Font is also paired with the spectacular Square b Letter.

The Square b letter has a square base.   So the b = square , d = triangle

This reduces any chance of not being able to read these two very difficult letters mixed up.   The distinction of characters makes reading easier for Adult Actors whom want to really delve into the depth of Emotion rather than struggle with basic word comprehension.

Taking out the rotation of b and d will increase reading speeds and / or at least make these two letters extremely unique while reading.   Increase your own literacy and get a personal license of the Triangle d Font.

Copyright 2022 Simon Blake

This is a personal license to the font.  For Commercial Licensing please contact Simon directly for Bulk.

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