How To Prepare for Acting Classes?


How DO you Prepare for Acting Classes

How DO you Prepare for Acting Classes?

How DO you Prepare for Acting Classes? The more ‘prepared’ you are the more your emotions, openness and instincts are ready for your ‘acting’. Acting is Activation and Interaction! Introspection work is how to prepare with exercises you can do alone, to prepare for acting classes.

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Some Key Quotes of this Acting Article:
“Emotional Preparation is the self-stimulation of one’s own emotions.”
Do the Being side of work of practicing Activating your own Emotions!

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How DO you Prepare for Acting Classes? How do you ready yourself to LEAP INTo an Acting Experience? How do you leap into an experience with a Fresh outlook to have a fresh, anew experience?


Use and Explore Emotional Preparation

The exploration of Emotional Preparation requires assessing the emotion desired in the scene or acting exercise. In an Acting class you often have freedom to work with a wide range of emotions. You can find things, anything, that activates your emotions in the Emotional Preparation process.

Emotional Preparation is the self-stimulation of one’s own emotions.

You literally learn the knack of preparing an emotional range. You can use Daydreaming or Real-life recollections to spark yourself to spend time within an emotion.

The KEY to Emotional Preparation is the Actors Emotions Triangle. Knowing that Feelings are often fleeting and flirting is key. A Flirting Feeling can be a wondering thing, but it may not be a reliable thing to show up in your acting interaction. Deep Feelings if patient, will turn into Emotions.

Working with Emotions rather than feelings in Emotional Preparation will tend to show up within your acting with more consistency.

QUICK: There is an Interactive PDF of 110 Classes worth of Activities (over 1100!).

Do the Research to Match Emotion to the Scene

Doing the research to match the emotion to the scene is important.

How DO you Prepare for Acting Classes depends upon if you are working towards scene work or doing improvisational discovery work.

In Acting, you may need to do extra work to find a specific emotional range. If the writer of the scene that you selected to work on has a specific element, then you need to do the work to find that element. Don’t be afraid to research to find what you need in order to achieve that Emotional Preparation.

Research to Match an Emotion to a Scene may require going out at a different time of day or night to different locations you don’t normally frequent. You may need to go with an acting buddy to a location you would never go into on your own. You may need to study details of places, people, things or experiences of others.

Practicing Activating that specific Emotional Range

There is a list of exercises that you can do all alone on this website.

You want to practice the Being side of Acting, which is the emotions side of acting. You want to practice the Doing side of acting with both exercises you do alone as well as acting interactions and improvisations. The more you can develop habits for yourself that work to practice activations the better you will be able to build consistencies.

KEY: Determine the Specific Emotional Range.
Determine the single emotion desired, and the range of emotions desired for the work.

Do the Being side of work of practicing Activating your own Emotions!

Surface vs Deep Emotions is a key understanding in finding specific emotional ranges.

How to Use an Actors Activations Journal

An Actors Activations Journal is a vital step in doing the Being side of Acting.

The simple Instructions on how to use an Activations Journal:

  • Pick 5-20 Emotions
  • Isolate a Single Emotion to work with
  • With Single Emotion Remember:
  • #1, 2-4 Real-Life Experiences you remember strongly that emotion
  • #2, 2-4 Real-Life Experiences you witnessed another in that strong emotion
  • #3, 1-3 Imaginary Conditions, that if you were really inside of, you would feel that emotion

Why Use an Emotions List?

The Emotions List is a vital part to Acting Training to expand your emotional range of talent.

The more emotions that you can work from as an Actor the wider your acting range is. The wider your acting range is the more talent you have learned how to work with.

If you want to expand your talent, you need to expand the emotions you are able to activate. When you activate the emotions in your work, you learn the talent of self-activation for your acting work.

Instructions on how to use Emotions list can be very helpful.

Learn the Interaction of the Acting Exercise

How DO you Prepare for Acting Classes? With building your own skills, craft and outcomes. You can affect your own outcomes in acting by DOing the BEing side of work before doing the Interaction of acting.

There are components of acting that require you to do interaction. Interaction is the key in acting. The more you are able to train yourself to receive others during interaction the more talent you be able to express.

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