Emotional Preparation Ranges


Emotional Preparation Ranges

Emotional Ranges Expand Talent.

Emotional Preparation Ranges is the emotional talent of the Actor. Expand the amount of emotions you can access. So there’s this very odd thing about acting, most act with only two emotions or none at all. By adding Emotional Preparation in different emotional colors you build your own talent. Some people go out and start a play you’ll get a part in Shakesparean you’ll think the problem is Shakespeare Play. But the reality is you don’t have a wide Emotional Range. Actors think it’s not you or you’ll think that the reality is that you just weren’t good for the part but this is the key to “Emotional Ranges”!

IF you focus on being able to expand your emotions in acting you will build up your ranges as an Actor. You have your own natural ranges from life, but you can gain incredible talent by working with diverse emotions. If you allow yourself to be vulnerable as an Actor you allow Emotions to arise from within yourself.


Emotional Preparation Ranges of Emotion Develop Acting Talent
Emotional Preparation Ranges of Emotion Develop Acting Talent

So it’s it’s an absolute truth about this whole thing i’ve been lucky and uh well lucky and not lucky but the reality is is i’ve seen over 30 000 acting exercises way well over and it’s the thing is i’ve been able to see various many i mean every single type of walk of life in many different cultures of of people and i’ve been able to study them and a lot of times teach them so it just depended on the circumstance so in this

Case here is that we’ve got this ability that we’ve got to understand this topic and this topic is very simple but it’s not but it’s simple enough to be able to get the beginning understanding of or to be able to use the time of this discussion to be able to advance your own understanding of the topic that we all have a natural range see some people will say uh in the critiques and they’re very right about it they’ll say like

Well that actor didn’t walk into the set that day when they when the first shots were taken and they would be absolutely right so with the grip people that would say that about famous actors and they’d say that actor never acted like that the first season it took time for them to develop their own rhythm it took time for them to develop their own technique it took time for them to be able to develop the expression of their own personality. Having an Emotional Preparation Ranges are vital to your ability to express your talent.

So that all of those things are encompassed by the ability to be able to understand what is our own natural range of talent see this is the reason why i did this emotions list it’s not to try and sell people a list for five dollars it’s not that it’s and there’s it’s all out there free you just have to put it out in different sections the thing is is that the reality is is is i want and

I have an emotions dictionary also which is key the reason why it’s a searchable dictionary so you can look up and see how you can be able to expand your emotions in your acting see this is the thing it’s a natural range of acting that we’re trying to be able to assess here for ourselves this is self-assessment are we going to work in the range of uh i don’t know rage or

Enraged or a specific type of disappointment are we able to isolate the self-activation now self-activation is the ability of having talent the ability of being able to do the work in the interaction is doing is the interaction of acting which is key but that has to do with the ability to receive other people under the influence of an emotional

Range that’s that’s acting that’s acting that is the fun and thrill of all of the um euphoric feeling that the actor will go through when uh the endorphins get set off by the technique that many people will call emotional preparation and and some people just call it actor preparation and i am very adamant that emotional preparation is is a great tool

But it requires the last step which is the emotional activation so what does this have to do with the half um we all have natural range right we all have a natural range look we’ve got to accept ourselves see there’s some times where you might go through uh a period of um realizing maybe you’re very gullible to life or maybe you’re very um bossy right

And and that might be something that is an initial range that you would have to work through right or an emotional color of which you have to do a lot of acting work with to be able to master that element within yourself to be able to activate it and be able to have fun with it and then then which is key key thing is releasing yeah we’re not training to become a whole bunch of narcissists at least i’m

Not i don’t train people like that because the thing is is that i want to be sure that everyone’s healthy now i’m not i can’t i’m not i’m not saying that it’s my responsibility because it’s not but what it is is uh my conscious effort to be able to try to make sure that the work gets served the best way possible and the best way possible to be able to do acting has to do with the element called freedom

Freedom is it i mean every single thing that you do with a free spirit is much more uh amplified um when you’re able to work with freedom than when you’re when you’re not working with freedom at all and that’s absolutely an important point so the key is isn’t where you’re starting out with your natural range of emotional life the key is whether or not you’re willing

To accept it because you might say like look there’s 1200 plus emotions like 1200 plus emotions i’ve um working through stuff and and you know um stay tuned with all the different things that i’m building out and by the way i’ve got 1100 emotional uh sorry 1100 independent activities list and 161 reasons to come to the door i mean these are things that are assets

To be able to put into productions and be able to put into practice of being able to do the only reason why i sat through 30 000 exercises plus plus um is the reality of the fact is that i enjoy seeing people having human growth that’s the only reason so um you know why not i mean uh human growth is one of the most interesting things and that is the reason why um a lot of times why projects will get

Driven ahead so where are we at on this well look you want to go through the emotions list and you want to try and identify what it is that’s your current situation now if your current situation is that you’ve just come from a divorce or a breakup or you’ve just come from uh changing locations or you just come from one situation or another situation you’re including some of that in the work it’s great to be able to do that

Having and Emotional Range with Emotional Preparation
Having and Emotional Range with Emotional Preparation

But make sure you’re releasing after your work so you’re not carrying around your acting baggage is what i call it your acting baggage is not something you want to have in life believe me um but the thing is is deciding and determining for yourself through self-examination which is part of the bean side of acting which is absolutely key because now you’re in a situation where you’re able to ascertain by feeling or by emotion

Which there’s a huge difference between a feeling and emotion a feeling is an inclination but an emotion you’ll be able to tell and feel your way through like uh almost like a blind sense of faith that you that you’re able to have as an actor so you build up that thing called actor’s faith which is brilliant that’s exactly exact proper acting technique so

Work with this and understand that you’re you’re working with the ability to understand that the natural range of your own talent although you might start out and it’d be limited it’s actually going to continue to expand the more you’re capable of doing the process of an acting technique which is your own personal acting technique which will be that you activate self activate the emotion you do whatever ascertain ascertain or

You determine right you determine what that emotional ball range is or ballpark some people call it ballpark i like to call it emotional range because it’s easier to understand although some people are into sports so that’s great so the thing is is you’ve got that whole thing where you’ve got this constructed to make a determination of what type of emotional color you’re going to need for a scene

But if you don’t have that color then that’s not the right scene for you at that point so then you’re working to see what you can do with your emotional activation do you have three different emotional activations that you’re capable of doing or do you have 15 or do you have 50. and are they in like two emotional colors or are they in 50 emotional colors so these are the things that that

Emotional list can then be able to assist you in being able to build out your emotional repertoire and some people have amazing big careers for all sorts of reasons good and bad but the reality is that they have a very small emotional range so uh it’s not necessarily um how big how much you can expand your emotional Preparation ranges although i think that’s an excellent exercise for every actor to to

To try i think it’s great um but understanding that you’re going to have to have a natural tendency and you might have to work through the nitty-gritty of one emotional preparation ranges before you’re able to loosen your talent up enough to be able to expand uh into another emotional range and that is absolutely natural absolutely natural so let me just check here um

Got that i got everything and thank you very much for watching please book the like button or like the like boop button whatever it’s called these days. Emotional Preparation Ranges are the vital part of expanding your talent in acting.

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