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Authenticity is honesty in acting. Acting requires authenticity because when moments happen you can’t anticipate what may really happen. In truthful acting you work under unanticipated circumstances. In the Actors Imaginary World they give themselves their own freedom to feel and emote with full honest expression.

Emotion activated with Emotional Preparation will bring out new behaviors in the Actor. Developing acting technique to activate desired emotional ranges is key. Trust your honesty in acting and expand your talent.

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“In truthful acting you work under unanticipated circumstances.”
– Simon Blake

How Honesty Liberate The Actor For Great Acting

Honesty is the Authenticity that saves the Actor from collapsing into thinking they have made mistakes. Mistakes are the progression of learning to build success in acting. Honesty is the Liberation and forgiveness in life that is great for acting.

When Actors allow themselves to be honest they start to learn through osmosis and inflection rather than Logical Calculation. Be honest and simple and don’t rely on upkeeping a fake or presented persona during acting. Instead learn the acting technique of authenticity because that’s what we’re here to do as Actors, which is find growth within ourselves and put our growth into interaction.

Doing is nothing more than Interaction in Acting. Being is the adding of emotion to your doing in order to have inner life in acting.


Actor’s Root Themselves in Honest Authenticity Using Acting Technique

Actors who root themselves in honest authenticity don’t have a mind game to balance while acting. Instead they trust that however they are expressing themselves is accurate to the approach of growth on the acting path they are on. The craft of acting is more about growth than perfection.

To be a principled teacher in acting a student must become their own teacher by learning to utilize themselves as their own instrument. Good acting takes the ability to consider contrary opinions and learn lessons through repetition. It is indeed ok to make the same mistake over and over until it is overcome. Through working with acting techniques and actor must confirm their own instincts within the imaginary circumstances.

Honesty is Admitting The Real Moment When it Happens

Honesty is receiving from another a contrary opinion even when their opinion is a hardship to receive. The idea of an interesting actor is to receive the real moment and interact with it regardless of preconceptions or predetermined identity.

The real moment will make you a better actor as you interweave the results of your imaginary world without refusal.

Honesty Liberates Acting Students Acting Techniques

What is Honesty in Acting

Honesty in acting will help the Actor achieve instinctively an fulfil a impromptu quality of spontaneity within the acting work. Honesty is the baseline and keynote address of how an Actor must be authentic. The instinctive responses within the Actor onstage will recognize unique qualities within the Actor.

Honesty will help the personality of the Actor be celebrate within the acting work and help to achieve scene work. When Actor’s bring in preconceived notions about who and what they are they create an impediment and form a coalition that they defend rather than a interaction they include.

How Honest Emotion Helps Audiences Identify Their Own Truth

Honest Emotion help audiences to identify their own truth from their own internal fiction. The idea how liberating an Actor can get within a part will enthuse an audience to find within themselves a similar liberation. Protagonists in playwright scripts often enthuse the audience with authenticity to help the audience recognise where to release their own insecure habits.

When an Actor is a freedom fighter for the audiences internal conflict they goodwill success in finding their own marketplace and often can last an entire career once this break through occurs.

Is Sanford Meisner Truthful or Method Acting or Simple Acting Improvisation

There are all types of conflicts within the ability to find or credit acting techniques. Sandford Meisner was involved to help many actors as many other teachers did. The crime however is in the conflict that students feel they must defend their acting technique approaches. Simple Acting improvisations were also the techniques that were done long before the re-popularity of these techniques to modern society.

The arguments over method or not still remains that Meisner is a principled teacher of acting as are the other “guru” acting teachers and followings. Whatever helps you to find your internal self into expression into imaginary conditions is a great approach.


Acting Improvisations with Emotion Will Find Your Truth

Actors I can pretty well count on are ones that study the ability to find emotion within themselves. These Actors often keep Activation Journals and work to find Emotional Preparations within themselves to self activate their emotional truth.

There are acting improvisations done with emotions dating back to Greece Dramas on Theatres before the popularization of Modern Day Televisions, Broadcasting and Internet Connections.

The Truth of the Acting Business is Far from the Truth Within Self

You can pretty much tell which ones have an Acting technique and which Actors do not. The truth of the acting business is it is really political and most of the casting is special casting circumstances. People who know other people is often the term used to do early casting sessions and include back office casting calls.

Most parts in the Acting Industry do not audition, but are negotiated with Managers, contacts who know one another or other scenarios. It is also key to note that most parts cast in open front office auditions are not for the main parts in the scripts, they are usually for the smaller parts in the productions.

Production company politics have all types of nuances.

Is Lee Strasberg, Stella Adler, Stanislavski and Meisner Technique Ego Trips or Helpful To Actors

The “Guru” Acting teachers of Lee Strasberg, Stella Adler, Stanislavski or Sanford Meisner all have their own value for the right student. Some students choose to learn more than one acting technique in order to learn who they are as an Actor.

The biggest consideration is to know you have to have the advancement of creating your own acting technique in order to fully be able to utilize Emotional Preparation. Having a reliable place to rehearse in acting classes will show you how you differ from one week to another.

To say that Meisner believes that the actor must be authentic but other teachers did not is not the most accurate of information. Each teachers drive had authentic points and intentions.

Authenticity Does not need defending! Finding your own Authenticity is not following someone else’s.

The 4th Wall of Imaginary Circumstances Helps Actors Find Their Own Power of Truth

The 4th wall is the concentration that acting activities build within the Actor. The 4th Wall is the rule of law of the theatre. It is essential for the audience not to be a distraction to the actor during the Actors participation within the Imaginary Circumstances.

Practicing entering into and Releases after time spend in the Imaginary Circumstances is essential for the Actors Technique Training.

Oppression on Stage Is Nuanced In Logic Rather Than Freedom Of Expression

Logic is the Ruin of Freedom on the Stage. The oppression of the Actor often initiates with self doubt or logical thinking. The leap of faith into the imaginary acting situation practices the freedom of expression within the given reality of the playwright.

The Impulse of the Actor to Be Authentic Is Natural

The repetition exercise will help the Actor to gain their impulses and responsiveness into expression. The goal of authenticity is to rid yourself of judgement and get into a state of a type of Natural relaxedness. A tense relaxedness is the ideal suspenseful ideals of an Actor who has the training to explore the authentic moment.

You Must Embrace Who You Really Are as well as How Others View You

Often times Actors learning acting redefine themselves to learn about who they are all over again within the freedom of the Stage. Developing acting techniques require you to embrace who you really are and find out how others view you when you are under emotional influences.

The keys to embracing yourself require the Emotional Preparation Technique. Emotional Preparation is the process of self activating your own emotional life and then interacting with it in your acting world. Playing around with different Emotional Preparations is critical to being able to find out who you really are and how you respond with different activated emotional ranges.

Authenticity is Honesty Activated!

Actors Train to Truthfully Honor the Vision of the Playwright

Actors who honor the vision of the playwright will achieve the truthful journey the playwright intended. The skill the Acting Student develops to be able to activate their emotions to match the emotional ranges of the journey of the storyline is the fascination of acting.

Lay Down Your Complications for the Simplicity Of An Honest Moment

Simplicity is the honest moment that we must lay down to and humble ourselves to realize in acting. Acting with simplicity means being able to turn on a dime to the reality that is present rather than defending what ideal we want to be seen as.

Performing Arts without the Performing Is a Perfect Performance

The perfect performance in acting is no performance at all. Performing Arts is the ability to not be aware that you are performing at all because you are caught up in the moment of the real time happening.

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