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The Rumors Group Exercise is a tool designed by Simon Blake to help Actors upset themselves. Identifying realistic rumors can help Actors expand their talent. Being able to allow potential rumors to resonate with the Actor is the key. Actors, Producers, and Directors can all use this brainstorming exercise to further their productions.

Build your talent and start finding things that are believable to you. Simply activate a rumor that you actually could believe is real about your classmates or castmates. Rumors are an important part of creativity for Actors.

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Have Fun – Get Yourself Upset – with Rumors!

The Rumors Group Acting Exercises practice cast dynamics in your Actors! Okay this is a a fun one okay this is definitely a fun one because this is how to be able to use the concept of like a group brainstorming session right using the concept of rumors so it’s the the rumors exercise for casts

Or classrooms so you could literally you sit around in a circle you get in a circle and you’re gonna be participating in creative license with each other right so you’re going to understand that although some of these things are going to hit real um real spontaneity in in you there’s going to be stuff that’s that’s real there it’s under the creative license that

You’re going to just treat the whole thing like it’s an imaginary exercise even though there’s a real there’s real stimulus there right and this is key so then you go around in a circle and you organize yourself to start the brainstorming of what you could actually be believable to each person about another person


So you sit in the circle just like we when you do uh group repetition right you have a group repetition and then one person notices something and then they they start working with the repetition and then switches to another person just do the same thing be very lucid relaxed and understand that this whole construct is to be able to one get to know each other and to be too able to start working with stuff that’s actual stimulus so you’re working with actual.

Real stimulus in your acting and this is key you want to mine that that that stimulus so you’re going to use rumors you’re going to use rumors so you might have one cast member look at the other cast member and say that they have um a rumor that they could believe about a specific cast member or a certain classmate and they look over their classmate and

They and they tell them the rumor and the rumor might be that they believe that they might have uh broke into their uh parents liquor cabinet one night they believe that that you know it’s a rumor but but you know they definitely could believe that they would be that that would be part of something that there’s a rumor that they could believe about them there are these programs that i use and

I use these programs to do these things like cartoons to be able to accentuate to to ex to absolutely um amplify the emotions that i go through and when i go through emotions first of all i absolutely emotionally prepare sometimes even before the videos because i i love emotional preparation i love to be able to get myself upset about one thing get myself upset about another and then put that into some imaginary work. The Rumors Group Acting builds imagination in the actors.

And these cartoons there’s links in the descriptions below and they can absolutely they can amplify those expressions that you can learn to be able to get with your talent okay so feel free use those links right or they uh crashed uh a person’s car the one you know they crashed a person’s car one day or maybe not drunk driving just maybe just because they crashed the

Car because they were careless or that a rumor that they could believe that could be a rumor that um i don’t know they they one of the examples is they cheated to be able to get the audition that would be a rumor a believable rumor now it’s very important to keep the dynamic going within this stuff the purpose of this is never to put each other down it’s not about ego this is the absolute

Essence of it the essence is to be able to do the exercise in a way that everyone knows like we’re looking at stuff that’s that’s believable we’re looking at stuff and we wanted to be real but at the same time it’s not about our egos like if if somebody says something to be to me if somebody said something to them it says something to them it’s a matter of then working and maybe writing down some of these things about the rumors that they

Think that they could be believable and then you brainstorm that up and then you work with the writers to be able to say well these are the things that we have believable we have believable things about ourselves we could believe that um you know we could be at our uh i don’t know uh grandparent grandpappy or grand grand daddy or whatever you call them uh papa’s house and and you

Could look at the whole thing and you could say listen um they fell asleep one night and you broke into their their liquor cabinet and you didn’t tell them something right and this could be an adult looking after an adult it doesn’t have to be underage drinking it doesn’t have to be that topic it could be literally like that would be something you know that they could do right or you know they could be you know

Essences like this you wanna you wanna see what could actually be believable now it’s gonna get real very quickly i’m trying to stay out of the the nitty-gritty at this moment but the reality to this exercise it gets very real very quick and the the essence of this is the ability then to be able to build trust within the cast you want to be able to build trust

Within the cast where people are are willing and capable of being in these imaginary circumstances that they would actually fit into you know the shoe fits but it’s an imaginary shoe you know what i mean or you know if it fits the circumstance that the actor does fit the circumstance and then the actor being able to work with that then is able to be able to do stuff to be able to to work with that with that construct and you can work with

Those circumstances within your cast so try this out and um you could also be it’s a very good idea you could also topic the the topic the the the circle so you topic the rumors exercise with a feeling so you want to work with like so then it’s it’s a little bit less like nitty gritty um it’s more in a way that will help everybody realize that there’s a topic right so everyone’s certain to

Starting to think of the different topics for each other and you could look at betrayal well one rumor that they could believe of their castmate for betrayal might be that um hi i’m inviting you to actually join me live on the internet and if you would you can bring your own emotional preparation we can work on emotional preparation

Together and we can really hone down and help build out that talent with inside of you now even if all it is is you want to just bring an emotional preparation do a spoon river i don’t mind come join us and absolutely practice the talent of your own acting gosh there’s so many different answers to this i’m gonna have to really think about it but write write down whatever comes to you and you’ll be very surprised as a producer what actually develop in the actors with the Rumors Group Acting Exercises.

Comes out of your cast and then you work with that to be able to make the the creations happen um you look at another element you know bring up another element everyone gets a turn goes around a circle you can do this two or three times you know as long as there’s genuine materials coming out of people and they’re able to find stuff it’ll be fun too i mean it’s it’s a little bit

Um uh putting yourself out there but that’s what actors do actors put themselves out there to be able to have experiences so um there’s there’s another thing you could work at with uh guilt so you pick another emotion out you get that emotion and you sit around you say listen uh let’s look at the topic of guilt so

When you’re the individual in the chair and you’re looking at the others you’re looking to see what might be something that you can brainstorm that would be something that you could be believable to you about another person that would cause them to feel guilty you know then then you could look at it and you could say you know i could believe that um i don’t know you could be guilty about. This is the why Rumors Group Acting rehearsals are so important.

Not um visiting um somebody or you could you didn’t bring uh flowers for uh your um a funeral you i could believe that you you’d be guilty about this and it doesn’t this is not real life this is imaginary stuff that is going to pinch out real life you’re going to have that that pinch of of real expression they might the person that it said to might wonder

How does that person even know or if they do know well that’s just something you can have to deal with with the cast dynamic because the thing is this is about making sure that we’re getting that real stimulus to be able to put in our work so try this out you know um you know you could also do um one thing that you lie about one thing you told the truth about so you add that to the exercise of the Rumors Group Acting Rehearsals.

Rumor circle uh rumors exercise circle and you work with that so that you’re telling one thing that that is a good thing one thing it’s a bad thing and what you can do with this material is incredible incredible because you want to be able to find those ingredients to be able to build off that whole creative element so then what you can do is you give all that material as a cast or as the produce to the

Producers you give it to the writers you say look listen um i didn’t realize um i had this like thing i was ashamed of and i don’t know if this is something that you can include in your writing it’s not real life it’s just something that would be a believable rumor um and then they can go yeah okay well let’s look work with that well we know the uh the cast wants to be able to work with uh

These types of different things so this is a one option for you to really open yourself up completely to be able to have these creative sessions that can actually replicate stuff that actually isn’t exposed to anybody in real life but is actually in a situation that’s still working with that component of being able to activate uh truth and reality listen one more thing about this whole

Rumor exercise you want as a producer to be able to get two different ingredients there’s two different ingredients there’s one is you want to get the rumor itself which is the story line right and then you gotta get these two things you want to get what’s believable what’s a believable thing that’s internal in the actor that the rumor is about right so then you can start building that imaginary circumstance out and then you want to get the

The reason why it’s believable to the person that said it why why would they think that way why would they why would they come up with that why would they you know brainstorm what it is that that’s a reason why it would kind of like what what is it that would be the most believable reason why that person would have thought that rumor about the other person and do the Rumors Group Acting rehearsals.

Then what you can do is you can really start to really piece together the pieces of the creative vision of that and then you can start putting that storyline actually in your work and once you do that then you will see that you are giving your actors this incredible fertile component where your actors have this ability then where they have got something that’s more you do the rumor exercise the more the Rumors Group Acting rehearsals will develop your cast.

Um likely to be able to offset this imaginary experience with this reality and that is such a gift for uh producers to be able to give to actors especially when you’ve got the right cast and when you’ve got a cast that especially is open to being able to work with those types of things where they want to be able to explore these imaginary circumstances now look this

Isn’t far fetched because i’ll tell you there’s writing groups that sit around all they do is brainstorm stuff the circumstances of of the actual actors and what they can go through we’re just taking an extra step we’re taking the extra step of actually getting it from the cast and being able to take the extra step of saying look this is uh rumors exercise we want to be able to do this to be able to to find these imaginary circumstances that not

Only the writers can believe in but actually the actors can believe in and then you can then develop it and add different quirks and different things about the whole process so consider this and then let me know in the comments how it goes okay okay so i teach people how to get upset i have a lot of fun teaching people how to literally purposefully upset themselves actually making their own activations up so that they’re

Emotionally activated there’s something that they can get upset about within a ballpark of emotion but the key the absolute key is i don’t want you to carry around that stuff in your life that’s what’s called acting baggage you want to be able to learn a technique i have to be able to tell you that it would be a disservice for me to teach you all these incredible techniques on how to access yourself as an artist with Rumors Group Acting exercises.

Without reminding you very nicely that you don’t need your acting baggage in life so feel free work on processes where you have a release time after you’re doing your acting and what this will do is it will actually amplify your work because it will give your acting muscles the break that they need in order to get the rest that they need so that your work will be even stronger okay thanks very much. Try the Rumors Group Acting Exercise Today!

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The Rumors Group Acting Exercises by Simon Blake
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