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The Emotions Triangle & Layers give a solid understanding to Actors. Knowing that emotions lie beneath Feeling receptors is key. Feelings are inclinations. Feelings are receptors that if matured become emotions. Emotional Preparation is so difficult to learn for many actors because they prepare only on feelings. When Actors are patient to allow their Feelings mature into Emotions they find their Talent! You can find your talent by finding your emotions and interacting!

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“When Actors are patient to allow their Feelings mature into Emotions they find their Talent!”
– Simon Blake

The Emotions Triangle & Layers

Emotions Triangle for Actors will build acting technique by helping to realize the difference between an emotion and a feeling. Okay let’s jump right into this thing i’ve drawn this out so we can go through it a little faster this is an essential essential essential lesson for every single actor musician performer artist dancer anything like that if you’re doing anything with your emotion this is an essential essential essential lesson now this is something that i’ve come up with it’s called the emotions triangle


It is a triangle because it will tell you exactly where you’re working in your work are you working from your gut are you working from your head are you thinking of an idea or are you only working from a feeling feeling is lesser than an emotion and that is absolutely key to creating anything with emotion you’ve got to get the emotion activated first and you’ve got to know where to find it so let’s go through

This this emotions triangle again actors musicians dancers all of that all right thoughts the top of the triangle is thoughts you’ve got thoughts now there’s thoughts and then there’s other people’s thoughts so you wanna you wanna ideally there’s other people’s thoughts and then there’s your own thoughts okay that’s done now next is the ideas same thing there’s ideas and then there’s great ideas

Are these ideas your own ideas well they may or may not be but if they’re great ideas they’ll resonate with you they’ll absolutely verbate they will have an ambiance with you they will be something that triggers you in a way that you can actually put that trigger into your work that will be a great idea a great idea and that sometimes is enough to create with howeve

There’s a lot more on this triangle to work with and work from and work from within yourself than just your thoughts ideas and great ideas let’s look at it so the next one here i’ve got is feeling we’ve got feeling okay now every i mean i can tell you i’ve seen way way over 30 000 acting exercises from famous people to people who were planning to be famous so that they could. Emotions Triangle for Actors builds acting technique by knowing difference between emotions and feelings.

Already have casted roles all that other nonsense listen it’s an absolute true thing i’ve seen so many times actors chase their feelings you don’t need to that’s the freedom of the work the work is actors dancers musicians everybody they can absolutely work from themselves without having to chase a feeling but the reason why they’re chasing a feeling is because they think it’s an

Emotion which now now that makes sense right so we’ve got thoughts we’ve ideas we’ve great ideas then we’ve got feelings then we’ve got deep feelings now in at split second if you are open as an artist as an actor then all of a sudden that deep feeling can slide right into an emotion but it’s still going down the elevator so

It’s it’s really key it depends how open you are these things can change very rapidly but you’ve got to know you know sometimes they get stuck in you it’s very hard to work through each single step it depends on what emotional range you’re trying to work on so we’ve got the feelings turn into deep feelings underneath that is emotion now emotion is different than feelings feelings are inclinations

Inclinations these are things that are just inclinations these are receptors you can work well with receptors it can be very stimulating it can be very spontaneous it can be very impromptu but it’s still just a receptor you want to have the audience only to have um some sort of receptor happening you want to be able to have something deeper than just a feeling going on in your work you want to be able to work harder just to

Touch because you know the difference between a feeling and emotion and then you can get beyond a deep feeling and get into the emotional range now this is the ambiance the richness of the work as an actor artist this is where you get audience absolute audience connection which is an emotion which is in deep feeling and is within interaction now of course if you’re working with your feeling you have a lot

Of interaction that’s that’s part of it that of course the audience will resonate with it but not as deeply so the emotion is the next one and then underneath the motion there’s deep emotion now for an actor or for a musician doing a music video uh if i’m training them they’ll go through a rehearsal of of of emotional preparation or emotional activation of rehearsals uh which will go the night

Before and then i’ll make sure that they’re ready and then the day of the the filming then it will be a process of going back in coming back up going back in coming back out just like somebody going to the pool coming out of the pool going to the pool out of the pool did you have your imaginary circumstance is the water of the pool it’s this it’s your it’s your film project it’s your music production. Emotions Triangle for Actors is essential to know when you are using your emotions.

You’ve got to be able to take dives into that ability with those activated emotions and then come out of those and then you go over and over and over seeing in the scene in the scene in the scene so you want to be able to try and keep your work in the area of the emotions deep emotions and especially in interaction if you can achieve the ability to just comprehend this simple simple thing now when i say

Comprehend i’m not talking logically i’m talking about this emotionally look when you go do emotional preparation emotional preparation is often this thing that actors will do just to determine what is the desired range that is needed for the music video for the acting for uh whatever the film medium is okay theater production so that’s great and that’s

Emotions Triangle for Actors
Emotions Triangle with Emotions Deeper Than Feelings!

Really great and and that will definitely warm up and a lot of times the emotional preparation techniques that people will use will just open themselves up to being able to be more responsive that’s great that’s absolutely fantastic but look this is where the responsiveness is thoughts ideas great ideas and feelings so you’re only working on the top half of your work you’re not even using much

Of yourself so then what you want to be able to do is understand this whole triangle and then understand emotionally when you go into your emotional preparation are you going into a feeling and you’re interacting with a feeling and that’s okay that’s that would be the equivalent of flirting flirting is great and that’s definitely part of acting in in some scenes of course but it’s not the meat and potatoes of the emotional debt and

Just have to have to have an awareness about that and then you’ll improve your acting you’ll improve your talent regardless of the medium even if you’re singing a song you’re singing a song and you’re out there you want to do and work with emotional preparation let me tell you that will be extremely extremely helpful to your songs especially when you’re working with emotional preparations and they’re getting recorded for videos

So you work with your emotional preparations you get yourself activated within an emotional range you’ve got that emotion buzzing within yourself you’ve got that flow happening and then you can prove to every single person you’ve got talent because now you’ve got your own active emotion going on and yet you’re mature enough to be able to be open enough to have an interaction regardless of the fact that you also have an

Emotional range happening within you that’s the goal so this is the goal of the emotions triangle thanks very much please share this with people it might help them a lot thanks. Emotions Triangle for Actors will help you build your own acting technique.

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