Logic vs Emotion


Actors Must Know when they are Logical vs Emotional

Actors often have to learn when their expressions are logical vs emotional. Emotions can overtake the Actor once flowing. Logic often keeps the Actor in a stalemate. Often when working from logic the Actor will tend to want to defend a truth or their opinion. This is different when emotions are activated. Emotions come with self evidence.

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Logic vs Emotion

Often times the logic within a person conflicts with their emotions. Emotions are deeper than feelings and logic is entirely different than both. Sometimes a feelings or inclination will turn into a deep emotion putting both logic vs emotions into a freeze.

Emotional Decision Making

There are ways to develop emotional decision making. Exercises that Actors do develop their emotional intelligence which trains their emotions to make decisions rather than their logic. These exercises take months of regular practice to attain. If you are following the flock without the opportunity of training your emotions you may have to rely on your logic.


How your Emotions help your Decision Making

Emotions gush once activated. A Feelings connects to an instinct but can turn into a deep emotion. There are different types of logic that effect decision making.

Some people can use their logic for decision processes and omit their feelings only for certain issues. There are several types of ways you can address merging logic vs emotion.



Use Logic or Emotion? Eat the Chicken or the Egg

You can’t have a chicken without an egg. People who say they only make logical decisions usually still have a tremendous emotional life beneath their daily life activities.

Audiences find an Actor interesting in a film when they reveal their emotional side beyond their tough exteriors. If you can rely on the logic of the egg can you rely that the egg will hatch into a chicken? Not all eggs hatch so merging the chicken or the egg to chicken and the egg would be the most intelligent decision.

How to Merge Logic and Emotion

The answer of merging logic and emotion may make some angry. Even in purity their is no answer which is the paradox of the question. All answers to Logic vs Emotion are how to work with both. Sometimes working at the same time.

Pros and Cons of Logical Thinking

The pros of logical thinking is a disregard for outside psychology. Anger can defend the use of logic and being rational. Brain decision for many are the way through life. However, the reality is that life is both emotional and logical.

Logical Cons are Predetermined Psychology

A predetermined decisions can lack humanity even when they prove great intentions. The cons of logic is the missing of information that is the events that unfold in real-time. A person with predetermined psychology won’t be influence by humanity when humanity happens to them. Empathy may lack in reality as a con of logic.

Does Thinking Logically Kill your Emotions

Putting everything emotional on hold is not killing your emotions, but in many cases it does. The real time moments of life are spontaneous and impromptu . When you make decision-making processes that ignore the emotional state you risk mental wellness.

Can Logical Reasoning balance Emotional Expression?

The social skills of balancing self-awareness do take a look at the facts and tap into both logic and emotions. Your partner may be too impulsive and rely on your logic to make good decisions for themselves.

The limitation of relying on others to be analytical puts you into a bind. Having fear that logic will ruin all your emotion will exhaust you with your own critical thinking. The psyche may seem like it is rational when creativity usually solves problems. Illogical approaches tax decisions we make if they are out of balance.

Everyday Decision-Making with Your Emotions

It is possible to stimulate your emotions and work from the emotional standpoint. If this reflects how you are internally externally, then analyze this for yourself.

The weird thing is that being logical is something that may increase your emotional awareness. Actors sometimes add structures to their acting by adding acting techniques. By adding the acting technique the actors find new moments of awareness and emotional depth. If the structure of logic was not there the emotionality would not have the support to brings expression to life.


Use Logic to Expand your Emotional Range

It takes practice to expand your emotional range and still be logical. Emotions make many people extreme until they work more with them. The old debate that people make is that after any emotional suppression Actors need to work through their extremes to find their balance. This could be true for you, but if it is, find a safe place to do heavier expressions.

How the Logic Mind can Stay Open

Logical and emotional productivity achieve openness. If you are including an emotional element than you are staying open even in you are being very logical. The significant role of rationality is security. Giving yourself the security builds the safety needed to express more emotion.

Is a Logical Mind a Wise Mind?

No one can deny that it takes logic to find a wise mind. A wise mind though is not purely logical. Comprehension of situations require considering variances. Know that negative emotions are often mistaken as being logical. Logic if balanced is not never or positive.


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