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Spontaneity in Acting Techniques

Spontaneity in Acting gives Momentum to the Acting Student or Actor. Spontaneity releases Freedom of Authenticity. Give Spontaneity in acting to your Classmates by activating your Emotions. Learning Spontaneity in Acting will surprise even yourself within your acting.

Explore your Authenticity by Releasing your Sponteneity!

Get Benefits.

Some Main Quotes from this Article:
“Each Student finds their own Keys to release their Spontaneity.”
“Adding Spontaneity to the Depth will release internal Emotions with Acting Interaction.”

Spontaneity in Acting Classmates

Copyright 2016-2019, Simon Blake
Rough Draft, needs Editing

Find Your Own Talent

Different Acting Classmates in this Book:

We follow the lives of 18 students in this book. We learn from them; we see them in classes and also read their journals about Spontaneity in Acting.

All the experiences exposed in this book are for learning purposes only. There is no time for poking fun or mocking students regardless of what they may be experiencing. Have fun learning with the classes and personal journaling confessions.

Options for reading the student experiences are with the techniques explained or separately by following the students individual Codex of pages, which is located at the back of the book. Each student has their own pages referenced and pages recorded. You can follow that Student Codex to follow each student learning throughout their experiences without reading the rest of the book.

Please understand that it takes almost all types of people in the acting field to be able to meet the desired genders of audiences. The lives and liberties of the students are widespread in experiences which is realistic to what is actually happening in real life acting classes around North America.

Each Student has different dynamics of learning, and each will find their own processes that work best for them and sometimes find processes that don’t work so well for them. Each student learns their own Spontaneity in Acting Techniques.

There are 18 different students that we will example in this book.
List (in order of appearance) : – this is like a screen credit list

List Each Student here and a general description:
Name, Age, Dynamics, Description/Interests

  1. Acting Classmate #1:
    Matthew Osh?? – 19 year old guy – part time job at the lumber store. – Gary ? Or John? What to name him. Jason?
Jason Spontaneity in Acting – Book Classmates
  • List what each student has going for them to start, then reveal their troubles.
    Name options:
  • Switches out a job to add to part time restaurant work. – (Showing what he is willing to do to support acting with side jobs).
    He’s out of high school wanting to get out into the industry to learn, has done two school plays,
    (?? The lead of the story?? )
  • Asks teacher – if he should try to do extra work to get time on set.
    Teacher – this isn’t the old days, its not a bad idea but it will take away y — recommends staying in classes and focusing on it. But leaves the options open to the student.
    You may find that it benefits you to stick with this for about a year or so and then start doing all the other stuff. That way the habits will integrate in you and you will have a more solid foundation.
    My advice is get into something where you can be involved. But the reality is that you are so new to establishing habits, so the more you will habituate these principles of working the better.

-THIS – is the story of a young ambitious person attempting to ask a lot of questions about acting in an effort to become an actor. Spontaneity in Acting is part of the Acting Lessons in the Acting Classroom.

  • Audition, scenes, industry questions.
    = Particular interest with storyline. Questions that he has about acting.
    List his questions –
    His not realizing fully that you need to work from self.
  1. Acting Classmate #2:
    Susanne, 23, Café Burrista, Acting Repertoire Night Classes
Suzanne Acting Classmates Book Spontaneity In Acting – Simon Blake
  • List what each student has going for them to start, then reveal their troubles.
    (Pages 38, 64, 86, 104, 118, 160)
    Susanne’s mother died just recently and has found herself rather withdrawn from people. Her father had died at an early age, and she is the only child. She is hoping to be able to spend more time with people and learn the craft of acting. She works as a Cafe Barista where she has worked for more than seven years. She sometimes steps in to help manage the Cafe when her boss is out of town or on vacations.
  • Layers of herself. , Enjoys knitting, has a point of view that is excepting of people, quiet, very diligent in her job, thorough person completes tasks till they are finished, wants a relationship with a man but doesn’t admit it enough to herself to find one, very reliable, honest with others, understanding.
  • Is kind.


Struggles to let go of prior experience, Concern of how the other feels oversights what they actually do. Believes others are in emotional states that and won’t work off their face values.
(This is interesting – qualities of an introvert).
Spontaneity in Acting: Activated by Shame and Shyness


  • Add this section for each individual student.
  • ? Plump but very photogenic.
  • She gets a part in a play for a ten week run at the end of the book.

Acting Classmate #3:

  • Mark, 36, Married Plumber, Acting Repertoire Night Classes
Mark Spontaneity in Acting – Book Classmates
  • List what each student has going for them to start, then reveal their troubles.
    (Pages 44, 65, 86, 110, 158)
    Mark is a married Plumber. Keen to customer service and always paying attention to people in life. He wants to try out acting after having a long-time interest in films. There are a number of film festivals that occur in his town of Burbank, California and would like to learn acting enough to be in an independent film, even if just for a festival. His great grandmother was a silent film movie actress back in the day.
  • Layers of himself. , Hardworking, parties on the weekend., likes beer, like to escape reality, sincere, has old ideals of how people should be, hasn’t been exposed to the new generation of youth too much, doesn’t have a daughter, trying to have a baby with his wife.
    (Thinks he is patient, thoughtless to his wife at times,

MAJOR KEYS: determined to make everything work, hardly ever admits that there is a problem that needs to be fixed,
committed in marriage regardless of his desires (this needs to come out in his work as he feels attraction with another lady in a scene and stops it.).
Spontaneity in Acting: Activated by Conviction, wants to achieve everything but is sensitive
Later Becomes a Casting Director.
Teacher – I tell people sometimes who are married to behave in acting like they are not. Does anyone know why that advice might be really helpful to Actors?
Student – so they are more open to their scene partners
Teacher – exactly!

(Less drama outward but it can interplay)

  • Could his experiences lead to an affair with a lady student? And an almost divorce. Is there time to go through that type of arc.
    Teacher – acting has really shaken-ed up your life.
    Student – yeah, I almost got divorced because of it. ?
  • Concepts of being practical.

Each student – what dynamics they uncover – what do they discover about themselves and how do they discover their dynamics.

  • This has to be the way that we uncover the students to discover who and what they are.
Simon Blake with ‘Some’ of his Acting Notebooks from classes.
  1. Acting Classmate #4:
    John, 23, former athlete
John Spontaneity in Acting – Book Classmates
  • List what each student has going for them to start, then reveal their troubles.
    Career ended with an injury in College football preventing him from going Professional. Never to return to football again. Was a receiver.
    John admits that he doesn’t know what to do with his life currently. He is wondering if he will be able to learn acting or not as an option for a second career.
  • Layers of himself. , Tells people what he thinks whether they want to hear it or not, opinionated, usually gets what he wants, demanding, outspoken personality makes him clear to others, doesn’t waste time with people normally, competitively driven, teamwork is only on the field in the play of the game/not in life, surprisely polite, determined to win at acting,
    Really enjoys con-questing ladies. Talking to them like he knows them. (This is part of his life experiences that he brings over into the storyline).

Story – Trying to pick up for a date on some woman and woman replies. “You don’t know me”. Him – I thought of that a while and then I realized. She was right, I really didn’t know her. I was trying to get to know her, I think.
Confession section – John saying that he has nothing to confess. Making a fuss over this exercise – then it hits him while driving, he sees something that reminds him of a memory. – Finds his confession for his exercise.
He was more concerned about impressing the girl than realizing who she was as a person. This for John is a very large realization and personal growth aspect. He never would have had such human development if it had not been for the inner searching of the acting class.

Efforts to his ideal to the fault of his process.
Perfects his technique to the failure of his progress. Fails to realize the ride the other is offering to them. Doesn’t want to take the road offered him by the other person, instead wants to create a road of his own through the other persons desires.
Spontaneity in Acting: Activations Guarded, Regretful

Knows about rhythms for athletes. Gets into the rhythm and out of the rhythm many times. Finds his own stride at the end of the book.

(Pages 52, 73, 97, 116, 169, 182)

  1. Acting Classmate #5:
    Josy, Josephine, 46, bookstore owner, Acting Night classes
Josy Spontaneity in Acting – Book Classmates
  • List what each student has going for them to start, then reveal their troubles.
    (Pages 36, 54, 79, 92, 112, 150)
    You can read the book straight through, by topic, or by each student’s experience.
    She is a sort of peculiar lady who loves reading. She owns her family’s bookstore that she runs with her husband who is quite a bit younger than her. She is outgoing and often sees most of the plays around town in Pasadena, California. She attends church but is not very religious, more often attending during holidays.
    -Examples need to include going to see some shows and theater productions in classwork segments.
  • Layers of herself. , Peppy, usually upbeat and tries to keep others upbeat, very accurate in business, calculated person, likes to wear interesting glasses, often speaks behind others back what she won’t say to their face, very literate and well versed on multiple topics, very little that she knows nothing about, gets caught up in interesting stories more than emotion, gossip excites her.

Dynamics of getting off when things are organized. Visceral quality.

  • Honest connection here as well. – Doesn’t like surprises unless she knows what they are.
    -Plans her reactions during scenes at times because she had read the materials ahead –
    ?? – Doing the scene without knowing the others duologue – ??
    Add this one exercise –

Sharper temper than is aware of, judges others,
Set in her ways, very spontaneous and open to others

  • Starts ordering and reading every “Sense Memory” book and information that she can get her hands on.
    Quits because she wants to marry her emotions. She gets caught up with being emotional rather than being interactive. It is not a bad or horrible thing; it is just not what we are doing in this class – teacher .
    Teacher – The funny thing is that when you let go of your own emotional life and focus on the other your scenes really work for you. When you don’t things really don’t work for you.

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Acting Classmate #6:

Ashley, 22, – Young dancer did ballerina training – female – (Consider a dancer rather than writer)
She made a decision to change her life from former ballerina career to an actress. She decides to let herself devote time to learn acting in the classes. She is very smart and likes to research different acting techniques but knew that this was a start to join the class.

Josy Spontaneity in Acting – Book Classmates
  • List what each student has going for them to start, then reveal their troubles.
    Add – ? A book editor/writer. An author or Internet publisher. , Writes news articles?
  • Quits because they say their improvisation, writes a better story then the playwright. Wants to stick with performing. Not their first acting class.
  • Experience – going to see dance performance, and realizing similarities and also differences with the classroom scenes –
  • Also ? Some dancing experiences with friends, who say that she has changed, which she credits to her acting classes – later on.
  • Layers of herself. , Very smart, a great researcher, never shares her opinion until she studied the topic thoroughly, well organized on intellectual topics, but her office is a mess, single, can’t sort herself out to include a man in her life, believes in liberalism, womans freedom activist, gets caught up emotionally even in non-emotional topics and situations,
  • She gets tripped up out of thinking that the acting is a dance to perform. Teacher says – I wish that your repertoire of experience in dancing consisted of improvisational dance rather than classical training. It would be more helpful to your acting.
    Student – what the student is thinking – she smiles to him.

Gets caught up in the emotion (examples that show her gaining those as abilities rather than liabilities)
Classical training is very proper to her demeanor, she tends to be over exaggerated.
Spontaneity in Acting: Activations are Pushing People away, Perfection , Hard on themselves

Acting Classmate #7:
Gary, Gerald, Joey ? , 42
Joey was a bit of a hillbilly but that was more like a good thing because he was opened to understanding things. He comes from a family which were trained to hide their feelings which he did not quite understand. This interesting thing about his life colors his outlook during classes.

Gary Spontaneity in Acting – Book Classmates
  • List what each student has going for them to start, then reveal their troubles.
    Add – an artist, painter or sculpturist.
    (Struggles with the life of the other person not being fold-able like clay)
    (Teacher – this is interesting, you can’t tell the other how to be. Example – in this scene you are trying to correct the other rather than receiving what the other is giving you.
  • Layers of himself. , A ladies man, a real classic gentleman, charmer, enjoys wine, has been around sculpting since he was 15 years old, is very skilled at his art, is non-committal in relationships, has had more than one relationship at a time due to his own indecision, is used to impressing someone till they submit to his desires, is looking for a mutually good time, friendly, expressive in ways that can be unsuspecting, constantly creative, creative thinker

Expects other to do what he instructs, is used to waiting, usually operates with some sort of plan/needs to learn not to (in acting).
Spontaneity in Acting: Activations include Too laid back at times, Has a Lot of Layers of Politeness

  • He struggles to be with the spontaneous moment because his patience is usually over longed.

Acting Classmate #8
Larry Scott, 56

Larry Spontaneity in Acting – Book Classmates
  • List what each student has going for them to start, then reveal their troubles.
    (Father was involved in geopolitical aspects internationally. Stuff that had left Larry very clever but heavy like a cleaver) He is used to getting his way by using his wit to convince the other of his need or service. He has knowledge of art from his father and his father’s international travels.
    Add – an artist exhibitor who sells paintings with curators.
    (Acts more like a venture capitalist, has dabbled in finance before some changes occurred in 2008.
  • Taking the class for something to do.
  • Examples of artistic talents, also some Greek histories.
  • Layers ., salesperson, focuses on business relationships, loyal to one relationship at a time, never commits to marriage, real long talker, can sell ice to Eskimo, is able to make something happen from nothing, very convincing person, always thinking about money, always calculating other possessions and value of their worth
    Spontaneity in Acting: Activations include noticing inaccuracies, Has Dishonesties, done Venture Capitalist Work/stealing
  • Sales tactics, constantly looking for acceptance.
    (Grand moment of realization of realizing that he is constantly looking for acceptance. Father figure acceptance. – Works out of that after he realizes it for several classes. Student – when I make that each sale, it is like I get a piece of small acceptance from my father. That’s the reason I so seek other approvals. )
  • He gets surprised at the rich life experiences that he falls into with the work. He doesn’t expect to have experiences consistently that “feel like he is floating inside, with something going on”.
  • Quits because the classes make him feel uncomfortable things. – Very realistic.
    Example – student does a scene with Larry and he doesn’t take her seriously. It is an entirely like a head game. The teacher knows that the work of the scene was not the intended playwright but accepts her adjustments to taking and expressing herself towards him., over the few things that Larry was keeping that the writer had intended.
    Larry – but the words, and the context I had it and she changed it so much.
  • Teacher – on lessons of real-life adjustments over scripted elements.

Acting Classmate #9:
Rebecca , called Becky ? , 28
Add – someone who works at a fair or amusement center. Rents a place in the valley with her boyfriend. Lives in the back part of a house nearer to sun land, California.

  • Layers of herself. , Really enjoys fairy tale classics, a stable employee, enjoys being around children, has a boyfriend but can’t really afford marriage, hoping for the ability to pick up parts in acting as a second job, lived around the entertainment industry her whole life,

Understands children and children’s impulses compared to adults. This colors her work to be very alive in her scenes. She is dirt poor / but happy.
Spontaneity of Acting: Activations include Very Childish at times, doesn’t see a need to be responsible emotionally for themselves.

  • She books a commercial for toys r us. Without auditioning. ? Or private audition.
    Because she was talking about being in acting classes. Gets 30k commercial with national circulation during the class time. (Which is exciting). She chooses to buy one or two nice things and continue to live towards her dreams. Still lives in sun land.
    She gets married near the end of the book.
  • Her struggle is that she wants attention from childhood. She learns through classes that she can trust to give over to the other person. And she grows up in that way.
  • She demands attention from the other in the scene. This both works for you and against you as sometimes your demanding attention creates this unnatural atmosphere in the scenes you do. Instead, try to put your attention on the other without demanding that the attention must remain on you. Changing this is an element of trusting yourself and your own sensitivity to the other. Be brave and make the connection in this deeper way and you will reveal what the other brings out in you.

Acting Classmate #10:
Angela? , 32, housewife has degree in accounting rather than arts as she wished for.

  • List what each student has going for them to start, then reveal their troubles.
    Add -24? – student studying b/a or another like accounting. ?
    (Is she younger or older).
  • Layers of ., moved to Los Angeles area and took school to help support living situation. On school grant and also taking acting classes, has been told by many friends that could be a good actor, very consoling to friends, friends visit Los Angeles often,
  • Doesn’t like accounting, but is good at it. – Comes out early on.
  • Took accounting to please her parents and went through uni to get degree in it. Would sneak into the university theater at times at uni.
  • She is hiddenly artistic. Likes crafts and things like that. – *Chemistry between herself and the sculpturist in class.
  • Would love to get parts in acting and be able to do less accounting or not be forced to do accounting as a career.
  • Does a full time job as she is taking classes. Makes decent money.

Incredibly sensitive,

  • This student is extremely sharp , needs to be taught how what is craft
  • Has already been reading a lot of acting books.

Add – housewife? Husband is in finance. Wants to do acting for the excitement of wanting to do something.

Moved from New York state and husband got a finance job in Los Angeles, still meeting people in new town, doesn’t have a lot to do with her time, thought of doing acting to meet interesting people is the idea,

  • Could be Active Memory student , or a 2nd one that experiments with concepts of Sense Memory
    Truth is that she is already sensitive enough, which she learns to trust more of. – the gain is that she has prior life experience, the goal is to let go of the prior life experience. _ It will have value and also represent its problems.
  • Teacher – you tend to lean towards working off the ideal rather than working off the reality. This is interesting.
  • She is very heady about technique. Has had time to read most acting books. She is smart but when it comes to the doing of the work over complicates herself.
  • After one example have teacher comment on how she has forgotten herself in her involvement , just like Jackie did in Jim Jarrett’s class.

Acting Classmate #11:

  • List what each student has going for them to start, then reveal their troubles.
  • 21 year old female , Daughter of a famous star of the 1970’s.
    Her father was a rather famous actor who was the lead of a television series during the 1970’s. She helps to run her father’s fan website and annual charity events. Oddly, she doesn’t resemble her father that much and is by no means identical, but none the less she is his only daughter. He still talks to her about acting and she is helping him to write a book about his memories of his career. The father recommends these types of acting classrooms given his great experiences in films and on his famed television show.
  • Actually brings a pen and paper to class. Takes copious notes.
    Spontaneity in Acting: Activations include sometimes being demanding, Expects others to Praise Her with Recognition
  • Has witnessed and watched all of her father’s 6 years of series. Speaks to him often about what he did to prepare for many of the scenes that he has done-
    -Key – she brings in stories about what her father did to prepare and tries the same in class.
    Student – they didn’t call it emotional preparation back in the days when my father was doing his series. Yet, when I explain this work to him and go over my notes with him, he just sits there and nod’s. Sometimes he says, I knew a guy who did that on the series and at first, we thought he was crazy because we didn’t understand it. Later on, after it did make sense because we saw that it worked. We were willing to work with anything that worked – her father says.
  • Does the father come into the class one day? – Could be good. – About being yourself section? ??
  • Is just interested in learning and doing good scene work in class.
Nora Spontaneity in Acting – Book Classmates

Acting Classmate #12:
Noah? , Nora?

  • List what each student has going for them to start, then reveal their troubles.
    closet gay female, works as a bartender.
    (Comes out in class, doesn’t hide it anymore. “It feels different, feels a lot better” )
    -She ends quitting because life issues catch up with her, but thanks the teacher for class experience. Not comfortable being herself around others, a lot of internal things go in inside of her,
  • Struggles with the modernistic social structure of modern day life.
  • Doesn’t understand that belief’s are not actualities. Having a belief does not mean that you have the internal reflection of it. This is the difference between thoughts and realities. *
    Still coming to know herself as a person and her own modernisms.
  • Is distracted by thinking that others are often in the wrong rather than adjusting to them and learning to cooperate.
  • She is highly influenced by other people and meets with many different people, Teacher – The way you work, which in a way keeps her isolated into her ideals rather than exploring others behaviors.
  • Possibly quits in detest of her own idealisms. – Struggles to quit before she does, then just doesn’t show up leaving her partner without a scene (the Indian girl).
    (The cultural elements spark between those two because they share elements that were interestingly similar. – ??could they have a fling of relationship? ) – It would be interesting.
    (They have drinks after working on the scene – )
  • Discovers more about herself than she expected.
  • Quits after some time
    Spontaneity in Acting: Activations include Not Revealing of Self, part of reason why she quits.

Acting Classmate #13
Emelia, native American female, left community to learn acting. In Hollywood just to learn acting.
Against her tribes wishes and several in her community that were concerned about her safety and her ambitions being against their cultural belief’s Emelia left. When she left her tribe’s community its leaders told everyone that she was possessed by “grandiose thinking” and “unrealistic dreams”. (Some said that she was wrong to step outside her own cultural influence.)
She thankfully still gets a unique government grant that helps her support herself in a different environment. She knew in her heart that if she wanted to be an actor, she needed to get to a place that could properly train her. This was a tough decision, and she has left everything to do it.
Emelia genuinely wants experiences with others,
(-Sets up a good scene with another grandmother)
Spontaneity in Acting: Activations include Openness, Overt and Genuine Kindness

Emelia Spontaneity in Acting – Book Classmates
  • Her willingness to leave all that she knows to learn something new is the advantage that her attitude gifts to her.
  • At times she is overly amicable instead of telling her own opinion or feeling. – Example _
  • Sometimes quiet learns how to be more expressive based off the other person – example –
  • A sponge for the work takes in all the classes.

15) Michael, straight model.
Michael looks gay but is straight as a nail. He is 6foot 1 inches and a strapping young man. He has a thing for older women but still dates women his own age too, often he is hit on by both sexes. He likes wearing bright clotting or very stylistic clothing.

Micheal Spontaneity in Acting – Book Classmates
  • Struggles with predisposition-ed posing. – Example _
  • Over planning the scene – doesn’t look comfortable because he is trying to find a style – example (teacher suggests he relaxes to find his own style).
  • Gets caught up with the beginning of the scene and stays in its beginning rather than explore it happening – example –
  • Thinks that things have to be planned in order to be included. – Struggles with that principle first few classes for a while.
    Spontaneity in Acting: Activations include Steadfast Quality, wants to understand other Points of View
    Believes concededly that looks are the talent. This is important because he can’t take others seriously at times because they are not in a desired position, like a model is. They don’t represent anything to him, so he doesn’t know at first how to take them seriously.
    -*Shines light on the modeling industry and the cut throatiness of its industry.

Question is, does he find it easier or less easy? –

Jonathan Spontaneity in Acting – Book Classmates

Acting Classmate #14
??name ? Rick ? Jonathan?
?-maybe the one that goes to a first reading section ?? –
son of a musician. Rock musician. Exposed to a lot of things in life. Has no real set pattern in life. Likes to surf the beaches of Malibu and Dana Beach. Doesn’t need to have a job, is a trust fund baby.
If it is not exciting

  • Principle of an honest connection. , Needs to be grounded enough to articulate their own expression. Without feeling any need to exaggerate.
  • Father wrote a book before he died. They were preparing the notes for the book with the publisher and father wrote – music is the life beneath it’s obvious beats. We all knew the songs, but our best concerts were when we were open and willing to relive the experiences of what the songs meant. Sometimes, in concerts, we would have 3 or 4 songs right after another be even an unconscious experience of reliving what each song meant. It fed my soul, and it paid the bills.
    (Read in memory RIP of his father).
    Spontaneity in Acting: Activation includes Very interested in People yet Injured in communication

-Adjusts to the pace of the work of doing a scene

  • He turns a leaf, Really gets caught up in the emotionality. Often wants to only feel the depth of the scene – later in his work – example –
  • Gets caught up in his own experience to be awake to the others experience – key – example.
  • Learns by comparing acting to the way his father would approach each song.
    -Ends up deciding to start his own band. Treats every single band like a scene exercise.
  • Incredible music advice

A Message to the Students:

As you begin this work you will gain how to integrate real emotional experiences with your acting. It may not feel the same as you utilize emotional experiences presently. The gain will be actual experiences that captivate you internally and then you work to integrate that emotional life with your interactions.
The experience changes from a planned organized expression to an active emotional expression. There is not an expression that normally occur es without an active component of emotional aliveness underneath it. However, learning to connect the expressions to your internal emotional lives of what really matters to you will be achieved. This will ensure your involvement in your scenes and guarantee your scenes being real.

You can see by reading the examples how the insights of advice given by the teacher affects the direction of students learning. The actual habits of the students develop, and they begin to grow into the experiences of their work as the human beings they are.

If you are a student of this work or an audience to the acting field, you will likely identify with personalities in this book. These personalities are based on real people, yet many of the real people in this book have similar experiences. Many students have learned similar lessons over the years. Some students have done exact exercises and said nearly exact things because the discovering of acting has similarities.

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