Emotional Layers


Emotional Layers are Incredible Techniques to learn

Emotional Layers

Emotional Layers are incredible techniques to learn in acting, music, art and creating. Using Emotional Layers requires mastering the skills of relaxation. Relaxation is the key in building emotional layers for yourself.

Learning to layer your talent is phenomenal!

Some Key Quotes of this Acting Article:
Inner Emotions are Deep Feelings.
Now, building up emotional layers takes some planning.

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BEING than DOING in Acting!


Building your Actors Layered Spong Cake

The ability to build up your Emotional Layered Spong Cake is incredible.

There are actual artistic techniques on this website that teach you how to Layer your Emotional Preparations. Emotional Preparation techniques can be used for Music, Acting, Art or Creating.

Learning the Artistic techniques of layering your emotions is so amazing to be able to do for scene work. Activations Journal can really assist in organizing the Layers of your Emotional Cake.

Building Emotional Layers is also like building a layered cake.

Let’s explore how to build up your own layers of emotions.

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Building Emotion in Layers

Building Emotional Layers takes studying your own Emotional Activations.

There is an Activations Journal technique for acting and artists that find the emotions that are currently active within you. Find the emotions that currently are active that you resonate with.

Now, building up emotional layers takes some planning.

Feelings are fleeting, there one moment and gone the next. Emotions tend to stay with you when they are activated in you. This is why Professionals use Emotions in Emotional Preparation. Still allowing Feelings to come and go at will, but knowing feelings are only inclinations.

The biggest thing needed to start the journey of Emotional Layers is Relaxation.

Emotional Preparation

Traditional Emotional Preparation is aimed to give you the emotion of the prior experience. So, Actors prepare on the scene prior to the scene they are entering.

Thinking of Emotional Preparation as being the time to determine matching the Emotion to the scene is another approach. You can isolate an emotion and determine that that emotion matches the Emotions that the scene intends.

The key in Emotional Preparation is Activation.

Using Emotional Preparation as a warmup, you can come up with all sorts of ways to interact with active emotions.

Emotional Activation

The ability to self-discover your own Activated Emotions is a skill that few master.

Many try to work with feelings rather than Emotions. When they show up in their acting work they have to rely on faking responses trying to act rather than learning the skills of how to activate their own inner emotions.

Inner Emotions are Deep Feelings.

When you activate your emotion and release occurs internally. This release may be as simple as a desire that comes over you that wants to express itself in a sort of emotional urge or it could be full tears of an outburst.

Outbursts are encouraged to happen inside your acting, not behind the theater curtain.

The goal of Emotional Activation is the to put the activated emotion into the interaction of acting. Dropping Emotional Preparation at the Door is a lesson that teaches how to relax your tense emotions to be able to receive your acting partner in your acting. You then rely on nature working so your emotions will come out through the acting interaction.

Relaxation Between Layers

The Actual Technique to build Emotional Layers requires relaxation.

Learning the basics with one single active emotion will be necessary before layering emotions.

How you layer emotions is to do a Simmering Emotional Technique which keeps the emotion alive within you but not actively stimulated.

After activating the first emotion you teach yourself your own relaxation technique. Leaving still the first emotion and activating the second emotion to add the emotional layer.

You do this for as many emotions that you need to layer.
It is important to note, this is a very advanced Emotional Activation technique. Most actors work with only one Emotion at a time when initially learning.

It is a viable plight to seek after being able to skill level yourself to be able to do Emotional Layers.

Releasing Emotion after Working

Releasing Emotions after you are done your acting is IMPORTANT!

Don’t carry around in life your acting baggage.

There are two main things to release:
Release the Emotions you Activated in your Emotional Preparation and Emotional Activations
Next, Release the Activated Emotions that became active in your acting work

It is vital to release both main areas after your working in acting. Really consider for yourself the ability to gain a balanced life without the stimulations of your Emotional Preparations in everyday daily life.

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