Reality of Being an Actor


Reality of Being an Actor

Reality of Being an Actor

Reality of Being an Actor is accessing your emotions. Emotions are deeper than feelings. Actors who Activate their emotions activate their reality for their acting. Once an emotion is active start acting interaction. The best acting is acting with activated emotion!

The Reality of Your Being is Decided By your Active Emotions!

Some KEY Quotes of this Acting Article:
“You will feel euphoric sensations when you experience in real-time in your acting exercises.”
“Acting Emotional Preparation techniques are used by Musicians, Artists, Actors and Creators!”

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The Reality of acting is the ability to have an activated emotion that participates in acting interaction. The ability to activate your emotion and interact with it is your level of talent in acting.


How to Achieve Reality

When you commit in your acting style to be real and authentic in your acting, you open yourself up to incredible opportunities.

Emotion adds reality to your acting.

When you allow yourself to work with real responses, you can start to work with emotions in transparent ways. Your affecting of your emotions will have an effect within your acting.

You will feel euphoric sensations when you experience in real-time in your acting exercises.

QUICK: There is an Interactive PDF of 110 Classes worth of Activities (over 1100!).

How to Activate your Emotion

When you work to achieve an active emotion. You can activate your emotion using Emotional Preparation Techniques and Emotional Activation.

You can work with the Activations Journal to start the record-keeping to your own emotions.

Activations Journal with the Emotions List will be able to access and build out different Emotional Ranges for your acting. Finding a specific emotional range for your acting is absolutely key in being talented in acting.

Working with Simon’s Emotions List will achieve a start to organize your Emotional Preparations.
How to Use Simon’s Emotions List article

Many THINK Reality is Extreme Emotion!

It is common misconception that Actors believe that extreme Emotion or radical outbursts are Talent. This is when you see an Actor building out actions without emotional backing.

Talent is being able to put your own emotion into your acting.

If you rely on extreme pressure, you may hit a gusher of emotion, but most often will end up with misplaced Extreme Emotion.

Develop yourself as an Actor to utilize Receiving the other as a way of your own Emotional Expression. Planned Sporadic Actions are called Acting by many, but not advice-able to really achieve yourself in your own work!

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