Meaningful Independent Activities


Meaningful Independent Activities

Meaningful Independent Activities

Meaningful Independent Activities is how to train yourself in your acting exercises. Working with meaning often needs the adding of Motivation, your personal motivation, to your acting work. Adding your own meaning to your Independent Activities.

There is a list of emotions that you can use to help find your own meanings.

Some Main Quotes from this Acting Article:
At first this is very simple. The deeper the meaning the more difficulty the Actor adds to their work.”
The key to activating Meaningful Independent Activities is to wait till you are really affected.”

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BEING Before DOING is key in acting!

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Meaningful Independent Activities require Activating Emotions.

By add Meaning to the Independent Doing in acting exercise you increase your interaction. Whatever does not increase your interaction you may not yet be ready to work with as an Artist or an Actor.

This is the beginning of adding Emotional Preparation to your acting work. Initially adding simple meaning and then more personal reasons enters into the process.

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Let’s break down how to add meaning to your acting work:

It should go without saying that in order to add meaning to your work you must first add it to your Independent Activities. Adding meaning to the Activities while doing the inside door work will achieve meaning within your acting exercises.

There comes a time when you either grow into or a teacher tells you that you should be working with “Meaning”. Most students think of this as a small advancement, some however, realize that adding Meaning to Independent Activities connects eventually Emotional Preparation.

If you choose not to add meaning and are only working with difficulty you may or may not fall into an emotional meaning. Adding a meaning does not necessarily add Emotional Preparation techniques to your work as Emotional Preparation is often more crafted than simply adding a meaning or feeling.

Often times adding a simple meaning to your work of wanting to get this something done will achieve the added meaning into the acting work. It is not guaranteed that this will occur, but it is likely that it will occur.

Meaningful Independent Activities start with adding meaning and later develop into adding Emotional Preparation into your acting work. Adding meaning takes getting to know yourself enough to know what matters to you. It is not putting pressure on yourself to perform the techniques of Emotional Preparation especially before knowing the techniques of Emotional Preparation.

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In later stages of adding meaning, you will have craft and the added ability to learn Emotional Preparation in full. Initially in the work you only are looking to add the spark of Meaning to you work so you can start getting used to the feelings and overwhelming emotions of bringing meaning into your acting work.

At first this is very simple. The deeper the meaning the more difficulty the Actor adds to their work.

Working with Meaningful Independent Activities keep the Actors involved during scene work or exercises. During the Doing exercise Independent Activities help to achieve acting functions. The involvement with the Independent Activities helps add involvement into the scene.

Adding Meaning to the function of the scene can be done by adding meaning to the Independent Activities. The acting work will flourish with the Meaning of the Actors input. This builds the realities of the scene and gifts many things of meaning into the acting work.

Rather than performing emotion the Actors can work with Meaningful Independent Activities which will help express the emotion within the work. Adding meaning improves the exercise functions by keeping the Actors involved and active. The meaning stays active with involvement in the doing rather than trying to perform emotion.

Meaningful Independent Activities are an essential ingredient to acting training.

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How to Determine Meaningful?

Only you can determine what is most Meaningful to you. You cannot find a Meaningful Independent Activity without knowing how and what gives you motivation or meaning.

You may see another person and understand what means something to them and you may be repulsed by it. What motivates you is not what motivates another person. Sometimes similar interests occur but there are a wide variety of interests that create Meaningfulness.

Motivation can help an actor craft their Meaningful Independent activities.

If you study what Motivates you, you will likely start to find what determines your own Meaningful qualities. If you are motivated by trying to get yourself to look good for others you may find that makeup is a motivating trait.

If Makeup is a motivating trait, then you can craft Meaningful Independent Activities to include Make up. You can determine and create Doings that involve makeup and achieving special things using make up. The same can be done with other activities and doings.

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Why adding Meaning is not adding Emotional Preparation, neccessarily.

It goes without saying that many people use the acting techniques of meaning and Emotional Preparation interchangeably. The difference between them is using a different element vs using an ensemble.

It is a nice step in the work to add to the development of the Actor the step of adding Meaning. Meaning is the overlooked aspect of acting. Even when using meaning it is easy to think of it as Emotional Preparation, but it is a separate ingredient to acting.

As Meaning is a separate ingredient so are other early components of the work like urgency and feelings. Realizing early on those feelings and urgency are different motivations than meaning really helps you catapult into a more solid ground as an Actor.

Understanding the work of Emotional Preparation as being an ensemble or assembly of multiple elements is a huge realization. Your acting work will start to catapult forward by realizing that Emotional Preparation is the collection of various emotions, feelings, meaning, motivations, driving elements.

When you learn acting as being meaning being a single element you are able to later be able to add more to your emotional preparation technique. The baseline of being able compartmentalize in technique the element of meaning enables the structuring of Emotional Preparation.

Instead of just using a fleeting feeling or a solid emotion as a single element, you are able to build up an entire collective experience in your emotional preparation. It is also easier to a recollection of the experience for repeated use of the technique.

The more you are able to structure elements that later collect to Emotional Preparation Technique the more you will have available to let go into your acting. When the step of entering your Emotional Preparation into your acting work your attention will start to interact with the environment and those within it.

Activating Meaningful Independent Activities

When it comes time to put the work of meaning into Independent Activities we start with the single element. It could start with a feeling, emotion, motivation, driving purpose which attention gets put into achieving a Doing.

The key to activating Meaningful Independent Activities is to wait till you are really affected by your meaning, then to place your attention fully on the Doing.

You are practicing the ability to internally identify something within yourself then apply that to motivation to achieve a doing. Over and over and over you want to practice internally identifying something then apply it into achieving doing. This builds concentration and virtues in acting.

Meaningful Independent Activities

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