Independent Emotional Preparation


Independent Emotional Preparation

Independent Emotional Preparation

The reality of Independent Emotional Preparation is self-stimulation by means of preparation. The abilities of an Actor to literally be capable of learning techniques that can upset them for their acting work while still staying healthy outside of the work is key.

Knowing your own independent process to get your emotions activated is key.

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BEING Before DOING is key in acting!

Without Independent Emotional Preparation being Defined you may not be able to get the emotion needed for the scripted material or acting exercise and be able to drop that emotionally after the acting work.

The best way to learn how to achieve the healthy way of working with intensities yet still staying relaxed during work is a tremendous value to learn. Just as the keys to Independent Doings or Independent Activities involve independent involvement the same balance must be available and utilized by the Actor for Emotional Preparation.

Dropping your Preparation after acting work

Dropping your Preparation after acting work is just as important as the realities of accomplishing the work. It is important to learn acting but not at your own peril.

There are great ways to learn about yourself doing acting exercises that can cast light on the abilities that you have to help you achieve. If you are finding that you are taking your acting work home with you or unable to drop it after your work, you need to address this directly.

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The last thing anyone needs is another success on stage which hits the alcoholic bottle because the Actor did not learn proper technique.

Know that by having healthy acting habits you can improve yourself as an Actor.

It is a great thing to be care-free of what you emotionally activated in your acting. This can give you the rest you need to be able to achieve even more results.

How to known you have achieved Independent Emotional Preparation

You can know that you have achieved Independent Emotional Preparation when you stop affecting yourself and still resonate the emotion.

Now it is key to understand that often as a learning experienced or new Actor you may not be able to tell yourself if you are affected after your emotional preparation. This is the reason why even the most experienced Actors do acting exercises.

Using acting exercises to gage your Independent Emotional Preparation is key to being able to achieve the learning scale of yourself as an Actor. You may overdue some preparations and you may under due other preparations.

As an Actor you are the canvas and the paint brush both at times in acting. You both are the resonating factor in the craft of acting as well as the sounding board of the environment or circumstances.

Whatever you can Independently prepare on you will be able to affect the work in that desired way.

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