How to Express Yourself Better


How to Express Yourself Better

How to Express Yourself Better

How to Express Yourself Better is important. You can achieve finding your emotions by following your feelings. Feelings are inclinations that lead you towards how to express yourself! Emotional Expressions have even more of yourself connected to the expression.

Your Feelings lead you into your Emotions!

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“The Actors Activations Journal is for artists, musicians, actors and creators.”
After getting in touch with both your feelings and emotions, learning to release Expressions is key.

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Finding how to Express Yourself Better will develop your art, acting and music. There are techniques that Actors use to find their expressions. Let’s Explore some.

Feelings are Inclinations

Feelings are inclinations, instincts and indicators that we all feel.

Sometimes feelings can come and go quickly. When you feel a feeling, it could be there one second and gone the next unless it becomes a deeper feeling. Feelings ping off and resonate with us all the time when we are open to life and circumstances.

Knowing that Feelings are inclinations help us towards how to express yourself better.

If Feelings are received within us, and they happen be resonate with us even more, they may go even deeper within us. These deeper feelings will often provide even greater expressions. The deeper the feeling the deeper the expression.

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Emotions are Deeper Than Feelings

After a feeling becomes deeper within us, if the feeling stays within us longer, it will become an emotion.

Actors who work with depth work with Emotions. There is acting techniques that are called Emotional Preparation, Emotional Meditation Technique and Emotional Activations.

The key in how to express yourself better is to find your deeper impulses by finding your emotions.

Emotions come with an emotional weight. Emotional Weight, if too heavy may not come out as expressions. You may have to train in acting to be able to learn to release the deeper emotional expressions.

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The Actor’s Activations Journal

The Actors Activations Journal is for artists, musicians, actors and creators.

Painters can use the Activations Journal to find inspiration or write a prose of poetry as painting inspiration!

The Activations Journal is how to express yourself better by finding your current emotional activations. Finding your own current emotional activations will help you accurately express yourself.

Take a look at the directions of how to work with your own Activations. Then work with one of Simon’s Emotions Lists, to do the work to find your expressions.

Knowing how to achieve and activate your emotions will directly affect your abilities to express yourself. Some Actors use a process called Emotional Preparation to help their personal expressions.

How to Release Expressions, when Emotions are pinched

After getting in touch with both your feelings and emotions, learning to release Expressions is key.

The key in How to Express Yourself Better requires activating your emotions and feelings. Pinching out your expressions using contact with the deeper internal thing will help you find your talent.

Releasing Expressions takes learning techniques to pinch out the emotions.

Pinching out emotions may release a variety of emotions within the same expression. Permission yourself, to release and discover what your expression is, is part of the thrill of acting.

What is Emotional Preparation

How to Express Yourself Better for many means working with Emotional Preparation.

An Introduction to Emotional Preparation will help you to match the desired emotion to the desired emotional range of the material.

Acting is the practice of Being, not just doing. Being is the Emotional side of acting, which finds your internal impulse of that emotional range.

Emotional Preparation requires you to expand your emotional Depth. Emotional Meditation Technique vs Emotional Preparation explains this part of the preparation process.

Emotional Activation is the last key to spark plug your emotion into action.

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How to Express Yourself Better is Important!

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Simon Blake has studied over 30,000 – 40,000 acting exercises and studied over 8-10++ thousand acting students work in acting. Studying their Emotional Preparation to their Spoon River Anthology Work. Studying every area of Acting training work with well over 30 Teachers including himself.

“Learning Emotional Preparation for Musicians, Artists, Creator and Actors is incredible.  Applying Activated Emotion prior to doing is key!”

Simon Blake runs and operates the website which teaches Actors how to add Emotion to their acting.   Using improved acting techniques for Actors and Music.

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Simon Blake teaches that Acting is BEing , then DOing. As Emotions need to be activated first and then the being side of acting put into the Doing side of Interaction with Activated Emotions.
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How to Express Yourself Better explores how to activate emotions.  The activated emotion creates the artistic values in acting.

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