Acting Class Activities Worksheets –


Acting Class Activities Worksheets

Acting Class Activities Worksheets – over 110 classes and Enormous List of things to Do and Get ‘R Done!

Expand your Creative Options!


Acting Class Activities Worksheets

This is a BLUE-PRINT to over 110 Acting Classes!!

What’s Inside: (Interactive PDF Sample Below) 

  • Over 1100 Acting Activities!
  • Each Day has selection of different Activities
  • Label your choices 1-3 (and have extra for rehearsals
  • BONUS List of Emotions

These are designed to be practical and save you time to explore your own creativity! Learn to achieve the Doing in acting using these Activities Sheets.

It’s Simple!  Easy-to-Fill-out each sheet for each Acting Class. Decide your own 

  • Activity
  • Motivation
  • Difficulty
  • Reason
  • Urgency
  • Consequence

On EACH Sheet Identify your ‘Desired’ Emotional Preparation.

Drama Class Acting Activities Workbook
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These Acting Class Activities Worksheets will help you achieve your acting goals! These will further your own creative ideas and give you more selections to choose from.

Sample of over 1100 Acting Activities:

Crave Top of a Cane
Carve a Wooden Head Bust
Making Copper Wire Earrings
Do Golf Club Design and Alteration


Draw a Rose
Stamp Designs on Fabric
Do Calligraphy Drawing
Make Your own Kilt!

Whittling Sea Captain
Draw Geometric Solids
Carve A Spoon!
Make a Pop-Up Book

                                    ___________ INCREDIBLE SELECTIONS!

Draw an Animal
Carve Leather
Designing Stain Glass Pattern
Make an Orgami Box

Do Gouache Etch Glass
Hand Making Tile
Make Your Own Kite
Make Your Own Corset


Be More Creative and Get more Involved! _________________________

Build a Model Yacht
Construct this really cool sports car
Build a Free Library Box
Airbrushing an Item

Doing Acting Class Activities that actually Interest you is KEY!

For the FULL 950+ Emotions List (which is larger) link Copyright 2022 Simon Blake
This product is an Individual License.  Feel free to Print this Download for easy Individual Use.

Acting Class Activities Worksheets

Acting is Doing – Great Acting is Doing with Activated Emotion!
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