Motivational Independent Activities in acting

Motivational Independent Activities

Motivation is the Secret Sauce of Independent Activities. Independent activities are completely different with motivation. When you tap into your motivation you gain the ability to stay enthused and focused. Your motivation runs your engine of focus. Being focus driven can also help you receive and listen to the other actors. Adding Emotional Preparation to your Independent Activities will help you have motivated focus.

Motivational Independent Activities in acting

Motivation is key in Activities

Motivational Independent Activities creates confidence in the Actor. Acting with Motivation to complete a Doing is different then forcing Discipline! Be an Acting Student who works from their Motivation! Adding Motivation to your activities will enhance your experience and involvement in the Doing.

One of the most important aspects to acting is usually forgotten as a teaching aspect in acting. Motivation is the lubrication that unlocks the door gently to open. Acting is the ability to concentrate just as much as it is to express oneself.

Some Quotes of this Acting Article:
“Active concentration comes from internal motivation.”
These writings are here to avoid people having to quit acting.”

Motivational Independent Activities are some of the most important ingredients to add to your acting.

Adding Motivation additionally to Independent Activities

The action of adding motivation to Independent Activities can literally start the makings of a career in acting.

As soon as motivation is a consistent connection for the Actor to use as a source in their acting many other aspects of their work become alive as well.

This is saying that clearly there is an additional step that the Actors can do to interject motivation and energy into their motivational Independent Activities.

Motivational Independent Activities will catapult you into your own concentration.

The most important aspect in acting is a necessary ingredient to add to create Motivational Independent Activities. Motivation is what holds concentration active during acting. Active concentration comes from internal motivation to want to do what the involvement is.

Motivation to Enhance Actor Preparation

Realize that motivations are not necessarily emotions. There is of course motivation in many Emotional Preparations that go into the work automatically with feelings and emotions. This is why most do not include the step of adding specifically the motivation to their acting work or their Independent Activities.

If you put separately put into your work these motivations, you will be adding a quality to your Independent Activities even if you are or are not using yet Emotional Preparation in your work. If you are using Emotional Preparation in your work, you likely are at times only using feelings and not emotions and by adding motivation you will likely help to amplify the feelings that you do put into your work.

Adding motivation will also enhance your fleeting feelings that often are used instead of full emotional life in acting. There has been many an Actor unable to explain their emotional life vs their feelings after even 50 years on the stage or full-time film careers.

Enhance your acting using Motivational Independent Activities.


Types of Motivations

There are all types of motivations that both have labels and do not have labels.

When you are in the real effort to do your actor preparation it is less important to label your emotional preparation and more important to use the sensation. Using the active stimulation or the active sensation in your acting work will often carry it over to the work.

Studying Types of Motivations can help you create Motivational Independent Activities. This catapults your interest into your own acting work!

The ball park of emotional or feeling that is listed below is the brainstorming idea not necessarily the actual emotional life or motivation.

Active concentration comes from internal motivation

Realizing An Activation

Anger may be the emotion and the actor are feeling bits of it but when they add the motivation of wanting to put the record straight for their reputation their feelings strengthen. Parts of their feelings turn to emotion and parts vanish. The Actor’s preparation has been both a success and failure, but the result of their effort is what remains active.

Realizing an activation is key in acting as it relaxes the Actor to understand that they work with what is left over after motivation activates them. As whole or as not encompassing their work is they accept to use that impulse or ask to start again with a new actor preparation.

Motivational Independent Activities can realize the activation with motive.

Motivational! Simon Blake with ‘Some’ of his acting Notebooks from classes.

When Actors fall Accidentally into Motivation

When Actors fall accidentally into motivation, they often are thrilled that something worked. There are some Actors that will be more honest than others to realize that something worked but they were not sure what key turned inside of themselves to make it work. This is ideal to continue to work to better understand ourselves and our own motivations.

To the Actors that feel that they did the work and had figured it out later to realize that they only caught a fleeting feeling and added motivation, the realization will come later if ever at all. Many Actors will quit before realizing that they put together a feeling with a motivation which looked so similar to Emotional Preparation. These writings are here to avoid people having to quit acting so they can work as an Actor and with Full and alive Motivational Emotional Preparations.

If you can understand that the motivation heightens all ideas, feelings and emotions (if they are there) then you can understand how to improve your own work.

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