How to Use Simon’s Emotions List


Emotions List to find your own Emotional Preparations

How to use Simon’s Emotions List

How to use Simon’s Emotions List to find your own Emotional Preparations is so important. Emotional Preparation for Musicians, Actors, Artists and Creators help to put emotions into their work.

Emotional Preparations are the Cat’s Meow!

Some Key Quotes from this Acting Article:
Relaxation is the balance of Emotion within the Actor.
Find within yourself and isolate Emotional Activations.

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BEING Before DOING is Acting!


Use Simon’s Emotions List to find your own Emotional Preparations!

Emotional Preparations are the fantastic tool that Actors use to put Emotions into their Imaginary Acting Circumstances.

NOTE: Find the Emotions List on the website. There are several versions. The Paid Version, which helps keeps the lights on is the Master Emotions List for Actors.

Find Your Emotions

Go down the Emotions List and find something that resonates with you.

If it resonates with you, all you will need to do is read the name of the Emotion. Once you read it, something internal will occur.

An internal reaction will not occur for every emotion. Find the emotions that resonate to achieve a short list.

Finding your Current short list of emotions is a tremendous beginning.

QUICK: There is an Interactive PDF of 110 Classes worth of Activities (over 1100!).

Use your Activations Journal

Write down the Emotions that Resonate.

Put the name of the emotion down on the paper. Then write “Real-Life Recollections” on the page. Use BULLET POINTS! Write down real-life recollections that are easy for you to remember. Start with between 2 – 4 to begin with.

Next, write “Other People’s Experiences” on the page. Remember and write down BULLET POINTS as to what you witnessed or know of that connects to that specific emotion.

Next, write “My Own Imaginary Experiences, that would activate that Emotion”. Use BULLET POINTS! to start with. Write down 1-3 Imaginary Conditions that if you were in, you would be feeling that specific Emotion.

One a second page, write down long form in sentences things that can further explore those main points.

Find within yourself and isolate Emotional Activations.

You have just succeeded in assisting yourself in your own Emotional Preparations!

How to use Simon’s Emotions List to Increase your Range

Emotional Range is key in acting. Actors that have larger Emotional Ranges will be able to do more acting roles.

Take your time to work the Emotions List.

When working with Emotions you may need to take time and be patient. Patience will help you become accurate with your recollections and expressions.

Write Out Activations or Do Acting Writing Exercises

There are two main things in this section. The first is freeform writing of your Emotions (Regrets) as an Example. The second is Doing Writing Independent Activities Letter Exercises.

You want to encourage yourself to express Depth but only if it comes from within you.

If you do this exercise with fake emotion, you will be less relaxed than more relaxed. Relaxation is the balance of Emotion within the Actor.

What do you Do if Your Emotional Floodgates Open?

If you find yourself exploring Regrets and more than several written experiences, your floodgates may have just opened.

If you find yourself in Deep Despair or regret that surprises, you in an unbalanced way try to work on a contrasting emotion.

Example: You are flooded with Regrets after remembering a couple items. Decide to work with Contentment or Jovial Emotional Ranges to offset the sadness of regret that is pouring out you.

Do Imagination Exercises

Imagination Exercises are incredible tools. There are actually a lot of acting exercises that can branch out after Emotions are Activated.

You will find that your Imagination work will be more vivid when using Emotional Preparations. The Emotions List will help you to have a wider range of Imagination Exercises.

Use the Emotions List to help build details within Relationship Exercises for Acting Classes.

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