161 Reason to come to the Door – Meisner Acting List

161 Reason to come to the Door Meisner Acting List can be an important tool for the Actor. Doors are important acting tools in this acting exercise. Reasons why someone would come to the door helps the Actor to have justified entrances in acting.

Be sure when you are knocking that you put the energy you are feeling into the knock. Don’t knock differently than how you are being and feeling. Knocking at the Door is part of the ins and outs later renamed Doors and Activities in acting.

Realizing your Reason at the Door is important to do with more than just logic. Logical reasons will have less than emotional results and may lead to interpersonal physical conflict. In acting the more emotional interaction the more captivating the work will be.

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Here is a Reason to come to the Door Meisner Acting List: 161 Reasons!

Typical Beginner Reasons at the Door List:

  • to get a Cup of Sugar
    • To Bake a Cake
    • To make Cupcakes
  • to get back your Jacket
    • after a ‘Long Night Out’
    • you forgot Jacket there last week
  • to get your Wallet back that you Forgot
  • to pick up a Watch that was your Grandmothers
  • get your Study Notes and Homework Notes
    ideas: you lent them your Study Notes or they are lending you there’s
  • to pick up your pet Shiba Inu dog
    ideas: after a hair cut
  • to get a copy of your Classmates Notes
    Ideas: What are the Reasons you missed Class.
  • to use Voice Recording equipment for Upcoming Podcast

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Objects to Obtain Reason at the Door List

  • get Camping Equipment
    • for a Concert Trip
    • for a Film Set Prop
  • pick up Keys to the Car
    ideas: To Borrow the OThers Car
    • To get to work because your Car Broke down
    • To look Cool on a Date!
  • to Borrow a Ladder for painting and house repair (know how tall ladder is)
  • Pick-up Film Camera
  • get Filming Lights
  • to ask for Specific Prop
  • to ask for a return of a Previous Gift
  • Borrow an Antique
  • to use space as a Filming Location
  • to use Editing Equipment

Simple Reasons at the Door List:

  • to get your Phone back that you Forgot
  • to pick up your Purse
    ideas: What was in your Purse that was important
    • your only Set of Car Keys
    • Important Object
  • Pick-up a parcel that you had delivered to your friend
  • came over to ask for a Haircut

These Simple Reasons at the Door are incredible tools to include in film making as well as acting class exercises.

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Tangible Reasons at the Door List:
– to get next hottest Stock Symbol move (trust that the person knows good investment suggestion)

  • borrow a Costume other has
  • borrow a Suit for a Funeral
  • Money for a Haircut
  • borrow Money for Rent
  • to help be Tutored become an apprentice in a business
  • wanting to get a Job
  • knocking on Door to Preach Jehova
  • to sell your Car as Collateral
  • to Pick-up Tickets to a Concert
  • to bring Free Concert Tickets
  • Pick-up a DVD blue ray with special Director’s Commentary

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Additional 42 Reasons to come to the Door Meisner Acting in Video!

42 Reasons to come to the Door Meisner Acting
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  • Borrow Jewelry for an Event
  • Get an Evening Dress for Ballroom Dance
  • Loan a Vehicle for a week
  • Borrow a Uniform for a Job interview
  • Borrow Uniform for Sports Event (certain colors and team costume)
  • Borrow a Uniform for a Job (fast food job required to do work shift)
  • get Sports Leagues Tickets
  • to learn how to do a Dance Routine
  • to Pick-up a map co-ordinates for gps search hunt
  • to Pick-up a map looking for missing person
  • to get the money that is owed to you (check with your teacher first)
  • get the Paint needed to Paint Car specific color
  • get the Instructions Manual for old computer disk to get crypto off disk
  • get a bootlegged copy of 3d expensive Architecture design software (don’t do this in life)
  • need a Place to Stay (bring a packed suitcase including toothbruth)
  • need a place to clean up (shower, etc.)
  • return a spoiled ruined borrowed costume
  • to learn and ask about a rumor (remember no asking rule in exercise)
  • to borrow a painting
  • to get the inheritance (need a signature at lawyers office)
  • to get answers list to study for test (that you can’t find anywhere else)
  • to ask to use Heirloom piece (sentimental) for funeral ceremony or wake
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When you are dealing with a Reason at the Door you are not entitled because you have a reason. Many times in learning I have seen that the students think that when they show up at the door with the reason that the reason justifies their preconceptions. Do your best to stay open and explore your preconceptions of the other person and the circumstances.

Acting Activities Worksheets

Reasons at the Door for Acting Exercises List (Continued)

  • ask for female hygiene product
  • roll of toilet paper
  • 2 cups of flour and baking soda
  • wax for car waxing
  • furniture wax paste for waxing furniture
  • borrow gold leaf material for doing lamp
  • borrow tools needed to cut mat for picture framing
  • brass polish solution container needed to clean brass
  • borrow drill bit for edging wood or chisel for edging
  • ram for upgrading computer
  • picking up book so you can do the research
  • borrow sewing machine
  • borrow tools for leather engraving
  • borrow silver threading for a costume completion
  • to get tools to do tin dotting craft art
  • borrow food coloring
  • fix a flat can or spare tire (the car broke down outside Classmates house)
  • to borrow a unicycle and juggling equipment
  • to pick up bridal dress (after? or before the wedding?)
  • to get the engagement ring (for a friend?, from groom or bride?, you decide)
  • To claim childhood support
  • To claim ownership of adoption
  • Find the truth about what happened.

Let’s Continue:
Reasons TO Knock AT the DOOR – Extended Acting List

  • To get a jar of Hand Harvested Honey
  • To pick-up a Graphic Design
  • To pick-up a Custom Garden Gnome Collection
  • To Borrow a Halloween Costume
  • To Pick-up 100 year plus Dried Carving Wood Piece – for art project

  • To Borrow a Mannequin for a Photo Shoot
  • To Pick-Up Bumper Sticker or Vinyl Car Graphic
    Reason: as acceptance into new social group
  • To pick up your new Team Jersey
    • You just joined the team
    • You decided to force a team trade
    • (Build out a Back Story)
  • To Pick-Up your new Cheerleading Costume
  • To Pick-Up Prosthetic Nose for Make-Up Extension – and its Custom/Expensive
  • To Pick-Up a Translated Document
    Backstory Ideas: recently met a foreigner potential relationship
  • Returning a ‘Wrecked’ Mascot Outfit
Acting Relationships Ideas List! – Cool Ideas!
  • To Pick-Up your Taxidermy Completed Pet
  • To Pick-Up Urn
    • (Urn without Ashes?)
    • (Urn with Ashes?)
  • To Drop-Off Christmas Presents – For Film only
  • To Drop-Off Birthday Presents – for Film
  • To Drop-Off Congratulations – for Film
    • Show up with a Birthday Cake
    • Show up dressed as the Easter Bunny!
    • Show up as a Stuffed Turkey!
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Reasons at the Door – Reasons to Knock on the Door in Acting List (Continued)

  • To Pick-Up a Music Video Story Board
  • To Pick-Up an Original Math Equation
  • To get a Specialty Car Motor Part
  • To Borrow a Drone
    • for a Music Video
    • to make a commercial
  • To get specific Flower Peddles the other collected on vacation
    • To make scent
    • To make Pot Pourri
  • To Pick-Up Specific Dishware Set
  • To Pick Up Canvas from Specific Ship Sail
  • To Pick-Up Leather Pants to go to Special Dance / Rave
Activities Wishlist for Actors
  • To Pick-Up Special Fish Knife Set – pricey
  • To get a DNA Test Machine
    What are your testing?
    • hair, saliva, skin
    • sperm, other body fluids
    • ?maybe to prove that you were adopted?
  • To Pick-Up handmade Candles
    • a special blessed candle
    • for religious or spiritual ceremony ritual
    • for an Event
  • To Get a Personally Crafted Leather Acting Journal
  • To Pick-Up PICKET-SIGNS for RALLY!
  • To get Gift Bags for a Party / Event
  • For Dress Shoes & Shirt or Tuxedo
  • For Mother’s (or Grandmothers) Jewelry Box
    ideas: For Which argument?
  • For Your Father’s Fishing Pole and Line
  • For ScrapBooks – of Every trip taken
Backlit Drawing Board for Acting Activities

Acting Reasons to Knock on the Door List (Continued)

  • For your Mother’s Wedding Dress
    Back Story Ideas:
    • You were just engaged to
    • He cut off the Wedding
  • For Plastic Christmas Tree in July
    • For Photo Shoot
    • For Video Shoot
    • To Welcome Your Husband or Wife back from Overseas Duty – they missed Christmas
  • For Handmade Birthday Cake or Sentimental Decorations
  • For Grammy’s Jelly! (no one can make your Grammy’s Jelly – you ran out! Oh my)
  • For a Chandlier
  • To Come to the Door to Get a Tattoo – you decide
  • To Borrow a Unicycle
  • For Easter Decorations for a Film Shoot
  • An Original Coconut Costume
    ideas: for a Commercial
    Other Costume Ideas:
    • Dress like a ‘Peanut’ – to sing Lyrics
    • Dress like an ‘Angel’ – to pick up Angel Wings
  • To Borrow a Parachute
  • to Borrow specific Paint Brushes
  • To Borrow Green Screen Set-up
  • To Borrow Historic Costume
    for both all genders:
    • Ben Franklin (Glasses)
    • Thomas Jefferson
  • To get a Mask for a Specific Masquerade
  • To Pick-up Lyrics for a song
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  • To Pick-up First Draft of:
    • Theatre
    • Plans for a Commercial
  • To Pick-up Bar Menu / Restaurant Menu
    ideas: To memorize after just being hired – first shift is in the moring
  • To Pick-up Wedding Invitations
  • To get Naval License Exam Practice Test
  • To Pick-Up Lockpick Kit (Imaginary ONLY!)
  • To Borrow Rug Weaving Kit
  • To Borrow Clay that will stick to foam for art project
  • To Pick Up Specific Item for a Retirement Party

  • To Borrow Paint Easel
  • To Borrow Camping Trailer / Camper
  • To get a Yarn Spinner
  • To get a Puppeteer Entire Set-Up (or specific set of pieces)
  • To Borrow a Violin (or specific violin)
  • To Borrow a Saddle for Trip
  • To get Written Permission to enter a property
    ideas for:
    • Camping Trip
    • Gold Panning
    • Fishing Trip
  • To Borrow a Dune Buggy
  • To Pick-Up Concert Tickets
    ideas: Are you dressed for the concert?
    • Is it a Rave?
    • A formal Orchestra Event? (Wear a full Tuxedo with Boe Tie)

  • To Pick-Up Electricity Generator
    • Solar Panels
    • Steam Engine
    • Gas Generator
  • To get a Fully Edited Speech
  • To Pick-Up Evidence
    • Evidence of a video you don’t want public
    • Evidence to prove your innocence
  • To Pick-Up a Musical Instrument
    • Ukulele
    • Guitar
    • Drum Set
  • To Pick-Up Completed Model
    • Of a Miniature House Architecture Scale
    • of Collector Item
    • Something Hand-Crafted
  • To get a Restored Piece of Art Work
  • To get a Sailing Gear for Specific Vessel
  • To get Special Wallpaper with Tsarian Design
  • To Pick-Up Santa Suit – so you don’t have to rent one
  • To Borrow a Dress for a Drag Carpet Competition
  • To get a Back-Up of an Erased Hard drive
    • geopolitical evidence a leader was set up – diamond mines stolen
    • personal memories
    • pass codes to Bitcoin Fortune
  • To Pick-Up a Flower Arrangement
    • For a Funeral
    • For a Celebration
    • Valentine’s Day – A Cupid Love Affair
  • To Pick-Up Voice Over Recordings
    • of evidence
    • Of your own Hard Work that you had stolen
  • To get Custom Stained-Glass Window
Acting Activities Worksheets
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  • To get Iron BRAND for Wood / Object Branding
    ideas: Unique Family Crest
  • To Learn Specific Dance Choreography
  • To Pick-Up Sporting Equipment – Exact Size needed
    • Skiiing
    • Hockey
    • Football
  • To Pick-Up Sound Proofing Boards / Canvases that are padded
  • To Pick-Up Actual Animal Furs
  • To get Shredded Document
    or – Look at Taped Together Shredded Document
    (what’s your backstory?)
  • To Pick-Up an Engraved Watch
    (or Other Tangible Objects – LIst)
  • To Borrow an Archery Set
  • Borrow an Outfit
    • Tight Dress to impress Date
    • Specific Color to match an Event
  • To get a Sentimental Christmas Ornament
  • To get Construction Equipment
  • To get an ‘answer sheet’ to study for an exam
  • To Pick-Up and to ‘Reclaim’ Doors for project

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Reason at the Door Meisner acting Summary

Picking a reason at the door in Meisner acting is a personal decision of the Actor or acting student. Learning to work with Reason at the Door also involves being willing to drop the reasons and logic so interacting with the other person in the acting exercise occurs.

Learning that Interaction is more important than Reason is key. The test of learning to do the work and balancing the work that takes your internal life and genuinely interacts with what you see is the fascination in the acting exercise.

The audience may not know what you are going to do in a certain moment just as you do not know how you will respond. The goal is to always have a real time acting experience within an imaginary circumstance which is treated as real as life.

Copyright 2021, Simon Blake

Activities Wishlist for Actors

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