Stop Hiding Emotion in Acting

Desire to Hide Emotion in acting

Learning to Stop Hiding Emotion

Hiding Emotion in Acting is a common learning curve. When Emotions rise from beneath feelings the flirtations turn into seriously emotional elements. Acting with Emotions can be an embarrassment at first to adjust to. Emotions come from what feels like no where. Feelings stay light and airy but emotions can have depth and consequence. Learn to stop hiding your emotions to discover your own talent in acting.

Stop Hiding Your Emotions

Desire to hide Emotion in acting

Parenting your own desire to hide emotion in acting is an important development step. Hiding Emotion is a common thing that Actors do when unexpected things occur in their acting.

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Unrehearsed Moments Occur

Many times in acting things will occur unrehearsed. These unrehearsed moments need to be trained by the Actor to be embraced and participated.

Unrehearsed happenings can be the added bonus to acting experiences only if the Actor allows themselves to interact with the experience. Learning Acting as being something to embrace is key.


Desire to Hide Emotion is Natural

Desire to Hide Emotion in acting is natural responses to many people. Training ourselves to participate with emotions activated during our acting is key.

In art we cannot be how we are in life. In Acting we want to embrace the emotions and really explore the depth of emotion. Training in acting techniques that explore and include emotions being released into our acting is important. Once a new emotion is uncovered during the real time experience including it in our work is vital.

Avoid the Desire to hide emotion in acting to add realism to your acting.

4 Short STEPS to Emotional Preparation

How People Want to be seen

  • that we have instincts
  • that we are spontaneous
  • that we know how to observe things

Being seen how we want to be in acting is not our job as Actors. Our job is to have the unexpected experience of the scene. The experience in acting is the ability to stay alive with what become active within you from being in the experience. This is vital.

Many Actors want to be seen as being instinctual and responsive but you are not being responsive if you are hiding your emotions in acting.


The Inherent Shame to Show your Emotions

There is an inherent Shame and desire to hide emotion in acting.

Our jobs as Actors is not to filter what audiences see within us but to embrace ALL of what occurs within us. If we are struggling to be interesting to the audiences it is often the case that we are hiding emotions or trying to filter having one emotion seen vs another.

Working with freedom in acting means that we are open to whatever experience occurs within ourselves when we are in our acting. The more we embrace that Shame happens in our acting the more we can start to include these elements in our work and work through this issue.

Shame is a common thing for Actors to have to work through in order to be in front of audiences.

Realizing the Unexpected in Acting

Realizing the unexpected emotional elements is the difference between embracing your own talent or running away from it.

Exploring the unexpected in acting is the discipline of a serious Actor.

The desire to learn by experiencing moments that are in real time is an incredible learning platform. Embracing the learning from real time experiences will give the actor experience they could only gain from doing and involvement.

Learning acting by interacting with your unexpected emotions makes your acting even more interesting.

Desire to Hide Emotion Summary

It is common to have initial tendencies to desire to hide emotion. Working past those desires will help you achieve moments in your acting that can be incredible moments.

Finding the courage to invest back into the work those moments that you might try to hide is the key to growth in acting.

Desire to Hide Emotion

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