Finding Value in the other Actor


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Finding Value in the other Actor

Finding value in the other actor is a tool that many actors forget to achieve. The more you can use techniques to increase the value to you of what others mean to you in your acting the more believable you will be.

The goals of acting is to believe the other. Believing the other is a step to take in your acting techniques.

Some Main Quotes of this Acting Article:
Help to build Dynamics within a scene by believing the other.
Finding Value in the other Actor is YOUR Job, not theirs.

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BEING Before DOING is key in acting.

The more work you can do to justify and realize the depth of another, often the more depth you will find within yourself.

Help to build Dynamics within a scene by believing the other.

The ability to build up trust is also key in acting. This is why rehearsals can be so beneficial for actors. You can also do rehearsals yourself using emotional preparation techniques in different emotional ranges which can help you build up Dynamics.

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The Finding Value in the other Actor is key to being able to stay interesting and interested during doing scenes. The main principle discussed here is the ability to be free enough in yourself to invest interest in the other.

The trust that Actors and Theatre types need to do during scenes is to discover the trust that they are able to invest interest in the other. This is done by finding a value in the other Actor

The goal of finding interesting things in another needs to be a priority in order to have your work and be interesting.

Techniques to find other Actor More interesting

1.Take a pen and paper and sit down in comfortable space.

2. Start to write down your observations on the other Actor. Anything that you find interesting put in on a list.

3. Write down all types of observations and check again regardless of if it is mean, funny, nice, attraction or repulsion qualities.

4. Take the list of items that you have and determine if the item is an attraction or repulsion. Example: Do you like or repulse the fact that the other actor had blue hair dye in their hair. Is it something that you like or is it something that you dislike?

5. Incorporate those items in your scenes by determining how they could help you to connect to the other Actor.

5b. You can incorporate these items by studying the scene finding places where you like and dislike the person during the scene. This will help the dynamics of the scene. After doing this work forget you have done it. Let the relationship be what it is without focusing on it and you will have automatically because you did the work add to the dynamics of your scene work.

6. If you have struggles find an Acting coach that can help build interest and intrigue and responses that are genuine from you about the other Actor you are working with.

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Finding Value in the other Actor is YOUR Job, not theirs.


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