EmotionalPreparation.com Disclaimer


EmotionalPreparation.com Disclaimer

KEY Points:

  • 18+ is age recommendation
  • No part of this site is Legal Advice
  • There is a risk in working with Emotions
  • Activating Emotions is at your own Risk



Why is there an Age Recommendation:

There is a lot of activity that occurs in the entertainment and education industry involving ratings and age appropriateness.   This website wants nothing to do with the drama of age recommendations.  EmotionalPreparation.com is open to all ages but does not target any specific demographic.

In Truth, there are all types of individuals, groups and associations that can benefit from EmotionalPreparation.com.  There is a risk involved in working with one’s own Emotions in Acting and Drama.

Many times, a student will attempt to explore their own emotions by encouraging themselves to go into depth of areas of past life experiences.   This is at the students own risk even if over the age of 18+.

When EmotionalPreparation.com or Simon Blake mentions the term ‘student’ it refers to someone who is autodidact in nature involving self education.  The ability to learn own’s own emotions often involves an autodidact approach which EmotionalPreparation.com is encouraging.

No Violence

It should go without saying that Acting is a Non Violent ‘sport’.  However, to be clear many people within acting circumstances take liberty to become physically expressive in violent ways which EmotionalPreparation.com and Simon Blake want no part of.

Neither does EmotionalPreparation.com or Simon Blake take any responsibility of outbursts of emotions or suppressions of emotional life of the Actors regardless of age of training.

What is the Target Audience of EmotionalPreparation.com?

The target audience of EmotionalPreparation.com is self learners, autodidact types, artists, creators, actors, musicians and expansive humanitarians whom want to explore the depths and ranges of their emotions.


Take the journey to enjoy the expanding of your own talent by learning self activating Emotional Preparation Techniques.

Most Acting Journeys in life cycles last longer than ten years.
Do the work to find aspects of yourself that you did not know that existed.
Find and expand the range of your own Emotional Talent.

Simon Blake

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