My Dyslexia Journey

My Dyslexia Journey

My Dyslexia Journey often jets incredible intelligence. One time I am typing at speeds of 130-140 words per minute and the next stuck on how to spell the word pie. Ideas flood in and with the right concentration pour out. Dyslexia Journey is harnessing the creativity of inverted images and rotated letters.

I often wonder if the heavy metals in my body or brain caused the Dyslexia. Maybe a heavy metal detox could lessen the rotation of letters but regardless, knowing the Cipher and studying Dyslexia Letter Rotations improves brain functions and thus reading increases speeds.

Clear thoughts and thinking with creativity of Dyslexia produce rough drafts that may be difficult, but end products that can be astonishing.

Learning your own Dyslexia tendencies and releasing your own talent means that you need to find that balance and stay within balance as you express your creative efforts.

Copyright 2022, Simon Blake

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