Shipping and Returns Policy

Shipping and Returns are important for transparency. There is only a motivate to help and assist in education and self reflection at Learning acting technique requires patience and persistence. If you are thinking about quitting acting consider giving yourself more time to learn and adjust the techniques you use. Learning to be an open nerve with staying responsive is a difficult task in acting.

Shipping and Returns

Shipping and Returns Policy

Physical Books ordered from Amazon or other Printers need to be negotiated from the point of sale.
Digital Books and PDF’s that are part of signing up with the Community are for personal use only.
Digital Books and PDF’s that are ordered through the store are final sales.


The Biggest thing that is desired with the fonts are great feedback. Finding the right font to work with your Cold Reads and Auditions may take a lot of your own hard work. If you download a font and find it completely un-useful please contact Simon and request a refund. All font downloads are for personal use only unless a separate commercial license is given.

There are no refunds for free fonts that are given if as gifts for purchasing other Dyslexia Support Tools.
When you download a free font as part of the benefits in the community sign up it is not returnable.

If there is a specific problem with a letter/ spacing in the fonts, please let Simon Know. There are often improvements and new font products in development. It is possible that Simon will change specifications to meet order and send you an updated version with your request.

If you suggest an improvement to the font we reserve the right to sell it and utilize the new version of the font.


There are no refunds until after 30 days after purchase in United States.
There is no refunds until 60 days after purchase Internationally.

Please be patient with me and I will be patient with you.

Thank You! Enjoy The Community.












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