Typemania Dyslexia Font for Actors


Typemania Dyslexia Font for Actors

Typemania Dyslexia Font for Actors excelerates reading for regular and Dyslexia Readers. Learn to read faster, Get the idea off the page quicker and see the words clearer.  


Typemania Dyslexia Font for Actors

Typemania Dyslexia Font for Actors works for both Dyslexia Readers and Linear Readers. Whether you have been diagnosed Dyslexia or just need easier reading, Typemania is a solution! Main Points: – read quicker, as words are clearer – see letters more distinct – do not confuse the b, d, p, and q as easily. – see the different quicker between n and the u. Typemania can extend reading times, with eyes less tired The letters are differentiating more clearly than other fonts. Typemania Dyslexia Font for Actors can be a real solution for reading during acting.


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About Reading as an Actor

When Actors read scripts they need to quickly be able to get the idea off the page.  They need to focus and get the idea and then refocus on their scene partner. Typemania Dyslexia Font for Actors is perfect for being able to notice the different letters, more quickly, which enables reading at faster glances. As you are able to print out your own sides for reading you are able to read faster when the letters are more distinct.  This Dyslexia Font, even if you do not have Dyslexia, can assist in your ability to perform the task of getting the idea off the page in your acting. There are several font solutions on this site that can assist in easier and quicker reading. The desire of every actor is to be able to get the idea off the page quicker.

Why Dyslexia Fonts work for everyone

Dyslexia fonts work to make reading easier.  A Dyslexia reader is unable to see the difference as quickly between the letters b, d, p, and q. The b, d, p, and q become each other randomly as Dyslexia Readers read. This font prevents the b, d, p, and q from being read as each other by creating distinct letters. When the b is rotated in the Typemania Dyslexia Font for Actors, it will look like an upside down b or a rotated b rather than a p, d , or q like in many other fonts. Using Dyslexia Fonts makes reading easier to look at and quicker to read for normal readers. Reading less letters that change into one another allows faster reading for the Dyslexia reader and quicker reading for non Dyslexia Readers. Copyright 2021, Simon Blake Actors Typmania Dyslexia Font for acting scripts

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