Dropping Emotional Preparation at the Door


Dropping Emotional Preparation at the Door

Dropping Emotional Preparation at the Door

Dropping Emotional Preparation at the Door in Acting takes TRUST. Trusting that your emotions will return in your acting exercises takes a lot of faith. Faith that is achievable knowing a few techniques.

Build Your Actors Faith, Trust your Emotion will Return!

Some Main Quotes of this Acting Article:
“”If it Loves you, it will Love you Back!””
“You need to trust to drop it after its Activated.”

“Your Emotion stays in you, if you’ve activated it.”

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BEING Before DOING is key in acting!

Actor’s faith in Dropping your Emotional Preparation at the Door takes time with patience. At first it seems unconventional or against the grain, it seems like the opposite of what needs to be done. As contrary as it seems it is important to let yourself practice this and trust your emotion will come back in the acting interaction.

If it Loves you, it WILL Love you Back!

There is this very old saying: If it Loves You, and you let it go., If it Loves you, it will Love you Back!

I for one, never want to hinder anyone’s freedom in any way in a relationship. The reason why I have such strong conviction about this with myself is both life lessons and studying over 30,000 acting exercises.

When the Actor release their Emotional Preparation and starts to trust to receive the other Actor incredible moments happen.

What happens,
When an Actor releases themselves enough to receive the other Actor, they become reactivated with both their own emotions and the other individuals.

If you ever study people who are actually in love with each other, you can see this same dynamic in life that is present in acting.

You have to care about your acting partners enough to want to receive them. That’s actually a big tip.

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A Tough Lesson for Actors

Forcing their hard work of their Emotional Preparation upon other actors is a common lesson.

Many Actors get caught forcing and pushing moments. Pushing moments is putting attention upon yourself instead of the other. Dropping Emotional Preparation at the Door takes learning to take the other Actor as a priority over yourself.

If you have an activated emotion, your emotion will return to you with whatever you have received as active in the other Actor.

How do you Drop your Emotion at the Door?

Let’s discuss upon how to drop your emotion.

You Drop your emotion by caring about the others Point of View and not only your own point of view. You drop your emotion by receiving the other.

You don’t drop your emotion by not having it in you.

Your Emotion stays in you, if you’ve activated it.

However, your attention is on receiving the other person. The goal that you have is to receive the other person and adjoin what they have going on with what you have going on. The outcome will surprise you and you would have crafted Spontaneity in your acting.


Why Drop Emotion, which were so hard to Get

It takes a lot of work to get emotion for Emotional Preparation.

What you don’t want is to Emotionally Prepare on a feeling, think you have an Emotion, then act out an Emotion you don’t have. This is why Dropping Emotional Preparation at the Door is the test to authenticate your emotional life.

Learning to Drop your very hard work of Emotional Preparation is the thing that helps your emotions become Active in your acting. In fact, by relaxing your Emotional Preparation it will become reactivated, if you trust it to, by the Interaction within your Imaginary Circumstances.

How to Does Dropping the Door apply to Film Sets

Practicing your own Technique of releasing emotions is part of the Emotional Preparation Technique.

On a film set it is even more important to work with Emotional Preparations. Emotional Activations can help your acting be very consistent from scene to scene and from angle to angle.

This is why Dropping the Emotional Preparation Technique at the Door is so important. Teachers have seen, so many times, For Simon, it is over 30,000 times, that in order to have your Emotional Preparation work for you, you need to trust to drop it after its Activated.

Many times, students and Actors will not Drop their Emotional Preparations because they have forgotten to do Emotional Activation. There is this moment in the Preparation process where if you relax after a solid emotion is Activated you can carry that emotional life right into your imaginary world. It is amazing once learning this stealth of technique how simple this will be able to consistently work for you.

The Trust of building an Acting Muscle of relaxation just after Activation is part of a huge thing that Actors need to learn for themselves.

Dropping Emotional Preparation at the Door might mean just before entering the camera angle for film.

How Musicians can Gain from Practicing Dropping their Emotional Preparations

The Ride of Music takes the ability to leap into faith. Faith is the music of both sound and motion. There is a moment of internal release where the experience expresses itself from the spark.

The moments when Musicians enjoy the ride and experience of their song they experience with the audience.

The ride of the music is the interaction of the song.

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