How to Find a Use for My Talent


How to Find a Use for My Talent

Finding a use for your talent is critical in acting. Where you apply your skills will make a difference towards being successful or not. Your success involving talent involves your abilities to release your talent, not the results of the size of the markets you influence.

Finding your talent does not mean that you will become an overnight sensation in acting. Finding a use for your talent will mean you find access to your emotions, feelings and instincts.

Where to Watch Use for My Talent?

Watch for the ability for yourself to build up your emotional talent then let it go like a spring board. This in acting is called spring boarding your emotion. You literally can wind up the depth you muster for your work and let go of it into your scene work.

Hack Your Life & Work

Being an Actor is similar to being a cleaning company. Rather than cleaning items you are constantly cleaning yourself in search for meaning of your own work. Clean with passion to Find the gems of your being.

Learning to Hack your life and work will you and others heal from their wounds. Although Acting is not therapy the exploring your participation in an incomplete family can be a source for your own talent.

How to Release

Whether you are falling in love or have just lost your mother in life you can amplify your talent by releasing. Releasing is the self permission to let go of the talent that is within you. You will know that it is talent because if you do not express it it will bottle up on your insides.

When you work with personal regret or similar emotions you may struggle at first to find your release valve. As the two became closer acquainted with each other, both the emotion of personal regret with expression will start to become interactive.

Talent is Drama when Emotion is Activated

The homes of ordinary people are filled with keepsakes of emotion and dramatic talent. Keepsakes of acting should be a motivation to really explore your own emotion.

Acting provides such a personal connection with the audience.

Emotion is the critical thing to self activate to expose your hidden talent. Even if you come from a happy family you can find elements of regret, despair and intrigue for your internal work as an Actor.

Be Open to Change

Consistency requires change in order for growth to succeed. You will have not have any human growth without change. As you began to heal from one thing you will have another adjustment to make to another.

Change and openness are two different items. As the two became acquainted in the acting classrooms the talent of the actor started to unfold. The moments were a surprise to even them as they experienced them. For the first time the actor started to feel the effects of their own talent.

Select Your Talents

It is a critical juncture to consider that you get to make choices that select your own talents. You may remember your mother in a car accident or yourself at your mother’s funeral. This alone could be a choice for an Actor to work with such deep memories.

When you select your talents you select your emotions. Determine the Emotions that you want to spend time with. Befriend the emotions you work with. This is key.

Measure your Top 5 Talents in Minutes

Take 5 minutes to measure the emotions you have currently living in you the strongest. Picking emotions that are fresh to put into your acting work will often be the ticket to your success.

Imagine yourself starring with ren qi ang shuang jiao in season episodes of “Use for my Talent” the film. Or put yourself in the scenes imagining you are there to expand your the use of your talents.

The more you wake and utilize your instincts the more will be available to you.

Emotions are Homes for Ordinary People

The extraordinary concept that emotions are the home of ordinary people help you to learn about humanity. Learning your own humanity by exploring what emotions move you and which do not is your job as an Actor.

Write in a Journal

Write in an Activations Journal. Every time you have an emotional experience write it down. You can write full story length like a diary or bullet points of the experience.

What you write in a Journal later can be used to prepare for the acting dramas you will do in acting classes and rehearsals. Incorporate real life experiences as a starting point to explore the Emotional Preparation prior to your acting work.

Life, It’s a Short Drama

The truth is imagining yourself in a short Drama with Dai Yun Fan or Jun Jie as she lost her mother can be an incredible acting exercise as you learn and expand your talent.

Experience the fullness of a loss of a mother. Imagine feelings of love so beautiful that you would forget where you are when you are with a person. This is the type of depth and dimension that Actors require in acting.

How Emotions help TV Series in Acting

Actors who do TV Series often go in playing themselves and being a farce to their own talent. Instead work with emotions to help yourself have a real-time living experience in your scene work.

If you are working for a cleaning company in the TV series than go out get a job cleaning. Feel the emotions of what doing that job actually entails.

Explore the Full Life Framework

Exploring the full life framework as an Actor requires you to study plumbing if you are a plumber in the Imaginary Circumstances. Getting a job or studying the trade of plumbing will inform you as an Actor of all the life framework that is required for your acting role.

Grow Your People, Grow Your Company

There is a fabulous saying, “Grow Your People, Grow Your Company”. When you find great actors who want to explore their ranges of emotion try to stay open to doing more work with them. The more contacts you have of like minded people the further you will go in this industry.

Reach Perfection

Perfection in acting is an achievable thing. It is not that you will be perfect. Perfection in acting means you will reach a confidence to consistently find your own talent of Depth.

Talent and Depth produce near perfect results in acting.

Be a Jasper Liu or Shen Yue

You don’t have to be Jasper Liu or Shen Yue in the picture “Use for my Talent” to know your own emotions. Emotions are the critical ability that actors use to interact with each other.

The practice of interacting with Emotions are an improvisational exploration. You explore your ability to improvise using Emotions. By Sparking your emotion you empower an emotional range to affect the scene through interaction. The key is through interaction the emotion remains activated in your acting.

Multiply Your Impact

You can multiply your emotional impact in acting with your talent. Use for your talent will amplify the acting interaction. Many schools of thought call acting interaction Imaginary Circumstances. Every Actor needs to ask themselves “How to Find a Use for My Talent”. Find your own acting technique that is adjusted to your own emotions and journey.

Chinese Drama needs Emotional Preparation

Emotional Preparation is needed in Chinese Drama. Many different styles of acting rely on performance of fake emotion. The real emotion will undercurrent the acting work and leave an impact on the audience.

What is Emotional Preparation?

Emotional Preparation is the ability to prepare an emotion towards a scene. It often is used only for the initiation of scene work. The overflow of a well sparked emotion will effect the acting as interaction occurs with it throughout.

There is an enormous difference between doing all the logic work of Emotional Preparation and doing all the background work with Emotional Activation. The key of Emotional Preparation rests in the Actors Emotional Activation!

Emotions are the Actors Toolkit

The talent that Actors have are their emotions. The ability to interact with emotions is the critical component.

The Actors toolkit are the different ranges of emotion they are able to achieve in their acting. Self activating being fired as an employee and all the emotions related is one example. Another example of having a mother in a car accident and having the emotions related.

You may have to find the range of emotions of falling in love or being part of a happy family.

The Release Date of your Emotional Preparation

The release date of your Emotion as an Actor is the timing of your Emotional Activation. There is a technique to simmer your emotional activation until the right timing in the scene. Your hidden talent rests in the ability to find the that timing. Study in your Acting Activations book How to Find a Use for My Talent.

You Emotional Preparation Release Date – Just Prior to your work

If you are working on a scene requiring you starring shen yue and you become an employee in gu ren. If there is a scene where you get fired you need to time the ability to prepare on all those emotions at the right time of the scene.

Knowing those emotions for your acting will take work. Releasing those emotions in the right timing takes even more practice. Often if you Emotionally Prepare the night before. Eat a nice meal that will settle your stomach for an emotional day the next day. Then you can reactivate your emotions the prior day. This takes you learning by trial and error your Emotional Activation timing.

Coincidental use for My Talent

Is there any coincidental use for your talent? Likely not. If you work hard to have access to your emotions you will be able to access what you need.

You could walk into an audition expecting a love scene and be told that the part to audition for is a completely opposite emotion. It will be no coincidence if you are able to find the opposite range of emotion quickly or if you struggle with it.

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How to Find a Use for My Talent
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