Improve your Acting


Improve Your Acting

Improve your acting by learning how to add Emotional Sparks into your acting work! How to Improve your Acting is key to taking your acting to the next level. Let’s go through some suggestions together!

The first item on the agenda is that you are building your own acting technique, not someone else’s. This means that the techniques, tricks and tips that you try that work for you, you want to take note of.

There is no need to just wing it, if you want to take acting seriously, you are capable.

Some Main Quotes of this Acting Article:
“Observing is the baseline of listening.”
“You can learn to be able to amplify your own talent.”

Copyright 2021, Simon Blake
BEING Before DOING in acting is key!

Find Your Spark, ‘your spark’

Finding a starting place to find an Emotional Spark to Improve your acting is key.

First try to find meanings that work for you. That intrigue you, that you care about or have an opinion about. This will give you investment of yourself within your work.

Finding that next level of Emotion in your work means working past feelings that don’t stay in you when you’re acting. This takes some time to study introspection and also study through interaction so you can best understand how your feelings and emotions work.

You can learn to be able to amplify your own talent.

LEARN EMOTIONS – is key. Utilize Simon’s Emotions List – Expand how many Emotions you can activate!



It is a sought-after career to be an Actor. If you learn a few tips and techniques, you can improve your chances at success. Many times, just focusing on a few things can really make a difference to set you in the right direction.

A short list of things that will help Improve your Acting:
– Being willing to put yourself out there.
– learning to be comfortable
– Expressing your emotions
– Learning your own technique

Being willing to put yourself out there

Being willing to put yourself out there in unique ways is an important release that can sometimes land you parts in films.

Your destiny in acting takes you being aware of your emotions, feelings and intuitions.

Putting yourself out there means putting out your opinions out there. Improve your acting by putting out your opinions when in groups or when working on parts. If you have an opinion, don’t hold back.

Learning to be comfortable with yourself

Learning to be comfortable with yourself, and your quirks can go a long way. Learning to be comfortable is a bit different than learning to relax. Relaxing is a releasing technique, being comfortable is a certainty about it.

If An Actor can assert themselves carrying with them a certainty of comfortability they can really start to listen and achieve many things.

Ask yourself if you are able be carefree comfortable. Being comfortable with yourself is not trying to fit in it is already knowing that you have a place.

Learning Emotional Expression

Learning techniques that can help your emotions express is key. This is not what most would consider an acting quality, but it is a way to Improve your acting.

Learning Emotional Preparation takes time and continuing to express yourself is key. If you feel something release it and then go back and work Emotional Preparation to test what happens the next time.

Testing the different ways emotions get released is a great way to improve your acting.

Emotional Expression is the listening effect of actually hearing another person and being affected by them. If you are being heard or listening to others you will feel that your emotional expression is received by them.

Learning Emotional Expression is a part of Emotional Preparation. You can catapult your acting to levels you have never thought possible when adding emotional expression to your acting work.

Improve Your Acting By Observing

Instead of standing back with an attitude that what you see doesn’t affect you, really study and take in what you witness. When you are able to observe and really study opinions, feelings, and what means things to people you can improve yourself.

When observing see if you can notice what means the most to the person you’re studying. Study them instead of just casually standing around. When you watch life this way you can improve your functions as an Actor.

Practicing listening by noticing who is listening to whom most intently is great way to achieve listening skills. Listening skills will transfer into your work and you will achieve better scene work in acting.

Observing is the baseline of listening.

Learning Your Own Technique

Improve your acting by learning your own technique. Achieve consistency in your work because you earn the knowledge of knowing yourself and decide to learn acting technique.

Crafting your own technique in acting is far different than learning someone else’s. You may learn things that work for you by trying someone else’s techniques but ultimately in order to improve your acting you need to develop your own strategies to doing acting.

Trying out Emotional Preparation and then retrying it until you have something that fits for you that you have helped to develop yourself with is key. Figuring out what fits for you and what activates you emotionally is so important.

When you learn technique, you will always have a support system in your acting that never leave you. You will be able to upset yourself using Emotional Preparation Techniques or other techniques in acting that will help put substance into your own work by your own doing.


Copyright 2021, Simon Blake


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