How to have Depth and Stay Open


How to have Depth and Stay Open

How to have Depth and Stay Open

How to have Depth and Stay Open takes development as an Actor. The importance of both Depth and Openness are Key. Realize your talent by learning acting skills of staying open while you have Emotional Depth.

Realize your talents by staying open to Experiences!

Some Key Quotes in this Acting Article:
Openness opens you up to new experiences.
When something affects you in life or acting, you want to take note of it.

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BEING Before Doing in Acting!
Don’t Exercise without Emotional Weight.

Depth often needs the Artist or Actor to stay open in order for its expression to occur. The open passageway that the Actor works within themselves give Depth the ability to form and fully express itself.

Why Depth is Key

Depth of finding your own Deep impulses can amplify your talent.

Finding your Deep Emotional Ranges takes courage. Finding the courage to explore emotions that effect you tremendously is part of the plight of discovery.

Using Activations Journals to help you write when you notice yourself emotionally affected is key.

When something affects you in life or acting, you want to take note of it.

When you have Depth in your acting the emotional colors of that emotion will interact with what you are doing.

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Why Openness is Key

Openness is Receiving Another even though you may already have emotional stimulations.

Openness yourself even when already having stuff going on takes some discipline. The right kind of Discipline of balancing Receiving with what you already emotionally stimulated will really develop you as an Actor.

Openness opens you up to new experiences.

Experiencing Real-Time Experiences in your acting is key to being able to have subtle moments occur.

How to Balance Finding Depth and Staying Open

Balance includes the moment between when Emotional Preparation ends and Acting Exercises starts to Interact.

There is a key moment when an Actor must juggle their Emotional Preparation into their Acting work.

Juggling Emotional Preparation requires Balance. The KEY Thing is to find the moment of receiving the other Actor.

Once you really receive the other Actor you can know that your depth of emotion will come out through Interaction.

How to have Depth and Stay Open

Why you release Emotion AFTER your Acting

Releasing Emotion after acting will enhance your freedom and rest your acting muscles.

Emotions need rest between acting workouts. The more you are able to completely release your emotions after your acting work the more they will tend to show up for you when you do your acting.

AFTER Your Acting You can Release Both:
1. Your Emotional Preparation with Emotional Activation
2. The Emotions activated in your acting exercise or scene work.

Remember to use your Activations Journal to write down key points that mattered to you both during your acting work and after your acting work.

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How to have Depth and Stay Open

Working Emotions in a way that finds more depth as the work continues takes the ability to balance openness in acting and art. Simon Says aka describes acting with Depth and using Emotional Preparation. Emotional Depth is the ingredients that are internal stimulations that build up within ourselves.

Copyright 2022, Simon Blake

How to have Depth and Stay Open

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How to have Depth and Stay Open.

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