Best Way to Express Yourself


Best Way to Express Yourself is with your own Emotions

Best Way to Express Yourself is with your own Emotions! Find your current emotions to Activate for your acting. Learn to achieve Emotional Preparation for Acting, Music and Art. Find emotions to express your talent.

Express from with yourself, into External Conditions!

Some Key Quotes of this Acting Article:
Acting is the development and discovery of self under Imaginary Conditions.
Emotions offer depth that continues to resonate with the Actor after Activation.

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BEING than DOING in Acting!


Best Way to Express Yourself is by finding your own emotional talents. You can find which emotions currently activate you and use those in your acting work.

Relaxed Expression

One of the most overlooked aspects of acting is Relaxation.

Relaxation is a Best Way to Express Yourself.

You develop your own acting techniques when you work to Master the Craft of Acting. This means that you must use the tools of Relaxation to achieve emotional depth.

Emotional Meditation Technique is one exercise that can help you expand your own depth using Relaxation Techniques.

When you feel that uptight strike you in an acting exercise, relax into it to find the impulse, then release your expression. Relaxation is part of the process of Listening in acting.

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Below the Chin

Thoughts and ideas are above the chin. Logical line readings is above the chin. Feelings and Emotions come from below the Chin.

Working with instincts, feelings and emotions that are below the chin is an entirely different experience when acting.

Acting chest-to-chest means that real emotions are being exchanges and resonated upon. Acting is the development and discovery of self under Imaginary Conditions.

When an Actor chooses to work from below the chin, they gift themselves their own emotional availability. Below the Chin is the best way to express yourself as an Actor.

Both Emotional Preparation and Emotional Activation are below the chin acting techniques.

Emotion not Feeling

Feelings do offer incredible insight into inclinations of the Actor.

Emotions offer depth that continues to resonate with the Actor after Activation.

When Feelings turn into Emotions, the feelings change from fleeting into Deep Feelings. Deep Feelings turn into Emotions and then start to emerge from the Actor as Emotions.

Emotions baseline the abilities of the Actor to work from gut-to-gut and chest-to-chest in acting interactions.

Interacting with Emotions is far more interesting for audiences to watch. Emotions create a palpable environment for audiences.

Welt-Up Emotion Release

When Actors want to find depth for a role they look into their emotions.

Matching an emotional range to an intended emotion of scene work takes skill. It takes skill to be able to know what emotions the acting scene work materials are asking for. And it takes skill to achieve finding the matching emotions within the Actor.

Using an acting technique to welt up Emotion will lead to building an emotion deeper and deeper within the Actor.

When the Emotional Release occurs, it fills the presence of the scene through acting interaction. Interacting with the emotion is key in order for it to manifest itself as being real or realized.

Best Way to Express Yourself for Actors looking for depth is using Welt-Up Emotional Releases.

Patience To Find Your Emotions

The goal: To find your own Emotions.

You want to achieve the ability to find what is active in you. You may not own the Emotions, but they are active in you at the time you are working with them.

With a broad emotional brush stroke, we could say that all emotions fall into only 8 or 9 different types. If we say there are only 8 or 12 different emotional types, we cheat ourselves out of work as Actors.

The subtle differences between different emotions leave well over 900 different types of emotions that an Actor can work with.

Working with emotions with the Activations Journal will led to the ability to use patience to find emotional differences within ourselves.

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