300+ Independent Activities and Growing – Part Two

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Independent Activities are used for rehearsals, improvisations and scenes. Train yourself using Independent Activities in Doors and Activities Acting exercises. Activities helps train Actor Concentration. This Activities List will expand your talent if you activate your emotions and interact with them. Do Deep Emotional Preparation, then relax by receiving in order to activate your emotion in your acting. Motivation is KEY in acting.

Involved Doings are also called Meisner Activities. Finding Activities in this list for your acting will help you develop as an Actor. The MAIN Item needed for the Actor in Independent Activities is Motivation!

Get Benefits.

Simon’s independent activities are all carefully curated to help you become a better actor. We understand that some actors prefer to work on their own, or in small groups, and we have created a range of activities for them to choose from.

Use your motivation with the other ingredients in the exercise to propel training your concentration in acting.

Some key Quotes of this Article:
In Acting There is Being and there is Doing. You need both Doing and Being in your acting.
Being is the Emotional Preparation or what used to be called the Inner Life.”
Without Motivation the actor will be left lifeless and desperate to perform.
MOTIVATION is KEY doing Independent Activities!

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“BEING Before DOING is the Key in Acting”
“Don’t Exercise in Acting without Emotional Weight!” – How to use Emotions List


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Independent Activities List 1:

  • Changing Replacing Watch Strap
  • Detailing a Brides Head Dress (inscribing embroidering or logo/graphic)
  • Knife Sharpening (ask teacher first)
  • Removing Core from 3 dozen Cup Cakes
  • Decorating Paper Lantern
  • Handmaking Orgone Pyramid
  • Making own Masquerade Mask
  • Matting and Framing Diploma
  • Writing a Song or a Silique (Poem)
  • Practicing for Class Speech
  • Writing a Condolence Letter
  • Bead Weaving Creation
  • Setting up Christmas Tree
  • Stuffing a Turkey
  • Slicing Layers of a Round Cake for Icing
  • Carving a Candlestick Holder
  • Painting a Ceramic Vase
  • Gold Foiling Mirrors Edge

Adding Emotional Preparation to your Independent Activities will amplify your acting work. You will discover for yourself that adding emotions will also add both a weighted feeling and in some cases spontaneity. Whether you are doing independent activities like ballet class practice or another dance routine, add emotion. By adding Emotional Preparation you interact with emotion in your acting exercise.

Independent Activities can help to improve acting concentration. Activities are independent play ideas to include right in your acting scenes. If you are working with activities let them choose which are the most interesting to them. Let the students develop their favorite independent activities that gift them motivation!

  • Mixing Dough
  • Juggling Balls 15 colors
  • Gold Foiling Trophy or Trophy Base
  • Adding Lace or Ribbon to edge of Pillow
  • Building own cup coaster
  • Making Small Sage Bundles from bulk
  • Making own Carnation Broach
  • Carnation Rose Tulip Iron Ons
  • Metal Painting Metal Miniature Car
  • Practicing Perfecting mini Put Distance
  • Carving your own Film Prop Mask
  • Making a Jewelry Tree
  • Making a Jewelry Picture Frame Hanger
  • Adding Rims to a motorcycle
  • packaging clothing for shipping


If you’re looking to practice Meisner technique training, you can choose from a range of activities that will help you become a better actor. Some of the activities include improvisation, script analysis, and monologue work. We also have activities designed to help you build your confidence as an actor. We also have a range of activities designed to help you learn acting by doing.

Our activities are designed to help you understand the craft of acting, while developing your own unique style. From working with props and costumes, to playing with text, you’ll be able to explore the world of acting and find your own path. Doing a fun activity will energize you within your acting. Suggesting creative activities will result with a higher interest within the acting classroom.

  • Assembling a Wall Clock
  • assembling a Chandelier
  • Repairing a Wind Chime
  • Carving a Wooden Decal
  • Making a Green Screen Fabric hang from ceiling with Velcro sewing
  • Remembering Numbers Padlock Combination
  • Ironing a Green Screen Fabric
  • Attaching Dart Board to Plank and Decorating Plank
  • Painting Refinishing Conch Seashell
  • Embroidering a Straw Hat or Replacing Fabric
  • Creating Burlap Christmas Bow Decoration
  • opening Chestnuts
  • Painting a Hunting Duck Decoy
  • Fixing a Hamm Radio
  • Planning Route on physical map (actually writing directions)
  • Cleaning Stack of Menu’s

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Independent Activities with Emotional Preparation
Independent Activities with Emotional Preparation
  • Laminating a Calendar
  • Making a picket sign for Strike (only for imaginary circumstances!)
  • Making Sign for a Political Rally
  • Make your own Yard Sign to Show Support for the Troops
  • Repairing a Garden Lawn Hose Hole
  • Packing a Parachute
  • Bespoken Thumbnail Design for internet video
  • Cleaning Paint Brushes with dried paint
  • Cleaning Computer with air tool
  • Sharpening a Chain Saw Chain
  • Replacing Weed Eater wire string
  • Replacing Lawn Mower gas tank
  • Assembling your own Ukulele

ADD YOUR OWN: Motivations to your Independent Activities. Many Actors forget things to choose things that Motivate them! If you are motivated by independent reading activities then use reading activities. If you are motivated by activities like juggling, then do that.  Let your interest dictate which fun indepedent activity to do.  Fun reading activities could also include planning a trip on a map or reading a map and directions for a search and rescue. 

Working your Independent Activity with your Emotional Preparations is a skillset. Be patient and kind to yourself as you discover your own techniques in acting using Independent Activities.

Use the Acting Activities List in your acting classes. Simply, select an Activity that would MOTIVATE you to want to achieve it. This is key!

Learn acting with me on YouTube. Find me on YouTube and ask me really good solid acting questions. Home learning activities like sewing socks or cleaning can also add reality to your acting scene work. Consider memory activity book options like memorizing a bar recipe manual or memorizing a restaurant menu for a new job. 

Work with this Independent Activity List or purchase the master list to improve your acting. Having the right Independent Activity is key 🙂

Independent Activities Instructor Simon Blake
Acting Activities List – Let’s Study Acting Together!

Work with this Independent Activity List or purchase the master list to improve your acting. Having the right Independent Activity is key 🙂

  • Making own Pop-Up Gift Card
  • Painting a Wicker Basket
  • Painting a Pumpkin
  • Splitting Coconuts
  • Scraping out Coconut
  • Making Easter Wreath
  • Sewing own Face Mask
  • Assembling Baby Crib
  • Preparing Flowers bulk for drying on string bunches
  • Inflating with Hand pump Holiday Lawn Decoration
  • Sewing a Christmas Stocking
  • Building a Canvas Frame for Tapestry
  • Assembling a stack of pizza boxes
  • Designing own Blank Flag with paint for flagpole
  • Skip Jump Roping
  • Carving A, B, C, D .. Z Alphabet Blocks for infant
  • Assembling a Remote Control Car
  • Hand Sketching Tapestry
  • Redrawing Map in a different Scale (larger or smaller size)

Independent Activities are vital to help the Actor concentrate and learn concentration in acting. Learning to keep focused and really involve oneself in acting is key to learning how to achieve acting. Few play activities in acting, many actors forget to add the doing work within their scene work. Assembling a box activity or jewelry box for an engagement proposal is another fantastic idea for your acting.

EmotionalPreparation.com believes that everyone has the potential to become an amazing actor. Our independent activities will help you to reach your goals and become the actor that you want to be. So why not check out our list of independent activities for acting and Meisner technique training today!

The feelings of doing and involvement of doing an Independent Activity could feel light headed and might be a sign that you are really involved in the doing. It is typical of Actors to feel stimulations when really getting lost in the acting work and this should be encouraged.

  • Cleaning Animal Hair Off the Couch
  • Rolling Pasta
  • Giving Yourself a Real Tattoo
  • Giving Yourself stick-on Body Tattoos
  • Changing a Rear Hand-Brake Cable on Bicycle
  • Sewing Ruffles Lacing on Dog Bed
  • Crocheting Mouse for Pet Cat
  • Slicing Kiwi Skins
  • Balancing Riding on Unicycle
  • Poking Stamp Needling
  • Building a Wine Rack
  • Assembling a Cat Tower Scratch Post
  • Assembling Bedframe
  • Setting-Up Photography Lighting for Set
  • Crafting a Jewelry Box

excited to share this list of activities with you to help you become a better actor and master your own spontaneity. This list contains over 800 activities that can be used as independent activities to build and strengthen your acting skills and emotional preparation. So what are independent activities?

Independent activities are a key building block to combine with emotions, emotional preparation, difficulties, measurability, and tangibility. They are activities that you can complete on your own, without the help of others. They can help you become more aware of your body, your emotions, and your thoughts, and increase the likelihood that you can use those skills to enhance your performances.

This list of activities will help you develop your own individual style and spontaneity while performing. It will also let you practice and refine your skills. You can even use the independent activities list to measure how far you have progressed and evaluate your own performance.

The Doing Exercise, Acting Activities List will provide you with a wide range of activities to practice and develop. From learning how to control emotions to physical activities to practice and improve stamina, there is something for everyone. It includes activities that target specific skills, such as improvisation and scene work, as well as activities that are general and can be used to build any skill.

Finally, to really amplify your own acting work, add motivation last. Motivation is key! With this list of activities, you can find the motivation you need to push yourself and reach your goals. All of the activities in this list are designed to be flexible so that you can tailor them to your own goals, needs, and preferences.

  • Preparing Raw Beans for Cooking – de-shelling each bean
  • Wrapping Presents or Gifts (for birthday, anniversary or event)
  • Assembling Fondue Fountain
  • Cleaning a Chandelier
  • Putting Up a Privacy Fence or room division
  • Decorating Birthday Cake
  • Assembling Wind Chimes
  • Fixing Vacuum Cleaner
  • Slicing Layered Cake into Portions
  • Packaging Postal Parcels in Postal Boxes
  • Jam Making Packaging
  • Home Preserving Food
  • Mashing Garlic Cloves
  • Assembling a Small Chicken Coop
  • Completing a Wedding Ring Holder Build
  • Dressing Poodle do in Costumes for Picture Photoshoot
  • completing Crafting of Christmas Tree Angel
  • Adding a Skirt to Chairs
  • Decorating Room Partition
  • Adding Wall Vinyl Designs to Partition
  • Stuffing Christmas Stockings
  • Handmaking Gift Card
  • Ironing Iron-On Graphic to Pillow Slip

MOTIVATION is KEY doing Independent Activities!

Independent Activities are used from Beginning to Advanced, and Professional Training!

PURCHASE the Entire Independent Activities

  • Sewing Pocket on Shirt
  • Mixing to Match Paint Color – this is really difficult – match exact color
  • Adding a Prosthetic Wart on Nose Makeup to Face
  • Translating Document from English to Foreign Language
  • Repairing Fish Net
  • Untangling Knotted Wires
  • Untangling Fishing Pole and Line
  • Building Wood Mold for Soap Making
  • Making Old Fashioned Churned Ice Cream
  • Transferring Crypto to 100 Smaller Wallets
  • Repairing a Stool
  • Vectoring Graphic Images – on designing program
  • Vinyl Peelings of Sign Making Preparations
  • Preparing/Stuffing 20-50 Gift Bags
  • Stuffing/Preparing Party parting gifts for birthday
  • Signing Autographs on Stacks of Posters – Sign 250 Posters or Headshots – its tiring!
  • Branding Design of Logo
  • Hand Pressing Equipment Lever of Potatoes into French Fries Shape
  • Assembling a Wooden Labyrinth
  • Assembling a Wooden Ship Model
  • Action Figure or Figurine Assembly
  • Taking Your own Full Body Measurements
  • Setting Up Model Train Tracks
  • Cutting Glass Bottle in Half
  • 5D Diamond Painting Completion
  • Resin Casting Molds for Jewelry Pendant
  • Candle Making
  • Wood Burning Brand on Wood Object
  • Felt Crafting Shapes and Design
  • Chiseling a Wooden Chess Piece
  • Completing Portion of Embroidery Frame Tapestry
  • Adding Fake Nail Extensions
  • Rehearsing CPR Steps by Timed Sequence
  • Repairing Tear on Chinese Asian Bamboo Fan
  • Hand Painting (water painting) Notebook Cover
  • Build a Paper Box Nook for Cat
  • Making a Dream Catcher

Proud to offer an ever-growing list of independent activities for acting, Meisner technique training and learning acting by doing! At Emotional Preparation, we believe that all actors should have access to a wide range of independent activities to help them grow as performers. That’s why we have put together a comprehensive list of over 300 independent activities for acting!

PURCHASE 110 classes – FILL-IN Worksheets (over 1100 Acting Activities)

Assembling Independent Activities for acting exercises can really help the Actor to grow.

Learning Acting

  • Clipping Cat Nails
  • Designing Clip Art
  • Readying Pet for Pet Show Carpet Walk
  • Exacto Cutting Cardboard House Architecture Scale
  • Glazing Tiles with Epoxy
  • Glazing Cabinet
  • Deshelling Pecans
  • Deshelling Sunflower Seeds
  • Making Clock on Flatbread
  • Electric Drumming Beat Rhythm to Music
  • Cutting Vinyl Record into Different Shape (sanding edges too)
  • Painting Leather with Leather Paints
  • Adding Watch Cap to Watches
  • Whittling Your own Musical Fiddle
  • Making Your Own Wooden Baseball Bat
  • Crafting own Wooden Pool Que
  • Packing a Suitcase (of course, give yourself a reason and meaning++)
  • Carving a Tobacco Pipe
  • Rolling 25 Cigarettes
  • Rolling a Cigar (or several cigars)
  • Grafting 25 Plants
  • Polishing Silverware
  • Re-coating a Mirror Surface
  • Setting 5 Course Table Set
  • Frosting a Drinking Glass
  • Hemming Edge of Canvas with Seam
  • Bending a Record into a Candy Dish Shape

Find Independent Activities that motivate your will put incredible things into your acting work. over 300 Independent Activities designed to help you hone your acting skills. Our Independent Activities  range from Meisner technique training to improvisational activities. So whatever your acting goals, we have the right activities to help you achieve them. The list of Independent Activities is always growing.

Simon is continually adding new activities to the list to make sure that our users always have something new to try. That way, you can never get bored with your acting practice. The Meisner technique is a great way to learn acting. It was created by Sanford Meisner and is based on repetition and improvisation.

The exercises are designed to help actors gain a better understanding of the text, their own emotions, and the emotions of others. With Independent Meisner Activities, you can learn this technique on your own, without the help of a coach. At www.EmotionalPreparation.com’s believe that the best way to learn acting is to do it, but with the activated Emotional Range! That’s why we offer a variety of Independent Activities that allow you to practice and hone your skills without relying on someone else. So take the time to explore our list of Independent Activities. With everything from Meisner technique training to improvisational activities, you’re sure to find something that will help you become a better actor.


1.) Pick an Activity
2.) Check with yourself that there is a want to get it done
3.) Give yourself a Reason to have to complete the Activity.

These are also called Meisner Activities, Independent Activity Meisner, Meisner Independent Activity examples, Independent Activity Examples, Meisner Independent Activity Ideas, Meisner Activity Ideas and Meisner Activity List.

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Independent Activities List Continued:

Look at the Independent Acting Activities List and select an option.

  • Potpourri Bagging
  • Dethroning Roses
  • Dry Roses in Silica Sand
  • Mending a Hole in Sweater
  • Cylindrical Wooden Joint
  • Roses Petals Transparent Work
  • Spinning Yarn
  • Cobbling Shoes
  • Cylindrical Wooden Lantern Kit
  • Polishing Boots
  • Decorating Hat Box
  • Re-resining an En-amble Sink
  • Wrapping Presents
  • Shrink-Wrapping Food
  • Shrink-Wrapping Body for Weight Loss
  • Kite Assembling
  • Painting Figurines
  • Paper Cardboard Airplane Folding
  • Stitching Patch
  • Hot-Pressing T-Shirt Designs

Independent Activities are both in the links and the store. There is plenty to choose from. But., select Independent Activities that MOTIVATE You.

Independent Activities Facial Reactions will be Authentic  because a real time experience is being achieved.
Independent Activities Facial Reactions will be Authentic because a real time experience is being achieved.
  • Stylizing Ripped Jeans to Set Design
  • Ripping Jeans to Become Shorts (a stack of jeans)
  • Replacing Purse Zipper
  • Signing Cards/Posters
  • Untangling Christmas Lights and Wires
  • Make Matchstick House
  • Re-Splicing Tape
  • Repairing Electrical Board
  • Papier-mâché Pet Animal
  • Scanning Paperwork Pile
  • Embroidering a Patch onto Jacket
  • Embroidering Design
  • Cutting a Car Tire in Half (for flower bed)
  • Bending Steel in Vice
  • Assembling Robot
  • Assembling Camp Shower
  • Build Skyscraper Cardboard Box Model
  • Carving Print Template
  • Sanding Wooden Frame
  • Assembling Wardrobe Racks
  • Re-stuffing Stuffed Animal
  • Organize Sticky Notes
  • Sewing Velcro onto Shoes
  • Framing Old Photos
  • Acrylic Painting Cardboard

Get the 1111+ Actors Activities LIst – BOOK Version – few dollars – $9.77 – PRINTED

Independent Activities are a key building block for any actor’s journey. They provide an opportunity to combine emotions, emotional preparation, difficulties, measurability, and tangibility. And most importantly, motivation! Doing exercises, acting activities, and even just simple physical activities can all be considered Independent Activities.

The goal of Independent Activities is to provide an excellent platform for actors to practice and hone their craft. Simon Blake’s book “Mastering Spontaneity in Acting” provides over 800 Independent Activities to help actors reach their fullest potential. These activities range from simple physical activities such as stretching, to more advanced techniques like improvisation. The book also explores the importance of motivation when it comes to Independent Activities. Motivation is key to achieving success in any endeavor, and actors must maintain a positive attitude and a strong sense of focus in order to be successful.

What are you waiting for? Start mastering your spontaneity today!

  • Cleaning Record Player
  • Adding Beads to a Dress Jumping Rope Reps
  • Cutting Oversized Letters from Cardboard
  • Writing Song Lyrics
  • Bubble Inside Soap Bubble
  • Counting Foreign Currency for Exchanging
  • Recording Song Voice Track
  • Chrome Decor Drumsticks
  • Gluing Mirror Edge with Sparkles/ decor
  • Putting in Hair Extensions
  • Putting on Hockey Gear
  • Making a Book Nightstand Table
  • Card Flipping/Throwing
  • Building Concrete Pinecone
  • Staining Stripped Tree Limb
  • Paint Wicker Basket
  • Filleting a Fish
  • Cutting Leather Strips
  • Braiding Leather
  • Hollowing a Log
  • Creating a Pinhole Cardboard Stencil
  • Stitching Leather
  • Fixing Snow Sleigh
  • Storyboarding a Movie Script
  • Inflating Pool Floaty

Independent Activities are fantastic tools to help and train Actor Concentration.

Independent Activities Concentration
Independent Activities require Concentration to expand Your Acting Talent!
  • Create Cardboard Basket
  • Fixing Darts and Dart Board
  • Icing a Cake
  • Make Gingerbread House
  • Decorating Large Cookies
  • Aging a Photograph
  • Perfecting Card Trick
  • Gluing House of Cards Together
  • Doing Zombie Makeup
  • Painting Model Car
  • Cutting Out Felt Figures
  • Unframing an Old Painting
  • Shrink-Wrapping Clothes
  • Fixing Broken Piano Key
  • Ice Sculpture
  • Storyboarding Film Script
  • ?tarot Carding Solution
  • Parlette
  • Quick Change Perfection Mummy Wrapping 1/2 of Body
  • Egg Decorating
  • Dissecting Mouse
  • Taxidermy a Pet
  • Setting up Parlor Relay
  • Crystal Radio Assembly
  • Build Toy Steam Engine Generator
  • Assemble Train Blindfolded
  • Master Soap Bubble Trick
  • Perfect Dance Choreography
  • Multiple Back flips
  • Counting Cross Stitch
  • Gourd Crafts
  • Carving a Leather Belt
  • Carving pumpkin
  • Calligraphy


  • Motivation, Meaning, Reason, Tangible Object, + Emotional Preparation
    Utilize Simon’s Emotions Listto expand the emotions you work with!

Study this Independent Activities List to improve your acting. Pick an independent Activity that speaks to you and that calls on you internally. Picking Activities that motivate you to want to achieve doing it is key.

  • Sawing a Copper Pipe
  • Sewing Pocket on a Shirt
  • Fixing a Sewing Machine
  • Replacing a Computer Hard Drive
  • Adding Prosthetic Nose to Face Make-Up
  • Decoupage on Furniture
  • Translating Document from English to Foreign Language
  • Tuning an Acoustic Guitar
  • fixing a wrecked Mascot Outfit
  • Lock-Picking a Pad Lock within Time Frame
  • Price Tagging Personal Possessions for Estate Sale
  • Making a Duct Tape Wallet
  • Repairing Mosquitos Netting Mesh
  • Weaving Your Own Pom-Pom
  • Building Wood Mold for Soap Making
  • Stenciling Design on Back of Chair
  • Repairing a Stool
  • Hand Sewing Binding String of Book Bind
  • Gold-Plating a Garage Sale Lamp
  • Making Sugar Paste for Hair Removal

Whether you are looking to hone your Meisner technique or just want to learn more about acting, there is something for everyone. Our independent activities cover all aspects of acting, from emotional development and scene work to improvisation and physicalization. We also provide a variety of activities for those who are looking to improve their craft, such as script analysis and script breakdowns. I hope you enjoyed the Acting Activities List. Learn Acting with me, find me on YouTube and ask me some great acting questions!

Additional Independent Activities List

  • Detailing Skateboard
  • Organizing Sports Cards
  • Oiling Baseball Glove or Catchers Mitt
  • Fixing Tennis Racket
  • Re-Wrapping Baseball Bat
  • Fixing Volleyball Net
  • Sewing a Number on a Jersey
  • Inflating Sports League Balls for Team
  • Spluttering Bamboo
  • Replacing Pant Zipper
  • Restringing an Instrument
  • Preparing a Sermon
  • Perfecting a Sales Pitch (Either writing or speaking)
  • Writing Child’s Book
  • Illustrating Child’s Book Format for Pages Layout
  • Glass Tinting Motor Helmet
  • Balancing Plate on Stick (bring some cushion or surface not to break on the floor)
  • Balancing a Ball on Top of a Ball
  • Perfecting Magician Trick (could be pulling a tablecloth without object moving off table)
  • Dressing Mannequin
  • Painting a Picture with Toes Instead of Hands
  • Spray Painting Lampshade
  • Chalk Painting Cushions
  • Preparing Invitations for Party
  • Re-Tapping Badminton Racket Handle
  • Re-Chalking Racket
  • Making Your own Chalkboard
  • Debarking Logs for Art Project
  • Filing (with file) Metal Object

Really finding the Motivation to do your Independent Activities is key.

Independent Activities include 
 composing music on guitar
Independent Activities playing guitar
  • Restringing a Tennis Racket
  • Sand Carving Object
  • Soap Carving
  • Building Marshmallow Structure with Toothpicks for Animation
  • Building Your own Pin-hole Camera
  • Dying Fabric
  • Tie-Dying Fabric
  • Replacing Ski Bindings
  • Replacing Mesh on Snowshoes
  • Silver Leafing a Project with Foil
  • Preparing Hand Gliding Kite
  • Restoration of Guitar
  • Build your own Guitar
  • Gluing Painted Toys Together
  • Making a Lamp from an Object (including wiring)
  • Repairing Snow Show Edge
  • Digitizing Photographs
  • Polymer Clay Molding
  • Making Own Plaster Cine Material
  • Marbling Effect Glassware with Fingernail
  • Polish Bath Balm Making
  • Making Chapstick from Scratch
  • Make a Cement Planter
  • Cleaning BBQ
  • Cleaning Stove Racks with Scrubber
  • Make Habitat Dioramas (coffee table with diorama miniatures)
  • Stone Carving
  • Bow or Arrow Craft
  • Crafting a Fishing Lure
  • Varnishing a Completed Puzzle for Framing
  • Ai Programming a Robot
  • Refurbishing a Seat of Lawn Chair
  • Preparing a Cheese Platter
  • Suitcase Medicine Cabinet
  • Suitcase Coffee Table (making a suitcase a coffee table)
  • Make a Coffee Cup Light Fixture (gluing all the coffee cups together for lamp base)
  • Mosaic Bottle Art
  • Build Your own Painting Canvas (get a canvas stretcher for stapling assistance)
  • Repurpose Bed Frame into Bench
  • Make a Skid Bench (bench out of old pallet skids used in shipping)
  • Bees waxing Tabletop for Waxing
  • Stenciling Carving a Candle (a letter or a shape)
  • Re-Purpose Bathtub into Bench
  • Trapping Candy Jars
  • Making Two Halves of a Basketball (cutting basketball in half then filling middle)
  • Flower Hanging Pot Construction
  • Up Cycling a Sweater
  • Weaving Plastic Bag Basket
  • Chalk-Boarding Glass Panes
  • Making Own Sandles
  • Finding a Password
  • Gluing Together Ping Pong Paddles for Art Project
  • Bespoke Wall Art
  • Folding Napkin Shapes
  • Preserving Leaves in Parchment Paper
Emotional Preparation with Independent Activities
Emotional Preparation with independent Activities

Are you an aspiring actor looking to increase your ability to master spontaneity in your acting? If so, you’re in luck! The draft book release of “Mastering Spontaneity in Acting” by Simon Blake provides an exciting list of over 800 activities that can help you do just that. Independent Activities are the key building blocks for mastering spontaneity.

By combining emotions, emotional preparation, difficulties, measurability, tangibility and motivation, you can create powerful and unique performances. The activities provided in this book can help you with this process. The activities are organized into different categories, such as physical exercises, improvisation, dialogue, and more. This makes it easy to find the activities that are most relevant for your particular needs.

With over 800 acting activities to choose from, you’ll never run out of options. These activities are designed to help you build on your existing skills and give you a greater range of tools to work with when creating a performance. Adding motivation to your independent activities is an important part of the process, as it can amplify the impact of your work.

Finding Independent Activities that interest you is of paramount importance in acting.

  • Building a Periscope
  • Getting Ready for Sales Meeting
  • Separating Jellybeans by Color
  • Separating Coins into Pennies, Quarters, Dimes (rolling coins to take to bank)
  • Rotating Roller Blade Wheels
  • Cleaning Out Bird House or Cage
  • Weighted Hula Hoops Hooping
  • Building Assembly of a Gyroscope
  • Scanning Electric Device to Scan Room to get three-dimension image for Designing Space
  • Designing a Template for Video Overlay
  • Hand Making Your Own Bean Bag Toss Bags
  • Making Gourd Lights and Lamp
  • Filming a Commercial
  • Carving a Gourd Statute
  • Filming an Audition
  • Adding Safety Strips to Clothing
  • Realistic Pumpkin Carving
  • Assembling a Solar robot kit
  • Assemble Electronic Car Model
  • Assemble Hand Crank Music Box Puzzle
  • Building Frisbee Holder Goal Nets (goal posts for frisbee game)
  • Carve a Gourd Jug

Our independent activities are designed to give you the best possible chance of success. Simon is a team of experienced instructing that will guide you every step of the way, offering expertise to help you hone your craft. We will provide you with the necessary tools to put your acting skills to the test and make sure you are prepared for any challenge that comes your way.

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The Doing Exercise, Acting Activities List of over 800 activities from draft book release of “Mastering Spontaneity in Acting” by Simon Blake

Independent Activities are key building blocks to combine with emotions, emotional preparation, difficulties, measurability, tangibility and motivation. Motivation is key!

Add motivation last to your Independent Activities to amplify your own acting work.

Copyright 2021, Simon Blake

Independent Activities are key building blocks to combine with emotions, emotional preparation, difficulties, measurability, tangibility and motivation. Motivation is key!

At www.EmotionalPreparation.com, you can find resources to help you make the most of the activities listed in the book. You can also find tips and advice on how to use the activities to your advantage.

So, if you’re an actor looking to increase your ability to master spontaneity in your acting, the activities in “Mastering Spontaneity in Acting” by Simon Blake can help. With over 800 activities listed, you’ll never run out of choices. And with the help of www.EmotionalPreparation.com, you can make the most of the activities and add motivation to your own acting work.

Add motivation last to your Independent Activities to amplify your own acting work.

Independent Activity of Ballet dance moves for acting class rehearsals.
Independent Activities Ballet Acting Class

Copyright 2021, Simon Blake

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Simon Blake has studied over 30,000 – 40,000 acting exercises and studied over 8-10++ thousand acting students work in acting. Studying their Emotional Preparation to their Spoon River Work. Studying every area of Acting training work with well over 30 Teachers including himself.

“Meisner In and Out Exercise, which was later known as Doors and Activities give a basic building blocks to modern day acting”

Acting using improved acting techniques.

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