How To Show Emotion in Acting


How To Show Emotion in Acting requires skills

How To Show Emotion in Acting

How To Show Emotion in Acting requires both skills and openness of the Actor. Acting skills help to resonate the internal emotions of the Actor. Interaction is a key in having real-time experiences in acting.

Interaction reveals your Emotions so you don’t have to!

Some Key Quotes of this Acting Article:
Acting is Interaction and Activation!
You can amplify your awareness, impulsiveness and spontaneity by working with your feelings as instinctual feelers.
An Activated Emotion will return back to you in the acting exercise or scene work.

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How To Show Emotion in Acting is the skill of craft in acting. The abilities and techniques that Actors use to show emotion sometimes are intentional and sometimes just happen surprising even the Actor themselves.

Emotional Activation

The absolute benefit to the actor to show emotions naturally is Emotional Activation.

Using the Activations Journal you can record the emotions that are currently active in you. Then use those emotions to do your own acting.

An Actor acting without activated emotion is like going swimming in a swimming pool without water. You can still go through the actions of swimming, but the experience will be different in acting with activated emotions.

Many Actors learn to use Emotional Preparations, but they forget to do the step of Emotional Activation. Emotional Activations goes beyond deciding an intent of feelings for a scene.

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There is Being and There is Doing

It is true that acting is doing, but only, when doing involves Interaction.

Acting is Interaction and Activation!

If you are doing the doing of acting, you are doing the interaction during your acting. If you forget to add the Being side of acting work, then you forget to add your own emotion into your acting experiences.

When you add the BEing side of the Acting work to your acting you gift an emotional spark into your acting work. Being adds spark of emotions, emotional depth, inner life, Emotional Activation and Emotional Preparation.

Intentionally having the talent to affect your Being prior to your acting experiences you can enrich your own acting exercises and scene work.

Knowing that there is a Being side of acting is how to show Emotion in Acting.

Showing Emotion Naturally Through Interaction

Showing emotion by presenting it is performance. Performance can fit into the interaction of acting. Realism is the ability to find your emotional expressions without the need to present them.

Showing emotions naturally will unfold emotions through interaction.

How To Show Emotion in Acting is by receiving, listening and responding your acting partner.

Trusting Emotions will Show Up

When you learn to act with talent in acting you start to trust that your own emotions will become active within your scene work.

Working to activate your emotions warms up your internal emotions that will tend to come out within your acting interaction. You let go and Drop your Emotional Preparation at the Door, but, you expect that it will, and often it does show up again in your acting exercises and scenes.

The key in trusting your emotions, is to receive the other Actor regardless of your own Emotional Activation.

An Activated Emotion will return back to you in the acting exercise or scene work.

Developing Patience as a friend to help trust your emotions to show up in your work will assist you tremendously.

Befriend your own emotions, as friends. Invite your friends in, your emotions, then release them after your acting work. Don’t carry the baggage of the Emotions after your acting work.


Feelings are Lesser Than Emotions

Knowing that Feelings are Lesser than Emotions helps you to be able to use your feelings more accurately.

Feelings are inclinations until they become deep enough to become close to Emotions.

How To Show Emotion in Acting is by doing acting with your instincts and with interaction. Feelings are the indicators that help to feed your instincts. You can amplify your awareness, impulsiveness and spontaneity by working with your feelings as instinctual feelers.

Acting is Crafted Emotion Activations

Crafting Activated Emotion to match desired emotional ranges in a scene is part of Emotional Preparation.

The actions to craft activations require emotional self-stimulation.

You literally will have to break your own heart or allow yourself to experience a real-life recollection of heartbreak to activate heartbreak for your acting.

The KEY in working with Crafted Emotional Activations is Receiving of others. Even when you yourself are affected, the only way to gain the activated emotion into your acting work is by ways of receiving. Sure, you could fake the emotions, blurt out the emotions, and perform out in a complete genuine vomit, but if, you receive your partner, both you and your partner, will go on the emotional ride.

It would be nice to be able to include your acting partners in your own emotional hard work, and you should! Figure out the steps of receiving needed to include others in your own emotional expressions.

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How To Show Emotion in Acting requires skills!


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