Acting and Emotional Preparation

Acting and Emotional Preparation

Acting and Emotional Preparation are highly sought after skills. Learning Techniques in both acting and Emotions in acting are key to building Actors Craft. Using Independent Activities are key to building Actors Concentration.

Acting and Emotional Preparation are explained in depth in this website. There are copious Acting Lists that you can utilize to expand your own talent in Acting.

(Introspection is the BEING side of Acting!)
Doing the Doing side of work without the Being side of work lessens your expressed talent!

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You want to explore Emotional Preparation for Music, Art and Acting. Emotional Preparation is the ability to self-stimulate your own emotion within a specific emotional range. You spark your own ignition and spark your own Emotion.

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This Site is an Actors Resource Center to be able to do the Doing Side and the Being Side of Acting!

Learning Emotional Preparation is one of the most important aspects of Art, Acting and Music. Learn to create with Activated Emotion. Many (even famous) Actors I have seen and worked with forget to “Activate” their Emotion. They do all these crazy things to understand a logical sense of the emotion and then forget to activate their own personal emotion.
Remember: Activating Your own Emotion is the KEY!!

Check out the Materials, Share and Care about what you put into your acting.
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Acting and Emotional Preparation is the MOST Exciting thing in the Arts. It is Fantastic Fun to learn the Skill of Purposefully Upsetting Yourself and then Leaping into the Imaginary Circumstances!

Over and Over doing the work of Activating your Emotions and Jumping into Improvisations is the game that Actors play to gain Spontaneity themselves and develop their own Talent.

This Site has great and detailed Steps of Emotional Preparation which can help you take that leap of faith.

Learning Techniques that put yourself into Imaginary Circumstances with that Spark!

Acting Book By Simon Blake
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Emotional Preparation is the emotional self stimulation process (BEing Process) before entering the DOing process of interacting in acting.

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It does take time to learn acting, but you can start doing Emotional Preparation Techniques and feel the Activated Emotions starting right away in acting.

Adding Emotional Preparation to your work takes Guts and the thrill and excitement of wanting to have deeper experiences.

Learning how to put your own Emotions into your acting work takes fun trial and error exercises that Simon does Live on the internet.

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Learn Acting By Doing.

Learning what is Emotional Preparation is even more difficult. Learning to Emotionally have continuity when Acting or at least have consistent emotions when you are acting is a very difficult feat that is achievable.

Learning Acting is hard work and involves learning a lot more than just acting techniques. However, Acting techniques and good habits can help you learn the many other skills that can help take your career places. Independent Activity Doing Exercises are part of the independent aspect of acting which add skills to your acting resume after you know how to do them well.

This Site has Acting and Emotional Preparation Resources!

Check out the:
900+ Independent Activities List to use for your acting.
518 Emotions List – To Use to Organize your Acting and Emotional Preparations
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It is important to learn it as there are so many surprises that occur in this industry. Due to the surprises that this industry can incur you want to prepare yourself as best possible to learn within a structure things that will help you build a career and favorable scene for learning. Acting and Emotional Preparation are both keys to being able to learn Acting.

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Upcoming Books being Published

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There are upcoming books being published for Acting and Emotional Preparation. Many of the pages on this site have sections of the books which explains some of the formatting still being worked on.

Acting and Emotional Preparation

Expand Your Emotions = Expanding Your Talent

The Importance of Acting and Emotional Preparation

The Importance of Acting and Emotional Preparation is the difference between watching energized work vs non energized work. The Emotional Preparation generated gets transferred into the work of the acting scenes or exercises. The best scenes often look identical to exercise work that appear unrehearsed even when scripted.

Acting and Emotional Preparation go hand in hand in tying together the Emotional aspects into the practical interactions between the Actors. The Actors learn by understanding first, then by doing second. Exercises are set up so that practice of Doing occurs and the restrictions and nerves are relaxed so a full and real experience persistently happens.

Acting Activities Worksheets

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Learning Emotional Preparation takes time and patience. Sparking your own emotional engine is key in adding emotion into your acting.

How do you add your Emotion into your acting? Through Interaction!
Interaction is the key to being able to achieve putting your emotions into acting. Discovering which emotion will come into your interaction in real time is the thrill of acting. You will learn how to purposefully self-stimulate your own emotions, but how you express those emotions depends upon your acting interaction.

As Failure applies to failing at Emotional Preparation, the extraction is the lessons learned. Intentionally setting yourself up to experience the unfamiliar which you can never succeed over fully because each scene is a new experience. Los Angeles

The Acting with Emotional Preparation often needs to be one hundred or more times rehearsed over a six month or even longer period. Rehearsals are not rehearsing the same activity or script but more variance provide the wide base needed for learning.

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Emotional Preparation is the Technique process of Actors to put Emotion into their acting. Traditional Emotional Preparation is designed only for the first moment of the work. However, there are several different techniques to achieve Emotional Preparation.

Comment, Learn and Participate with Simon to explore how to put Emotions into your Acting.

Acting and Emotional Preparation

About Simon Blake

Simon Blake has studied between 30 000 – 40 000 acting exercises and studied over 8-10++ thousand acting students work in acting. Studying their Emotional Preparation to their Spoon River Work. Studying every area of Meisner training work with well over 30 Teachers including himself.

“Meisner In and Out Exercise, which was later known as Doors and Activities give a basic building blocks to modern day acting”

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After being assaulted by an industry student associated with the school Simon moved on to finish his acting books and start teaching acting online on YouTube. He is available for Live Feed classes as well as private coaching sessions if you contact him to arrange it or find the times on the website.

Simon Blake runs and operates the website which teaches Actors how to add Emotion to their acting using improved acting techniques.

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