How to Express Yourself as an Actor


How to Express Yourself as an Actor without fake acting!

How to Express Yourself as an Actor

How to express yourself as an Actor with emotion is acting technique. Activating your own emotion and then interacting is key to expressing yourself. Back the Expression with the Emotion!

Acting techniques are fun to practice releasing your talent!

Main Quotes:
Gaining your own expressiveness takes the courage
If you stay connected to the stimulus you will express.
How to Express Yourself as an Actor is with Emotion backing your every action, every word and every expression!
“Feelings can be fleeting, so instead work with Emotions!”

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BEING Before DOING is key in acting!

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Emotions Support Expressions

Emotion supports the expression.

When you have acting technique as an Actor you learn to activate your emotions and have your emotions back your own expressions. Expressing with activated emotions is very different than expressing without activated emotion.

Supporting your expressions will give you believability in acting.

Learning the techniques to Activate your Emotions is the last step (and a very important step) of the steps of Emotional Preparation.

After learning to work with a lit emotional fuse, you will want to work with active emotions all the time. When you active your emotions in acting you will experience far more expressions readily available to you. Your expressions will mean more because they are backed by emotion.

An Actor Enters into Imaginary Conditions

An Actor has a choice to make when they enter the stage.

The Actor enters and Imaginary Condition or an Imaginary Circumstance when they enter the acting scene. If the Actor chooses to enter with activated emotion, they will add purpose to their actions. Adding purpose, by adding emotion, will help the Actor achieve a greater reality within the imaginary circumstances.

How to Express Yourself as an Actor is with Emotion backing your every action, every word and every expression!

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Timing and Patience

How to express yourself as an Actor takes time and practice.

Time to be patient even during your acting work helps for moments to be realized. Practice comes with allowing yourself the experience by accepting the truthfulness of the moments in front of you.

Express yourself as an Actor by patiently digging for emotional stimulus. When the moment activates within you, you will be ready to express what pinches out of you emotionally.

It will take time to learn to activate your emotions and do your own Emotional Preparations.

The Actors Activations Journal

How to Express Yourself as an Actor is key when using the Actors Activations Journal.

You want to find your abilities of your own current emotional life. Your emotional life is your own talent. You learn to access your own talent to learn how to express yourself as an Actor.

Using the Actors Emotions List you can start to build up and find your own current emotions. Current emotions are emotions that you as an artist and an Actor can readily access.

Follow the Activations Journal instructions to find your own talents!

Learning to express yourself as an Actor gains you not only insight into your scenes but merges your efforts. What is achieved is accomplishing real time occurrences within your scene. Your work will become more real by adding real expression to your acting.

Learn to match your own emotions to your own actions!

Gaining your own expressiveness takes the courage to overcome your own fear of expression. Most Actors express themselves as presenters of facts in the scripts.

Find your own Emotions, beneath your feelings and inclinations!

Feelings can be fleeting, so instead work with Emotions!

Many Actors defend their own points of view in their acting improvisations. Instead simply activate your own emotions and receive the other Actor. Drop your own ego and receive, and discover what might actually return to you from your Emotional Preparation.

Often emotions stimulated in self-activation techniques will return to actors in the interaction of their acting work.

The Actor Preparation does not control the direction the scripts take as they are only participants on the uncontrollable ride of their circumstances. Actors who defend their points of view often miss experiencing their own scenes because they are holding back with a feeling of being right over being involved.

You have a choice as an Actor to express the most common way or to find your own way of intaking the scene as it functions. Finding the experience by letting go of all preplanning will discover the real time happenings of the scene.

Having Acting Hindsight

Actors feel that they need to represent their outcomes. The better approach is to allow the scenes happenings to reflect in you with hindsight. This is not an approach to acting that is taught or at least not frequently taught in any school of acting past or present.

The Hindsight approach to acting is ago allow the happenings of the scene to reflect in you. Referencing what is happening to you is not intellectualizing the scene but a form of discovering the scene. You have a meter of your own reality that you are in and center yourself with. With your own sense of who you are your hindsight the scenes functions with your real responses.

Many Actors feel that their own sense of self does not belong in the scene. Many schools of thoughts in acting teach that you do not include your own common sense or personal view on what is happening. Using a hindsight approach, you reflect what is externally going on with what is your own internal compass.

The difference between hindsight and average working off techniques is that hindsight allows the time to really self-reference the external witness. It is advisable to turn most of your acting into this type of discovery experience. If you are playing a cop in a show you want to reflect other similar experiences as the scenes experience as you are in the scene. Only the best Actors ever consistently achieve this type of recourse and communication within their scenes.

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Gaining the Experience by Living It

How to express yourself as an Actor is that you gain the experience by living and being involved in the experience. Involvement does not mean that you pick up everything around you and juggle it. Involvement means that you interexchange the ideas and concepts external to you with those that are already internal in you.

Many Actors think that living out a scene requires finesse that involves motion. Interexchange with the ideals and different concepts that attract and repel you. Discover the differencing opinions of your external surroundings.

With behavior experience the beliefs surrounding you and absorb the mindset of your circumstances. If you are in a home during a scene which shows respect to political views allow it to resonate with you and contrary your own views. When the time comes that the lines need to be said you will have a behavioral expression because your inner inter-activeness.

Emotional Preparation helps to gain the experience. Open yourself up to enhance your inter-activeness.

What Not to Do in Acting

If you are an Actor who really wants to express yourself, you need to put yourself in a place where you are expressing your own viewpoints and not others. Finding materials that able your own viewpoints is key.

The abilities that actors have to gain experiences by experimenting with Acting techniques is far different than what not to do in acting, which is not to stop yourself from finding your own depth.

Acting Expressions

Regardless of impressions expressions are also most powerful when they are relatable to their surroundings. It is far more captivating and intriguing to discover and be responsive to something that is immediate to you. Choosing stimulus to respond to that you can interact with is a simple and solid way to approach expressions.

Subtleness is the ideal undercurrent that will amplify itself into something grander with interaction. Finding the textures of your expression will underlie your interaction. Expressing is more than just about dialogue but more about body language and behavior.

How to express yourself as an Actor is getting to the understanding that a lot of expression is self-evident. If you stay connected to the stimulus you will express. If you keep open your own attraction and repulsion responses, you will continue to express what you truly are experiencing rather than affronting and ideal or false attitude.

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Emotional Preparation and Actor Expression:

Keys to how to express yourself as an Actor definitely involve Emotional Preparation. Emotional Preparation is the emotional self-stimulation process which warms up and activates emotional life in the Actor.

Warming up emotion, past the point of fleeting feelings is the key transition in Expression. Waiting for the feelings to become emotions before using them will change the acting work for the better.

Understanding How to do Emotional Preparation can really enhance personal expression in acting.

How to Express Yourself as an Actor Summary:

How to Express yourself as an Actor is a challenge to learn the differences between your own opinions, feelings, reactions compared to your interactive emotions.

You give yourself the best chance of interacting with emotions when you activate your emotions in Emotional Preparation.

Express yourself as an Actor by finding and using Emotional Preparation Techniques.

How to Express yourself as an Actor takes the patience to find your own stimulus without giving to fake behaviors. Patience helps find Reality.

Copyright 2018-2021, 2022 Simon Blake

Gaining the experience of expression is key to acting. Learning to express the life in acting and expressing yourself based on what stimulates you are the results.

Copyright 2018-2021, 2022 Simon Blake


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