500 Meisner Activities Growing List – Part One

Over 500 Meisner Activities

Meisner Activities List or get the ORIGINAL PDF! Develop concentration and your talent! Doing requires Being (Emotion) to make your acting meaningful! This is a Growing List of 500+ Meisner Activities. Organically add Repetition into your acting. Add Activities into your Improvisations. Build Your Concentration and Getter Done! Be advanced with Emotional Preparation. Put Emotion Behind your Doing!

This LONG Page has over 500+ Meisner Activities! Hundreds!
“ADD Your own Motivations!, Reasons!, Measurability!, Meanings! and Urgencies!”

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Are you a serious actor looking to develop your acting techniques?
Do you want to practice the interaction of acting in a way that’s both fun and productive?
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Meisner Activities List:
“Acting is Activation!”
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Search Meisner Activities and Improve YOUR Acting!

Add Your Own Motivation, Measurability, Urgency, Time Limits, Difficulties, and Emotional Preparations!

  • Change a Bicycle Tire – https://amzn.to/3erXfYC
  • Ideas: Need Bike to Get to work (must change tire now)
  • Repairing Friends Bike in exchange for sports ticket
  • Build 7 Floor House of Cards – https://amzn.to/3erXfYC
  • Ideas: Timed Test of the skill of Card Building
  • Plan to Glue the Cards Together in Built Formation!
  • Varnish Furniture – https://amzn.to/3TgMhUE
  • Ideas: Buy New Furniture to Finish for friend or relative
  • Restore old Chair with Cherry Glaze – Sentimental
  • Sew Repair on Dress – https://amzn.to/3CssACz
  • Ideas: Sew a Square Patch onto a Dress
  • Repair Dress and Add specific pattern
  • Holding Breath Under Water (ask acting teacher first)
  • Build Bird House – https://amzn.to/3TklZAZ
  • Ideas: Build a birdhouse for neighbor who you just ran over their cat (oops!)
  • Add Stained Glass to Birdhouse Design – Personalize it
  • Repairing Watch – https://amzn.to/3Csi6D1
  • Ideas: Grandfather’s watch strap needs repaired
  • Programming Website Page
  • Ideas: Easy-Build or Hard Code Web page
  • Build 10 Duplicate pages with different designs
  • Welding Table Frame – https://amzn.to/3SXwcTR
  • Ideas: Miniature weld Kits
  • Painting Portrait – https://amzn.to/3CvnJjQ
  • Ideas: Paint a Portrait for a Gift
  • Sketch own Portrait
  • Washing the Floor – https://amzn.to/3Ez6XD6
  • Prepping for Paint Job – https://amzn.to/3g1drAD
  • Ideas: Exactly Tape Every Edge of Room for main painting job
  • Sanding Table Stand – https://amzn.to/3RPxq2p
  • Ideas: Sand to Restore for Resale
  • Rough Sand object to ‘Gold Foil’ Stand
  • Crafting a Wood Stool (Wood Stool Tree Stump)
  • Ideas: Design a Unique Wood Stool (Pen and Paper)
  • Hand Saw Stool Wood Pieces
  • Dicing Onions – https://amzn.to/3EAOuWI
  • Ideas: Need to Cut Onions into exact Squares
  • Use Diced Onions to make a food Sculpture
  • Taping an Audition – https://amzn.to/3Thr6BG
  • Many Ideas: Record a Commercial – Selling Product
  • Record 2 Person Scene – your dialogue only
  • Activate Exact Emotion – for specific Scene Monologue

Add MOTIVATIONS!, Reasons, Measurability, Meanings and Urgency!

Practice is KEY. Practice, Practice, Practice!

“BEING Before DOING is the Key to acting!”
“Don’t Do Acting Exercises without adding the Emotional Weight!”
– Simon Blake

Add Motivations to your Meisner Acting Activities.
MANY Actors forget to work with things that MOTIVATE THEM!

Add, Your Own: Measurability, Reasons, Meaning, Urgency, Depth with Motivation!
Loose Yourself in involvement!

Meisner Activities are not ONLY For Meisner actors!
Add Activities to any style of acting!

Activities are also called Meisner Activities, Independent Doings or Involved Doings.

Check out the:
Tangible Objects Acting List to use for your acting.
75 Reasons at the Door – To Craft your Doors and Activities!
518 Emotions List – To Use to Organize your Acting and Emotional Preparations
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The Meisner Activities will also help you build emotional connections. Emotional Connections with your fellow actors will increase depth in scenes. You’ll learn how to express your emotions in a way that enhances the scene . Emotional Preparation helps you to create a believable and engaging performance.


Meisner Activities are not ONLY For Meisner actors Add Activities to any style of acting

FIND a Meisner Activity that works for you!

This Meisner Activities List with Simon’s Emotions List will HELP you Craft your Emotion. Work on your Emotional Preparations to improve your talent! These are part of the Doors and Activities Exercises in acting which were called In’s and Out’s in NYC.

ADD Emotional Preparation to your Meisner Activities!

Emotional Preparation added to Meisner Activities can really enhance the experience doing the Activity.

MATCH an Activity to a Decided Emotional Range.
Self Activate your Emotion

>THE KEY>> KEY >> IS to receive the other Actor once emotionally activated.

Take the Focus OFF of yourself and put it into receiving the other Actor.
Look at the Independent Acting Activities List and select an option.

Goal: To trust that the more involved you allow yourself to be with your doing, the more responses you will have with your acting work.

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Increase your Difficulty as you do your scenes.

Motivation Unlocks The Keys to Your Talent!

Motivation unlocks the keys to desires in acting. Work your Meisner Independent Activities using the secret sauce of your own Motivation Independent Activities. It will unlock things inside you, that will surprise even you!

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Tangible Objects Acting List to use for your acting.
75 Reasons at the Door – To Craft your Doors and Activities!
920+ Meisner Activities List – Expand your options!
518 Emotions List – To Use to Organize your Acting and Emotional Preparations
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Look at the Independent Acting Activities List and select an option.
Pick Meisner Activities for acting classes.

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Motivation Unlocks The Keys to Your Talent for actors in acting
Meisner Activities Acting List for Actors

Activating Your Emotion to then Receive takes time to learn and practice

The Facts are; there are many names for Meisner Activities! The Doing Exercise in acting is the Independent Activity portion of the In/Out or the Door/Independent activity. The part of the exercise before the interaction is the independent part or the Doing Exercise of the acting work.


Do not treat the Independent Activities like props to pass time, use them to really achieve doing them!

“My Props are NEVER just Props!
I Emotionally Prepare over my Props. Sounds strange but it adds some emotional juice to the items for my acting!” Simon Blake


ACTING Teacher

My Props are never just props with Meisner activities in acting

Loose Yourself INTO Involvement!

Add Motivations to your Meisner Acting Activities. MANY Actors forget to work with things that MOTIVATE THEM!
Add, Your Own: Measurability, Reasons, Meaning, Urgency, Depth with Motivation!

You will want to get your activity done when you tap into your own internal motivation.

  • Look at the Independent Acting Activities List and select an option.
  • GET ENTIRE Master List – Meisner Independent Activities List LINK
  • Decal Mug
  • Glue Beer Cap Pyramid
  • Making A Wreath
  • Sand Layers in Vase/Bottle
  • House of Toothpicks
  • Model Airplane Assembly (Revell B17G Flying Fortress 1:48 Scale)
  • Shaving Head
  • Making Pillows (How to Make Pillows)
  • Coiling Ribbon
  • Packing Clothing
  • Weaving Straw Mat
  • Steam Cleaning Couch
  • Wallpapering Dollhouse
  • Juggling
  • Loose Yourself in involvement!
  • Pressing Olive Juice
  • Costume Makeup
  • Dyeing Fabric
  • Tie-dyeing T-Shirts
  • Model House Building
  • Repairing a Fishnet
  • Seashell Art Balancing
  • Restoring Art Frame
  • Fixing Clock
  • Assembling Wood Boat
  • Tying Rope Knots
  • Humming Song Recording
  • Paint Thinning Dresser
  • Hinging a Door
  • Timing Changing Clothes
  • Timing a Speech
  • Beading Necklace
  • Polishing an Instrument
  • Picket Sign for Rally
  • Candle Lighting Room
  • Learn Specific Belly Dance
  • Scrub Rust Off Metal
  • Hand Making Pamphlets
  • Repairing Eyeglasses
  • Making Own Soap
  • Remember that Meisner Activities List DOings. Do the Meisner Activities and get involved!

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Meisner Activities are Fantastic Training Tools + Tools to INCLUDE in Acting Scenes!

Meisner Activities of LOGICAL Doings!

Logical Doings will keep you more in your logic than Repetitious Doings! When you work with LOGICAL Meisner Activities you need to approach them knowing they are.

The Doing Exercise acting activities list breaks down logical doings compared to repetitive doings. There is a huge difference. Often many Actors are already overly logical so tending to stay away from Logical doings will assist their growth.

Look at the Independent Acting Activities List and select an option.

Calculating Expenses
Writing an Essay (How to Write a 5 Paragraph Essay) – Instant Download!
Organizing Printed Materials
Balancing the Checkbook
bullet-point Speech Update
Phone Contacts (Rotary Business Card File)
Event Planning (Step-by-Step Guide to Event Planning) – Instant Download!

The Book is worth the MONEY.

Logic Meisner Activities of LOGICAL Doings
Logical Meisner Activities of LOGICAL Doings
Logical thinking Doings Meisner Activities of LOGICAL Doings
Logical Doings in acting Meisner Activities of LOGICAL Doings

Meisner Activities – Writing/Thinking Doings:

These doings are often seen as the least desirable choices in Doings. The Writing exercises often involve a lot of logical thinking in order to complete. However, in the advanced stages of the work writing exercises are acceptable Doings.

Logical Doings are separately noted because of many reasons. Sometimes students or participants when learning Acting, they don’t realize that the only activities they bring in are Logical Doings. It may be that they are so logical in life that they don’t honestly remember what a regular activity is like.

In the work of dropping logic the more logic that is in the exercise the harder it is for some to be instinctual. Isolating Logical Doings allows a self-examination upon the types of Doings that we participate in and choose for exercise work. The Situational Exercises will inherently be a lesson to drop the logic and rely on finding your own impulse which Logic is counter instinctual to. However sometimes really great work comes from activities that are logical doing that also have a lot of commitment.

Thus, they are listed here:

“Add the SECRET SAUCE to your acting exercises, by , adding Motivation!”
Motivation unlocks the keys to desires in acting.
– Simon Blake

Select Meisner Activity and start to craft your acting.

Check out the:
Tangible Objects Acting List to use for your acting.
75 Reasons at the Door – To Craft your Doors and Activities!
518 Emotions List – To Use to Organize your Acting and Emotional Preparations

  • Look at the Independent Acting Activities List and select an option.
  • Prepare Speech Cue Cards
  • Polishing Silver
  • Transposing Music Notes
  • Cleaning Saddle Oiling
  • Restringing Violin
  • Replacing Zipper on Jacket
  • Creating Dream Catcher (Dream Catcher Kit – Makes 2 Catchers)
  • Popsicle Night Light
  • Para Cord Art
  • Stamp Creation Carving
  • Fabric Decoupage Pumpkin
  • Making Homemade Slime
  • Fingernail Art Decal
  • Lithography (Speedball Super Printing Star Kit, Speedy-Carve)
  • Book Editing Chapter
  • Coloring Photographic Print
  • Painting Ceramics
  • Sanding Polish Off Ceramic to Resurface
  • Nail Polishing Golf Ball
  • Shadow Puppets Show Prep
  • Build a Pencil Crossbow
  • Tin Punch Crafts
  • Fake Tattooing Upper Body
  • Polymer Clay Cake Prop
  • Cartooning Graphic Art Photos
  • Scrap Booking
  • CPR Drill with Dummy

Select 2 or 3 Meisner Activities for EACH Class and that weeks acting rehearsing.

Pilates Independent Activities for acting
Pilates Independent Activities!

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Add Motivations to your Meisner Acting Activities.
MANY Actors forget to work with things that MOTIVATE THEM!

  • Fix Jewelry Resizing Ring
  • Dollar animal Origami
  • Geometric origami (Modular Origami) Instant Download!
  • Origami Plane Models (Record Breaking Paper Airplanes Kit!) Instant Download!
  • Overhaul Computer Upgrade (Meaning-Based Translation)
  • Translating One Language to Another.
  • Pickling Your Own Vegetable (Home Preserving Book)
  • Repairing an Excel File
  • Changing Fan into Spin Art Machine
  • Fixing Headphones Speaker
  • Picture Painting Restoration (Kotton Klenser)
  • Patch an sql Database
  • Repairing Clock
  • Painting Stripes on Blinders
  • Wallpapering the Blinds or objects
  • Fix Computer Virus
  • Patch an ac Line Leak
  • Fabric Painting Design on Yoga Mat (Fabric Paint Set)
  • Repainting Wicker Basket
  • Loose Yourself in involvement!
  • Hot Gluing Alphabet Letters
  • Speed Ball Ink Screen Printing Wood (screen print starter kit)
  • Mono-Printing on Fabric
  • Repair Bar Stool
  • Compiling Information for an Article
  • Balancing Books on Head
  • Catching Quarters off Arm
  • Removing a Stain from a Carpet (Dr Beckmann Carpet Stain remover)
  • Repairing Wheel Barrel
  • Repairing Broken Window
  • Stripping Paint from Wood or Metal (Dumon Paint Remover)
  • Restoring Copper Antique
  • Resurfacing Sink (Bathtub Refinish Kit)
  • Resurfacing Kitchen Cabinet
  • Repair and Polish Rims
  • Duct Tape Bunting
  • Patch an Acrylic tub/sink
  • Fix Eyeglasses
  • Restoration of Zinc Fountain
  • Repair Leather (Leather Repair Kit)
  • Pick an activity off the Meisner Activities List and focus losing yourself in concentration.
  • Repair Chip in Windshield
  • Facial Painting (Professionals Face Painting with Stencils)
  • Replace Weed Whacker Strings
  • Body Painting Waist Up (Neon Body Paint!)
  • Plaster-cine Figurines
  • Repair Broken Blinds
  • Restoration of an Old Sign
  • photography Restoration
  • Repair Rabbit or Bird Cage
  • Fixing Bike Breaks
  • Repair Quilt
  • Tango Steps Board Instruction Mat – make mat (All in One Step Tango Book) Instant Download!
  • Inflating 8 Basketballs
  • Replacing Bike Chain
  • Taping Together Shredded Documents
  • Blowing Up Balloons (130pcs Balloon Air Pump)
  • Filling Balloons with Water (Self Sealing 665 Water Balloons)
  • Decorating for a Party
  • Restoration of Documents
  • Fixing Run Time Errors
  • Copper Wire Artwork Flowers (Sculpting in Wire)
  • Detailing Invitations

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More Difficult Doings / Independent Activities:

More Difficult Independent Activities requires more preparation. Preparation is key including the set-up parameters, Time requirements, added Emotional Preparation, Relationships, Imaginary Circumstances Details.

  • Some call Meisner Activities Independent Activities. Independent Activities originated with Sanford Meisner in Ins and Outs exercise that was later called “Doors and Activities”.

Add, Your Own: Measurability, Reasons, Meaning, Urgency, Depth with Motivation!

Meisner Activities are an excellent tool in acting to utilize. What you can achieve doing Meisner Activities is improve concentration with both your emotions as well as focus.

  • Vinyl Sign Making
  • Preparing Hummus
  • Making Salsa
  • Fixing Drum Set
  • Polyurethane Desk
  • Fixing Go-Cart Engine
  • re-Glazing Bathtub
  • Metal Sheeting
  • Screen Printing
  • Stenciling Wood
  • Thatching
  • Foiling Fabric
  • Repairing Glass
  • Engraving Commemorative
  • Making a Wig
  • Make Pinhole Camera
  • Photographing Object
  • Panning for Gold
  • Building Tripod
  • Building Canvas Easel
  • Finding Passport
  • Rotating Rollerblades
  • Building Crate
  • Repair Skateboard
  • Fold and Sew (20 Simple Fold and Sew Projects) Instant Download!
  • Sushi Making (Sushi Making Kit & Instructions)
  • Gourda Crafts and masks (Gourds Rainsticks and Masks for Crafting) Instant Download!

DoiNG requires interaction to have any meaning at all.

Be Your Best

Look at the Independent Acting Activities List and select an option.
The Doing Exercise: added criteria:
One Rule: The Doing Exercise is Independent of others and relies only on your own knowledge prior to starting the Doing.
Steps to the Doing Exercise
Step 1 – choose an achievable doing (30 min – 3 hours to complete)
Choosing an achievable Doing can be a lighthearted task if taken seriously. Finding a Task that speaks to your wanting to achieve it is a task by its own. You want to find a Doing Activity that will require you to want to be Active within it. You want to feel the urge to get it done to as basic of an instinct as possible hopefully without having to add any other parameters.

Check out the:
Tangible Objects Acting List to use for your acting.
75 Reasons at the Door – To Craft your Doors and Activities!
518 Emotions List – To Use to Organize your Acting and Emotional Preparations

Choosing a task appropriately often would mean that the task chooses you. This is similar to what will happen later in the book when choosing scripted materials. You want to have an inherent interest in what you are doing and thus you will become more engaged and likely be able to complete the task more readily and fully to completion without the task feeling like it is a chore.
Any research that is needed needs to be completed before the Doing of the Task. You want to make sure that you have the knowledge of how to complete the Doing prior to starting the Exercise.
Taking a reasonable amount of time to select and choose your Achievable Doing will result in dividends during achieving the completion. Having motivation and desire or interest in the Activity prior to commencing it will result in a far easier experience and will increase the ease of your learning the craft of Acting.
Step 2 – practice and complete the Doing. No reason. No meaning. No Emotional Circumstance. Record how long it took to complete the Doing.
Finding out more about your choices and if you can complete the doing in a time-frame or not will result in a better understanding of yourself and how you relate to things. At first, we work on relating to things in the Doing Exercise and then we quickly move to relating to people. Identifying the things that motivate you is part of the process of understanding who we are and what we are interested in as people.
Merely practicing the completion of a task that you set out to do is the start of learning Acting habits that will last the lifetime of your career and interest in it. Developing yourself and resetting yourself to a baseline of being able to identify your interest and being able to accurately record the time it takes to really tackle an achievement of doing resets your focus and allows you to begin the ethics that are going to be quickly developing in the Acting process.
Step 2 involves you knowing that you can do what you think that you can do and without any doubt you can start it, continue it, and complete the doing task. This is an acting rehearsal and/or a test of completion of task but also can quietly be an ego meter for yourself and the length of time you believe the task will take to complete.
Understanding yourself first is always the meter of first source to understanding your Acting work. One last thing that this exercise of Step 2 does for you is that you will feel the sense of achievement of effort. It is sometimes rare to some in life to feel the achievement of their effort. This tangible feeling will send a feeling of accomplishment and bliss to you, and you will also have a physical thing that will be the completed object. Whether it is a bird house for the birds you have achieved you’re doing to the point of accuracy which is an important lesson.

order of the work –

  • gaining order for the Doors:
  • reason at door,
  • meaningful reason at door
  • meaning at the door

-Then do the same format for Theater training section but breaking down differences of expression levels.

__Sum-mate the 3 things that are needed first then continue the teachings.

Meisner Activity for Actors to add Activities to their acting.
Meisner Activities

(Actors replace Reason with Meaning?)
Step 3 – DO your reasoning exercise (written or notated)
Repeat Step 1,
Repeat Step 2, then immediately add Step 3.
Now that you have achieved, you’re Doing and completed The Doing Exercise you have a completed object that represents your hard work ethic and determination to complete a task that your effort accomplished. Start a new Doing Exercise. Repeat Step 1, and Step 2 with adding this just before commencing the Doing Exercise.
Add an Imaginary Reason for doing the activity and then get to work the same as you did before limit distractions and working away at the Doing you set out for yourself. Occasionally you might think of the Reason during the Doing Exercise and when you do just put your attention back on the Activity. Complete the doing that in you committed to yourself and said that you would be able to complete.
Acting has to do with reality, not fiction.
Fiction will not appear really as fiction unless the reality within the fiction is really being achieved, exchanged or physically done. Fiction will only look and be real if it is supported by the hard-working factors beneath it.
The Doing Exercise is going to be a backbone to the learning of living truthfully in fictitious event or the very famous phrase “Living Truthfully under Imaginary Circumstances”. Doing is a physical activity that you can accomplish from beginning to the end is the key structural component used in teaching classes of how to be consistent and creative with their work as well as being truthful to their abilities.
You are in a test with yourself and your own ego with the Doing Exercise. Are you accurate in being able to complete the Activity or the Doing? Record the time it took to complete but don’t worry if you go over it as long as the Doing is completed.

Look at the Independent Acting Activities List and select an option.
Example of Set Up Number One:
Example of Set up Number Two:
Example of Set up Number Three:
Step 4 – Motivational Time-frame
Repeat Step 1,
Repeat Step 2,
Repeat Step 3, then immediately add Step 4.
Do the Doing Exercise adding a motivating time-frame that is realistic and also motivational. First do steps 1, 2, 3 together first, then add step 4

Add a Time-frame to the objective you are physically and accurately trying to achieve. Your Activity or Doing work will be timed now so that you can accurately learn your own personal timing and coordination of your own timing. The accuracy of your timing often directly relates to how well you know how to do the Doing Activity.
Every time you go to do a Doing Exercise you will decide on an amount of time it will take to complete the Doing. The time you give yourself to complete the task should be just less than the time needed to complete the task. There should be little or no time for a break in the timing of your Doing.
You may need to take your Activity and divide it up into segments. Actors need the skill to learn to divide into segments and starting by dividing your activity up into 45-minute intervals is an approach where you can achieve things in stages.
If you say the exercise will only take 45 minutes, can you truthfully take only 45 minutes to complete it. Keep doing this Step in the work until you can become accurate with the timing of the work. Don’t get angry with yourself at failing at this step in the work, become accurate at this step of the work. You can become specific and accurate with your
If you get frustrated and can’t complete something, are you willing to give up and admit to yourself that the Doing was too difficult or that you miscalculated. This is a reality sometimes and you will discover when it is impossible to complete a task and have to deal with the reality that it is not completable.
Example One: Gary is heartiest on building his own Easel. He builds all the pieces to spec and then discovers that it is just impossible for him to complete without getting help from another person.
Gary being a wise student decides to go and find help on how to build an easel but before he does, he has to admit to himself that he was unable to complete the task without help. Later in the exercises he can bring this Doing Exercise into the work after he better understands how all the easel pieces fit and fold together.

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Look at the Independent Acting Activities List and select an option.
Example Two:
Example Three:
Step 5 – add a Meaning.
Repeat Step 1,
Repeat Step 2,
Add Step 3,
Add Step 4, then immediately add Step 5.
First do steps 1, 2, 3, and 4, then add a Meaning as an addition to the Doing Exercise.
Add a Meaning that justifies the “Reason” and the entire Doing Exercise. The meaning that you choose should be accurate to you as a person and be something that you would really want to include if given the option.
Remember, for every Reason there is a Meaning.
Adding a Meaning does not mean adding an Emotion or adding an intended Emotional life to the Doing. The doing with a chosen meaning is there to add an incentive and want to get completed what you are accomplishing. This is not an opportunity to “ACT”, it’s an opportunity to fill out your situation within the Doing Exercise.
Very early even at these stages in the work we add Meaning and Reasons both separately so we can begin to get comfortable with the integration of those and other requirements that will be present later in Acting work. We train with these elements right away so we can build the habits and have the understanding later in the work integrated into ourselves as Actors.
The addition of meaning has nothing to do with adding Emotion. If emotion occurs than you work with it because it has happened on its own Often times you work with Meaning, and it does not emotionalize you. The meaning often times may only be an added encouragement towards completion of the project.
The test of adding meaning is the test of not acting or performing which the camera will pick up on. You want to have the meaning integrate with you but not perforate from you unless something strikes your emotional chord that was unplanned by you.

Meisner Acting activities Explained
Meisner Acting activities

Welcome to Emotional Preparation, the home of the best Meisner activities for serious actors who want to develop their acting techniques! As an actor, you know that the best performances come from a place of emotional connection, and the only way to find that connection is through practice and exploration. That’s why Simon’s created the collection of Meisner activities specifically designed to help you hone your skills and explore the boundaries of your craft.

Your focus during the Doing Exercise is always on one thing, the Doing, and completing the Doing. Intermittently you will find that when you add the ingredients together in the exercise you will occasionally have thoughts of your Reason, Timing or now a Meaning. When you have thoughts just focus again on the Activity you are Doing and complete it and the rest will happen by itself. More will happen to you when you are engaged in the Doing.

Look at the Independent Acting Activities List and select an option.
Example One: for your niece/nephew
Example Two:
Example Three: to insert into the casket of your stepmother.
Optional Step – add a Distraction
Repeat Step 1,
Repeat Step 2,
Add Step 3,
Add Step 4,
Add Step 5, then immediately add optional Distraction.
that will slow you down if given the proper enough time to complete
First do all new steps of 1, 2, 3, 4, and 5 then add the Distraction step to the Doing Exercise.
This optional addition to the exercise may be as simple as turning a radio on or putting in your favorite movie as you are actually getting done The Doing Exercise. This distraction could really help to build your concentration as you will need to focus beyond it in order to complete The Doing Exercise work.
Example One:
Example Two:
Step 6 – Addition of Emotional Condition (Emotional Preparation) just Prior to the Event of commencing the Doing Exercise.
The Emotional Preparation step will be explained later and will be an addition to the exercise later in the work after the basics and basic understandings are comprehended.

Just as bellow., making your acting activity ‘harder’ by sabotaging the activity to adjust the difficulty or add a distraction is an advanced acting scenario. It is good to know that it exists at advanced levels, but it is not advised.

Increase Difficulty by sabotaging activity or not having great tools Purposefully add Intensities to any other level such as distracting music, TV. working outside (distraction of outside), annoying neighbor,, etc. (non- perfect condition)

Examples of First Exercises (No reason. No meaning. No Emotional Circumstance)
Examples of Second Exercises (with a Reason )
Examples of Third Exercises (with Personal Meaning)&(or Imaginary Meaning for doing exercise?)

The advancement in the work is done in a way that the Doing Exercise can become habitual. You want to be able to source things that you can turn into Doing Exercises as the Doing Exercises are constructed and the construction of the Doing Exercises are teaching tools to you for building scene structure. The habitual nature of the work and the repetition of the work is done so that you will learn really good acting habits which also incorporate the ideas and ingredients of the scripted materials of scenes and the improvisation world of exercises.

-move – reorganize to different area?

Why Do People Add Consequence to Meisner Activities and FORCE Their Actions on Other Actors!

Addressing “Consequence” in Meisner Activities using Independent Acting Activities List

Often times the Teaching curriculum will add a “Consequence” to the Doing Exercise. This book does not recommend one and please consider the following reasons why. When you use the Acting Activities List and force additions of Consequence the student starts to think about the consequence more than being present in the moment within the exercise. Although this could be the training exercise often it trains habits to form bad acting habits as they start their training using Acting Independent Activities List as a crutch to force this to become a mental exercise.

The construct of the Independent Activities and Doing Exercise is to offer enough freedom to have a non-mental state where expression can form and be expressed without consequence.

Check out the:
Tangible Objects Acting List to use for your acting.
75 Reasons at the Door – To Craft your Doors and Activities!
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When we operate out of a fear-based reality, we close ourselves down and become less open and more sporadic. Sporadic is not being Spontaneous, sporatic-ness is a lack of control happening do to fear in the case of adding Consequence to the Doing Exercise.
In life we have enough consequences as it is. In the future after the students have already learned the exercises you may add an optional requirement for advanced students called Consequence. Later in the book we train how to deal with fear and intense emotional life. In this beginning work we want to see the connection and encourage the connections between the scene partners/students in their work by adding motivational qualities to the work, not restrictive qualities to the work.
If the students are given a wide arrangement of Doing Activities that they can achieve then they should be able to achieve within a framework of Motivation and not need to have their motivation quality be fear. Fear is a restrictive quality and often causes things that we do not want to introduce at this stage in the work.
For some students having a punitive result that will occur if they do not will cause the students to become unmotivated in doing the work and also adds an element of Imaginary belief that is not desire-able to the work in itself. Life has enough consequence and in learning to work off each other we need a supportive environment as possible that stays in realistic world.
Adding a consequence to the work adds another element of belief. The students don’t know if the imaginary element is the Reason of the Doing or is the Consequence if they don’t achieve. In my own experience as author of this book and the more than thousands of exercises I have witnessed I conclude that “consequence” does not work for the majority of the students and often times confuses them into trying to understand what they are doing and not doing.

The Consequence is already inherent in any exercise where any motivational factor is in play. The disappointment of the Doing Exercise not being completed is enough for most classrooms
And to the teachers that berate students for not having set up a consequence when they are standing there right in-front of you in near tears from the effort they have just made in the work. For those students who have been heartbroken because of their shear effort to put into the work their energy with the consequence being the success or not success of the completion of their task. Each teacher has their own style of teaching and needs to be respected for their efforts too just as each student needs to be respected for the effort they put into their work and not made examples of the lack of structure for not including an additional weight called consequence in their work. Adding a punitive result for some will cause them to be rebellious and just not want to do any work at all. But give the student the freedom to choose and select something of meaning and the majority of the time they will select something that invests a part of themselves in the exercises in ways that a the having of a consequence could never come close to the investment of.
-Segment: Forced Intension vs. Real Reactionary Non-Planned Response

  • State of Being vs. Doing
    The Reality of Doing is one component that enables the exercises to be based in a truthful reality.

Result of The Doing Exercises are: Attainable Motivated Doings:
Adding to Acting Activities List the concept of Attainable Motivated Doings keeps yourself motivated and active. From this work on-wards we will work with Attainable Motivated Doings and reference written exercises for help when needed. Attainable Doings means that which can be achieved by the doer. Motivated Doings means that the one who is doing is motivated by the action of having to get it done. NOTE: It is easier to learn acting or creative arts with things that naturally motivate you than with activities that you do not enjoy or find labor-some.
Labor-some Activities that are intricate can be difficult to achieve if there is a lack of desire to get it done or an inability to achieve it. You are being the co-creator of the exercise you can choose the involvement and doing of your activities and adjust them to be easier to achieve than harder.
At first in this work, we want to work with Activities that help to motivate you to achieve completion of the work being done. It is never cheating to work on something that you like to do if you like to do it.
Example One:
David loves wood working and working with his hands with skilled craftsmanship. He finds it relaxing and motivating to be able to put energy into something and end up with a finished product or project at the end. It fascinates him as an actor that he is able to utilize his other likes to be able to further his acting.
He still knows he has to do his acting work separate than that of his doing work and finds it incredibly intricate to be able to mix the two different skills and desires together. For his Attainable Object he is going to create an Owl box from his woodworking skills. He is interested in the project and has already drawn-out parts of the design before the class started. He has done the prep work of a doing exercise which includes
1.) checking to see if you have all the materials needed to make the object or do the activity
2.) understanding if he is motivated to do the activity
3.) Planning to have an Attainable end product or project
David has all three planned out so the moment that he is called upon in night acting class he is ready to get to work. He knows that he is set up and ready because he has done the above 3 things.
When called upon David takes with him all the ingredients and physical objects needed to complete the project into the stage set and utilizes the tables and chairs to achieve the set up desired to get the project done.
As David is still setting up all the pieces to put together and project details, he hears a knock at the stage door. David is so busy and excited to get that activity done that he literally frowns right after the door knocks. He may not even know that he is frowning. The second time the door is knocked upon he remembers on his own to listen intently to the knock and looks right at the door and says, “What an annoying knock”.
Example Two:

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Whether you’re a beginner or a seasoned professional, our Meisner Activities will give you the skills you need to become a better actor. You’ll be able to develop your acting techniques and learn how to use your emotions to create an engaging and believable performance.

Example Three:

“?FINDING YOUR PRIVACY” Finding your Privacy in Different Spaces
1)On the privacy of a stage preferably the one that your classroom has. You want to find permission from your teacher to come in and bring a Doing Exercise. You can be all alone in the environment on stage, and you want to practice what we have learned thus far. Bring in your Doing Exercise and Do it in the stage where you will be working for your Acting classes.
2)Take a similar or the same activity home and do the Activity again in the privacy of two different places in your home or where you reside. After the work is done allow yourself only at that time to recall the differences in environment. You may not notice much of anything accept a few things. During the work of your Doing Time yourself and find your Privacy within each atmosphere as you complete the Doing Exercise.
Knowing you are ready to move on.
3)Take a similar Doing and take it over to a friend’s house or older relative’s house. Allow yourself to notice the differences of difficulty of focusing and concentration. Have the work ethic to really complete it within the littlest amount of time possible. Record the time how much time it takes to complete.

Mental Aspect of work using Independent Acting Activities List:
1.Deciding the Doing (Activity) that you will complete.
2.Understanding How to complete the Activity

Hope you enjoyed reading HUNDREDS of Meisner Activities List. Join me on YouTube to DO acting together.

SOME Summary of Thoughts:

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Tangible Objects Acting List to use for your acting.
75 Reasons at the Door – To Craft your Doors and Activities!
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Meisner Activities often were argued about being Method acting. But in Truth, you need to determine your own Acting Techniques. Use Emotional Preparations to add to your emotional spark of motivation to get done your Independent Activities! Stay Motivated!!

The Independent Meisner Activities MASTER List has OVER 1200 Activities. You do your Activities in both acting exercises and scenes. These are also called Meisner Activities, Independent Activity Meisner, Meisner Independent Activity examples, Independent Activity Examples, Meisner Independent Activity Ideas, Meisner Activity Ideas and Meisner Activity List.

Please use this list to learn acting and achieve focused concentration in acting. Adding activities or Doings to your acting work can really improve your concentration as an actor.

This Acting Activities List of Independent Activities can be applied in your acting classes. The Doing Exercise is the involved doing to complete a task which starts the acting work, many call it the Doors / Activities Exercise.

This exercise was originally called the In’s and Out’s in New York Sanford Meisner classes. notes from my book Emotional Preparation expands storyline on other pages.

Add Motivations to your Meisner Acting Activities. MANY Actors forget to work with things that MOTIVATE THEM!
Add, Your Own: Measurability, Reasons, Meaning, Urgency, Depth with Motivation!
Loose Yourself in involvement!

KEY: Learn this work, YOUR WORK, with YOUR OWN Understanding!
It is Key to gain your own understanding.

Doing the Doing during the Meisner Activities builds your focus and acting concentration.

Many students learn this work better by understanding that this exercise is two parts;
Two Parts Are: BEING (Emotional Preparation) and DOING (Interaction)
NOTE: I am renaming the Independent Activities for Meisner calling it the Doing Exercise.
If it helps to learn how to Interact in acting, by understanding THIS BEING / DOING Concept, then Let’s change the vernacular to create the growth!

To remind yourself of The Doing Exercise, It is the clearest way of describing Acting. The exercise entails a person involved in an Independent Doing actively involved on their own before the interaction of the exercise. Thus, the exercise of In’s and Out’s later renamed “Doors and Activities” and now renamed “The Doing Exercise” emphasizes the reality of doing rather than the mustering up of fake action. Acting is never about fake Action. So Welcome to my tirades about Acting and a very adding list of over 800 Independent Doing Activities List.

The Independent Acting Activities Lists have over 800-1000 Activities to do in your acting. These are also called Meisner Activities, Independent Activity Meisner, Meisner Independent Activity examples, Independent Activity Examples, Meisner Independent Activity Ideas, Meisner Activity Ideas and Meisner Activity List.

The expansion of Meisner and discussion of ‘Method’ approaches to acting is a complicated one. Please use this list to learn acting and achieve focused concentration in acting. Adding activities or Doings to your acting work can really improve your concentration as an actor.

THE biggest ‘METHOD DISTINGUISHMENT’: If the Emotion Interacts or Not Determines if it is “METHOD’.

IF The Actor has no ebb and flow of emotion and has predetermined their actions in the scene they are DOING the Execution of their acting method.

THE most fluid approach to acting is interaction!
All ACTING is INTERACTION, unless its emotion is stuck or being manipulate by the Actor!

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Emotional Preparation with Acting Activities
Emotional Preparation with Acting Activities

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Meisner Activities
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Whether you’re new to the craft or an experienced actor, Meisner activities can help you develop stronger acting skills. With the right resources and guidance, you can use Meisner activities to become a more confident and intuitive actor.

A breakdown of the instructions in book draft copy of Independent Acting Activities List and how to function using the ideas.

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Balancing Emotions in Meisner Activities
Balancing Emotions in Meisner Activities

Activating your Emotions, then jumping into Interaction!”

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