Emotional Meditation Technique Exercise


Emotional Meditation Technique Exercise

Emotional Meditation Technique Exercise

Emotional Meditation Technique Exercise expands Depth within the Actor. Meditation can expand all sorts of ranges of emotions, not only manifestations of objects. Emotion Depth is key in acting.

Find your Depth through Doing Meditation.

Some Key Quotes of this Acting Exercise:
“Meditation Techniques can be great for Creators making video content.”
“Being able to invite your own emotions and have them collect within yourself.”

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BEING Before DOING in Acting!
Don’t Exercise without Emotional Weight!

Emotional Meditation Exercise isolates a single emotion to invite into yourself. The point is to practice being able to invite different emotions into your chest cavity space at will.


The Goals of Emotional Meditation = To Fill Yourself Full Every time with EMOTION.

Now, Each Time you practice doing the BEING side of Acting , you will expand your Emotional Range. A similar thing will occur when working with Emotional Preparations towards Scenes. Doing Particularizations with specific emotional ranges expands your abilities to hold that specific talent/emotion.

Holding an Emotional Weight inside yourself is what is called Talent!

Expand your talent with this very personal and alone exercise called Emotional Meditation.

QUICK: There is an Interactive PDF of 110 Classes worth of Activities (over 1100!).

Meditation Empowers Doing in Acting

The Emotional Meditation Technique empowers the doer to achieve Depth of that single Emotional Desire for an expanded capability within themselves.

Later on, adding this technique of Emotional Meditation with other artistic forms of expression incredible depth can be channeled out from the Artist or Actor.

Meditation Great for Video Creators

Meditation Techniques can be great for Creators making video content or Artists that need to work to be in touch with their own Emotions.

Being able to invite your own emotions and have them collect within yourself is a sought-after component of the exercise.

The ability to use Emotional Meditation Technique to daydream or restimulate your own feelings, instincts and emotions to collect within yourself enhancing your abilities to both Express and be sensitive to others’ emotions.

Inviting Emotions to live Inside of You

The Emotional Technique requires the invitation of emotions and relaxation into the impulses instead of allowing full activation so more of a collection of similar emotions can be manifested.

This skill for Artists is part of what expands Emotional Availability and Emotional Openness. The Second Part of Emotional Meditation Technique is to exercise the ability to release the built-up emotion.

Releasing Emotion is Part of the Meditation Exercise Technique

Often times Artists and Actors forget to release their emotions after their working with them and this exercise enhances the skills to be able to release.

By Doing this exercise you are using Meditation to gain a specific Emotional Life in a desired Emotional Area. This sets you to be able to invite desired emotional ranges of all types including sadness, gladness, rage, despair, regret or many others.

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