Best Way to Express Yourself


Best Way to Express Yourself

Best Way to Express Yourself

Best Way to Express Yourself is with Emotionally Activated Emotion. Processes to activate your own emotion requires acting techniques to express your talent. Expressing your talent is expressing with Emotions.

Talent, with Emotions create fantastic results!

Some Key Quotes in this Acting Article:
Finding Deep Feelings will lead to Emotions forming within you.
Even intense expressions require small amounts of relaxation to express.

Copyright 2022 Simon Blake
BEING Before Doing in Acting!

Best Way to Express Yourself

Emotional Expressions will continue to work for you during your work.

Whether you work as an Actor, Artist, Musician or Creator, you can achieve your best expressions.

Learning to work to find techniques that can help you express is your job as a Creator. You want to encourage yourself to be a force in acting and art.

There is an Emotions List that will help you develop Emotional Activations. Using an Activations Journal will help you find your emotional expressions.

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Below the Chin Expressions

Best Way to Express Yourself is with Below the Chin Expressions.

What are below the chin expressions? They are expressions that start their formations internally.

Internal Emotions are Below the Chin. You want to encourage yourself to put emotion behind your Expression.

Learning to realize depth will help you to achieve your BEST Expressions.

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Emotion not Feelings

Emotions are not Feelings. Feelings are often items that will come and go too quickly for Actors to work with.

Many Actors working with Emotional Preparation will work with Feelings rather than depth of Emotions. Sometimes Feelings will add spontaneity to acting exercises. Other times Feelings won’t show up in the interaction of the acting exercises.

The reason why Feelings don’t always show up for the Artist is because they are not deep enough.

Finding Deep Feelings will lead to Emotions forming within you.

Best Way to Express Yourself is with Depth of Emotion, not flirting Feelings.

Relaxed Expression

Relaxed Expression connects with those they are expressing to. Uptight expression often doesn’t connect with those being expressed to.

When Emotional Activations or real stimulus occur in the work the mature Actor knows how to relax into them.

Even intense expressions require small amounts of relaxation to express.

The small amount of relaxation needed to express intensity is the bottle neck size of the outpouring emotion. The amount of relaxation incredibly relates to the outpour of emotion.

Releasing Welt Up Emotion Intentionally

Actors work intentionally to build up emotional wells.

An Emotional Well built up will be a source of inspiration during expressions pouring into the scenes.

Emotional Meditation Technique Exercises can help build up Emotional Wells for Acting and Art.

The MAIN KEY in Releasing Emotion is through Interaction.

Interaction with your artwork just as interaction with your imaginary circumstances are both key.

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Patience to Find your Emotions

It takes patience to find your own emotions. Sometimes it takes finding your patience first before finding your emotions.

Patience will help Feelings turn into Deep Feelings, and then, Emotions.

The Best Way to Express Yourself is to allow yourself to patiently find that Emotional Activation.

Copyright 2022 Simon Blake

About Simon Blake

Simon Blake has studied between 30,000 – 40,000 acting exercises and studied over 8-10++ thousand acting students work in acting. Studying their Emotional Preparation to their Spoon River Work. Studying every area of Meisner training work with well over 30 Teachers including himself.

“Learning Emotional Preparation for Musicians, Artists, Creator and Actors is incredible.  Applying Activated Emotion prior to doing is key!”

Simon Blake runs and operates the website which teaches Actors how to add Emotion to their acting.   Using improved acting techniques for Actors and Music.

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Simon Blake teaches that Acting is BEing , then DOing. As Emotions need to be activated first and then the being side of acting put into the Doing side of Interaction with Activated Emotions.

Best Way to Express Yourself.

Copyright 2022, Simon Blake

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