Developing yourself as an Actor


Developing yourself as an Actor

Developing yourself as an Actor

Developing yourself as an Actor takes being able to access your own emotions. Learning to Activate your emotions and still receive others is key. Self-development will enhance both your own acting and others.

Learn to Find and Release your own Talent!

Some Key Quotes from this Acting Article:
Acting is Interaction. Acting is Activation. Both.
“Receiving the other is the major key in truthful interaction.”
“An Activations Journal will help develop your acting or music.”

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BEING Before DOING is key in acting.

Self-development is the human growth of both the Actor and Musician. It is imperative to learn how to find your own groove artistically. Learning how to put yourself on a path to discovering yourself will enhance your acting.

Activations Journal

Developing yourself as an Actor requires an Activations Journal. An Activations Journal is one place to write and collect notes on things that Emotionally Activate you.

Learning about yourself and what gets you Emotional is your job as an Actor.

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Practicing Acting

Acting is Interaction. Acting is Activation. Both.

How you act, is how you practice Interaction. Interaction is the ability to express and receive.

Receiving the other is the major key in truthful interaction.

Doing Improvisation exercises to practice acting is simply working the acting muscles of interaction. When you work in scenes you need to receive the other so the greater experience will be had.

The greater experience in acting is both your own emotionally awakened self with your acting partners activated emotions.

Your emotions need to find a way to merge with your acting parners within your acting exercises.

What is Emotional Preparation

Emotional Preparation is the readying of yourself to be within an emotional range for a scene.

Learning to find your Emotion is the same as learning to find your talent in acting. Acting requires talent, just as it does emotion.

Learning to become emotional is deeper than working with feelings and instincts.

Emotions will stick close to you once activated.

What is Emotional Activation

When you pinch your own emotion, you put it into activation.

Emotional Activation is the often forgotten about work in Emotional Preparation. Isolating an emotional ingredient requires your own abilities of self-study.

Self-study will assist your abilities to expand as a human and as an Actor. You will better understand both who you are outside your acting as well as inside your acting.

Knowing you have to Activate emotion just prior to scenes will help to put living emotions into your scenes.

Your scene work requires the activation of emotion to experience an emotional ride in acting.

Working your scene work in ways that will develop you is advise-able. Giving yourself that talent of emotion will enhance your scenes.

How you choose to activate your emotions will affect if your emotions want to work with you in the future. So, respect your own emotions., give them breaks and don’t hold back expressing them.

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Developing Yourself as An Actor Summary

Developing yourself as an Actor is achievable with motivation and desire. Learning Acting through studying, reading then doing is an attainable feat when taken as a personal journey from the individual.

Achieving Acting means that you are able to not only gain parts Acting but also able to be present emotionally when you are acting.

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